Oil & Gas 

Manufacturing Services for Energy Transfer, Pipelines, and Drilling of Oil and Gas Operations and
Friction Welding Machines, Power Piping, and Large Bore Cylinders for Heavy Duty Operation

 Static equipment, piping solutions, industrial grade fasteners, surface condensers, reciprocating
compressors, pipeline testing equipment


US Korea Hotlink represents a consortium of manufacturers and fabrication shops in the oil and gas industry. They make a wide range of products used in oil and gas plants, energy transfer, pipelines, and drilling of exploratory wells. From large bore cylinders suited for offshore operations to static equipment along with pipe modules, our products and manufacturing services address the specific needs of clients in the oil and gas industry worldwide.

Featured Technologies & Products in the Oil & Gas  Industry

Pipeline and energy transfer line testing technology for testing tensile strength, yield stress, residual stress on pipelines, pressure vessels, tanks, and pipes.

Manufacturing fracking ball oil and gas wells and drilling pipe operations to minimize loss of material. Customized PLC panel and optional flash removal system.

Custom hydraulic/pneumatic large bore cylinders for oil & gas, including offshore operations. Hydraulic cylinders for BOP systems and heavy lift cylinders for cranes up to 5000 PSI.

Power piping skid modules for transferring oil and gas,
withstanding high temperatures and pressures.

Plate, frame and tube-type heat exchangers and surface condensers for energy plants.

Fasteners with custom plating/coating material to withstand high temperature, high pressure, and corrosive environments.

Oil free turbo blowers with patented impeller design and dual motor systems for wastewater management, VRUs, and reciprocating compressors.

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