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Strategic Sourcing of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies & Market Development Services

Our Network is Your Asset

South Korea is a great hub for industrial products where you can find companies with leading technologies and quality products. This makes Korea an ideal place to do business and also search for potential partners.


However, whether you’re trying to expand to a new market or source from unknown vendors, there are always going to be risks involved. These can arise from differences in ways of doing business, lack of local presence, or minimal of understanding of the market. With over 15 years of experience in the Korean industrial market, we have built a robust network of pre-qualified vendors as well as partnerships with industry associations and government organizations to greatly minimize the risks of doing business. Leading global companies in the automotive and oil & gas industry choose us as their preferred partner when conducting business with South Korea.

Advantages of Our Services

Our aim is to help you achieve time and resource savings in the procurement of parts, machinery, testing equipment, and production outsourcing.

  • Strong understanding of safety protocols of global companies
  • Understanding of your market and production requirements
  • Time efficient meetings
  • Cost effective sourcing
  • Vendor pre-qualification
  • Vendor management