Custom Machinery, Industrial Products and Engineering Services for the Steel, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Appliance, Power Generation, and Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturing Solutions for Rolls, Pipe Spools, Continuous Casting Line Part Assemblies, Roll Change Cars, Frames and Cylinders

Custom Manufacturing for Industrial Equipment, Machine Parts and Assemblies

Metal Fabrication Solutions for Steel Mills, Power Plants, and Automotive and Semiconductor Industries

Cutting Edge Korean Solutions for Semiconductor, Advanced Materials, Next-Generation EV, Renewable Energy and Smart Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturing Services for Energy Transfer, Pipeline and Drilling of Oil & Gas Operations and Friction Welding Machines, Power Piping, and Large Bore Cylinders for Heavy Duty

Engineering & Fabrication Services for Engine Blocks, Turbine Parts, Heat Exchangers and Piping Solutions for Power Plants and Energy Sector

Automotive and Electric Vehicle Parts Production and Assembly

Automated Manufacturing and Assembly Solutions for the Home Appliance and White Goods Industries

Automated Assembly Lines, Robotic Welding, Gantry Loading Systems and Conveyor Systems

Construction Equipment Parts and Frames, Deep Foundation Piling Equipment

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