Portable Counterfeit Detector | UV LED Fake Money & Document Detector

UV LED Counterfeit Money and Document Detector MP12T provides superior, long-lasting performance in a small, lightweight package. From M-Vision, a manufacturer of industrial grade lighting products, comes this powerful and portable counterfeit detector using high intensity UV LED light of 9.24 mW.


The portable 3 bulb hand-held UV LED counterfeit money detector can be used for counterfeit money and documents, authentication of IDs like driver’s licenses and passports, credit cards, checks and transit passes, casino chips and more.


It uses multiple authentication technologies including visually identifying magnetic security threads, wavelength contrasts and visible UV fluorescence with greater accuracy and detail than competing UV detector products.

Portable UV LED Counterfeit Detector | Handheld Money Detector


Portable UV LED counterfeit money detector from M-Vision provides advanced UV LED fake document and counterfeit money detection that operates with state-of-the-art UV LED detector technology. Used by KOMSCO, the printer for the Korean mint, these multi-factor authentication devices can detect a variety of key identifiers on any currency note or document. 

UV Magnetic Security Strip | Portable Counterfeit detector
Fake Casino Chip Detection | Portable Counterfeit Detector
Money UV Light ink

Magnetic security threads

Wavelength contrasts

UV fluorescence (Fluorescence brightening agent inspection)

Portable UV LED counterfeit money detector device has an extremely long lifetime – over 10,000 hours – compared to traditional UV counterfeit detectors. MP12t portable UV LED counterfeit money detectors are mercury free, light enough to be carried in a pocket or on a lanyard, and small enough to hold and use with one hand.

Portable UV LED Counterfeit Detector on lanyard-Palmsized

UV LED Counterfeit Money Detector MP12t Features


Our UV LED portable counterfeit money detectors are used for identifying fake money bills, original documents, fake or faulty casino chips, transportation tickets, bank drafts, bank checks, and various forms of identification like passports and driver’s licenses.

Portable UV LED Detector | UV LED Counterfeit detector
  • Dimensions: 90 x 60 x 30 mm
  • Weight: <150 g
  • Power Supply: 3.7 – 4.2 volts rechargeable battery
  • Power Consumption: 8.82 – 10.08 watts
  • Radiant Flux: over 2000 mW
  • Continuous Running Time: 2.5 hours
  • Charging Time: 3 hours
  • Charger: Micro 5 Pin (USB plug)
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Certifications: CE, CB, FCC

Portable UV LED Money Detector’s Wide Range of Applications

M-Vision Portable Counterfeit Money Detection devices are ideal for Point-of-Sale (POS) applications because cashiers and salespeople can instantly verify key security features on currency notes under any condition.

  • M-Vision portable UV LED counterfeit money detectors are specially designed for retail loss prevention. They are reliable, easy to use, lightweight, portable, and require minimal training.
  • A growing list of documents in the US and Canada already have or are adding security features that can be authenticated using M-Vision’s portable UV LED counterfeit detector devices. These include but are not limited to driver’s licenses, passports, casino chips, credit cards, traveler’s checks, bank checks, event tickets and public transit passes.
  • M-Vision’s UV LED portable counterfeit detector devices complement your brand protection efforts by authenticating media such as DVDs, CDs, auto parts, electronic goods, luxury products, pharmaceuticals, and many other items.

Our Clientele

  • Government offices in North America
  • Airport Security
  • Commercial banks
  • Casinos
  • Security Printing Agencies – Quality Control
  • Security product distributors

The Various Uses of M-Vision UV LED Portable Counterfeit Money Detector MP12t

actual size of portable uv led counterfeit detector | mp12t

Actual Size of MP12t Portable Counterfeit Detector

Fake canadian dollar scan | Portable counterfeit detector

Canadian Dollar
Portable Counterfeit Detector Scan

chinese_yuan counterfeit detector scan | portable counterfeit detector

Chinese Yuan
Portable Counterfeit Detector Scan

euro counterfeit detector scan | portable counterfeit detector

Portable Counterfeit Detector Scan

detect fake passports | portable uv led counterfeit detector

Fake Passport
Portable Counterfeit Detector Scan

us dollar counterfeit detector scan | portable counterfeit detector

US Dollar
Portable Counterfeit Detector Scan

korean won counterfeit detector scan | portable counterfeit detector

Korean Won
Portable Counterfeit Detector Scan

malaysian ringgit counterfeit detector scan | portable counterfeit detector

Malaysian Ringgit
Portable Counterfeit Detector Scan

Portable Handheld UV LED Counterfeit Detector Gives You The Facts

Our Portable UV LED Counterfeit Detector Helps You Know Your Money Do you know what to look for in fake bills? Learn about The Seven Denominations of U.S. Bills from the United States Federal Reserve Board and US Department of Treasury.


U.S Secret Service protection against growing counterfeit crimes The U.S. Secret Service investigates criminal organizations and individuals threatening national financial infrastructure and payment systems related to US Counterfeit Currency. This includes access device fraud including credit cards and debit card frauds, identity crimes and thefts including fake IDs, and bank fraud including fake bank cards, fake checks, and fake documents. Advancements in technology and the availability of high quality scanners and printers allow criminals to produce counterfeit items that are harder to detect by eye. Commercial counterfeit detectors can be used to inspect questionable bills, identification and documents under high power microscopes and high intensity UV light devices. For more information on Counterfeit Detection and Counterfeiting crimes, visit U.S Secret Service.


Fast Fact Sheet on counterfeiting bills Traditionally, counterfeiting was run by organized crime but with the subsequent introduction of affordable personal computers and user-friendly graphics software, the nature of counterfeiting started to change and small operators started to enter the market. Now, with the release of the latest Canadian and US bank notes in the last few years that have new security features, the casual counterfeiter has been driven mostly out of business. Most of today’s counterfeiting is once again carried out by organized crime. To learn more about counterfeit currency in Canada, visit the RCMP website.


Counterfeit goods in Canada cause millions of dollars in losses While the number of counterfeit notes has been steadily decreasing since 2014, it is still significant. In 2017, the value of counterfeits passed was over a million dollars. For more statistics, visit the Bank of Canada website.

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