Innovative Korean Technologies

Cutting Edge Korean Solutions for Semiconductor, Advanced Materials, Next-Generation EV, Renewable Energy and Smart Manufacturing Industries

Science, Engineering and High-Tech Manufacturing


South Korea is a world leader in the field of innovative technologies. US Korea Hotlink is dedicated to promoting South Korean technologies that bring new solutions to the semiconductor, renewable energy, advanced materials, and sustainable manufacturing industries.


Our patented technologies featured below are examples of how Korean innovations are being used for next generation EV battery material manufacturing, specialty chemical manufacturing, pharmaceutical R&D, semiconductor and electronics manufacturing and inspection.

Featured Advanced South Korean Technologies

Continuous reactor for R&D and manufacturing scale-up of secondary battery materials, 2D graphene, pharmaceuticals, and other advanced materials.

Non-destructive in-field testing equipment using Instrumented Indentation Technology (IIT) for tensile properties, yield stress, residual stress, and fracture toughness on oil & gas pipelines and steel structures.

High-speed scanning acoustic microscopes and acoustic micro-imaging equipment for wafers, circuit boards, chips, ceramic capacitors, LEDs and advanced materials.

Hydroforming, superplastic forming, thixoforming (semi-solid metal casting), powder compacting press, friction welding, and precision machining technologies.

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