Plant Process Equipment, Static Equipment, and Fabrication Services for Standard and Specialized Components

Parts, equipment, and fabrication services for power plants, steel mills, industrial plants, energy, oil & gas, and shipbuilding industries.

Featured Products

Process piping skids and skid packages with gas compressors, pumps, and water treatment units. Used in the power plant, ship building, steel mill, and oil industries.

Fabrication services for structural components, industrial components, and process and static equipment for nuclear and conventional power plants, steel mills, and large-scale industrial offshore plants.

Standard and specialized industrial Fasteners for LNG vessels, heat exchangers, power plant maintenance, valve manufacturers, and MRO companies.

Precision machined turbine and turbine components such as impellers, blades, and blisks, as well as aircraft, turbocharger, and pump components.

Other Products

  • Plate& frame and tube type heat exchangers and surface condensers for energy plants

    Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers

    Welded and gasketed heat exchanges in spiral and shell designs for EPC projects, chemical plants, food & beverage, oil & gas, and shipbuilding industries.

  • Rotary Union Swivel Joint

    Rotary Unions and Swivel Joints

    Standard and custom-built single and multiple passage rotary unions and swivel joints, with with silicon-carbide, spherical, or mechanical seals.

  • Horizontal Steam Drum for HRSG Thumbnail

    Horizontal Steam Drums

    Horizontal steam drums up to 8,000mm in diameter and 180mm in thickness, for Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs), Water Tube Boilers, and Waste Heat Boilers.

  • BMS-F metal Seat Butterfly Valve

    Metal Seated Butterfly Valves and Knife Gate Valves

    Metal Seated Butterfly Valves, Cryogenic Butterfly Valves, Knife Gate Valves, and Mud System Valves for high temperature and high pressure control applications. Manual, hydraulic, electric, and pneumatic controls are available.

  • Mechanical Vapor Recompression Evaporator

    Packaged Wastewater Treatment Solutions

    Packaged and mobile wastewater treatment systems utilizing vapor compression distillation (VCD) and mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) technologies.

  • Anti-fouling Membrane Filtration KFS Series

    Membrane Filtration Systems

    Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, and Nanofiltration systems for wastewater and industrial fluids, using Karman vortices to minimize fouling.

  • Hydrodynamic Bearing Thumbnail

    Hydrodynamic Bearings

    Fixed-geometry journal and thrust bearings, tilting pad bearings, and bearings for high temperature and high speed conditions, used in compressors, pumps, turbines and generators.

  • Copper Pipes and Tubes

    Copper and Copper Alloy Pipes and Tubes

    Pipes in various thicknesses and diameters for shipbuilding, power generation, desalination, petrochemical, plumbing, HVAC, and refrigeration applications.

  • nsertable-Kinetic-Sootblowers-for-Boiler-Superheater

    High-Performance Boiler Soot Blowers

    Retractable and rotating soot blowers for waste incineration and denitrification in biomass boilers and pulp & paper facilities.

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