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Factory Automation Solutions View Products

Auto Parts Assembly Lines, Gantry Robot and Motion System
Line Integration Controls

Factory Automation

Industrial and Automotive Machinery View Products

Precision Machined Parts, High Speed Spindles,
Jigs and Fixtures, Iron and Steel Casting Foundry, Steel Rolls


Custom Manufacturing and Parts View Products

Custom Forming, Welding, Pressing Machines
for Automotive Part Production


Engineering Procurement and Construction View Products

Power Plant & Shipbuilding Components, Turbine Bearings
Blades & Compressors, Wastewater Filtration, Static Equipment


Testing and Inspection Products View Products

Material Verification NDT for Pipes & Power Plants 
Friction, Performance, Durability & Reliability for Auto Parts

Testing & Inspection

Energy-Equipment View Products

Solar Powered LEDs, High Quality LED Chips
Renewable Energy Plant Engineering


Detectors-Readers-Identification View Products

Counterfeit Detection Solutions, Industrial Tracking & Identification System


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Power Amplifiers for RF and Wireless Solutions


US Korea Hotlink: Your Connection to Korean Manufacturing and Industrial Equipment

Korean Industrial Manufacturing & Technology 

US Korea Hotlink by LPR Global is a trusted consortium platform that brings advanced Korean technologies in the automotive, energy, and oil & gas industries to global companies. Participating Korean manufacturers are technical leaders in industrial and automotive machinery, testing equipment, line automation, machinery and plant parts, high precision machined tooling, and complex shape casting and forging.


US Korea Hotlink supports global markets with localized engineering services, industry and client-specific standards compliance, and vendor communications. Launched in 2009, it is positioned as the most successful platform to unite global companies with Korean manufacturing and engineering expertise.


US Korea Hotlink presents advanced Korean technologies in these 8 categories: Factory Automation, Machinery, Manufacturing, EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction), Energy, Testing and Inspection, Detectors, and Communications. Each category showcases innovative and leading technologies out of South Korea.

Featured Product Line

Metal Forming Technologies 

  • Powder metallurgy and compacting
  • Customized tooling
  • Pipe and tube fabrication
  • Roll forming, stretch bending
  • Hydroforming
  • Metal welding with friction and forging force


Surface Treatment Technologies

  • Precision grinding
  • Microfinishing
  • Heat treatment and brazing
  • Deburring


Factory Automation

  • Automated assembly lines
  • Gantry robots precise transferring
  • Linear motion systems
  • Robotic programming services

Casting and Machining Capabilities

  • High precision machining
  • Iron and steel casting


Testing Equipment

  • Performance, reliability and durability
  • Material verification NDT, tensile properties
  • Friction and wear


Power Generation Solutions

  • Pressure and fluid controls
  • Turbine components
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Heat exchangers
  • Process equipment


Polyurethane Processing and Assembly

  • Polyurethane processing
  • Tooling, molds and fixtures
  • Thermoforming
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For Global Companies


Our services for North American and global companies include pre-qualifying vendors, contract manufacturing, equipment sourcing, and Korean market development.

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Our Network is Your Asset


Our partners include leading Korean SMEs, various government organizations, industry associations, engineering service providers, and aftersales support partners.

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For Korean Manufactures


Our services for Korean manufacturers include market research, consulting, and marketing services. We also have various programs to help further export development.

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