Automated assembly lines, robotic welding, gantry loading system and conveyor systems 

Linear actuators, motors, racks and roller pinions, conveyor and lifting systems and robot programming


LPR Global provides automation components such as gears, racks and roller pinions to robotic systems for production and assembly lines As a global leader in automated and smart factory systems South Korea shows over 60% of small medium sized companies have implemented fully automated manufacturing process at their plants. We transfer our such experience and knowledge to our clients through their full or cell-based automation projects.  Our shops make many types of factory automation related products from loading/unloading systems to assembly lines to automated robot processing lines. 

Featured Technologies & Products in Automation

Zero-backlash rack and roller pinion ideal for heavy load or high speed. Patented tooth design allows zero vibration and cleanroom applications.

Gantry robot system with a track motion for automotive part assembly lines

Automated milling and grinding machine spindles

Hybrid stepper motors with custom configuration for precise torque control for imaging and scanning equipment

Live and dead center for machining rotation workpiece.
Accuracy of 3μm TIR

Automated conveyor system design and manufacturing for
transferring lines

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