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Custom Machine Manufacturers, High Precision Machining and Manufacturing Job Shops and Technologies in the Automotive, Energy, Power Plant, and Steel Mill Industries

US Korea Hotlink: Korean Custom Machinery Equipment and Industrial Products

US Korea Hotlink by LPR Global is a trusted consortium platform that brings advanced Korean technologies in the automotive, energy, power plant and steel mill industries to global companies. Participating Korean manufacturers are technical leaders in custom machinery, testing equipment, robotic automation, and high precision complex parts for equipment.


Led by a seasoned team with 20+ years’ experience in the industrial market, it is positioned as the most successful platform to unite global companies with Korean manufacturing and engineering expertise. Along with providing localized engineering support and industry and client-specific standards compliance, we also organize annual meeting conferences between global companies and our Korean manufacturers since 2012.

US Korea Hotlink Fast Facts

For Global Companies


Our services for North American and global companies include pre-qualifying vendors, contract manufacturing, equipment sourcing, and Korean market development.

Our Network is Your Asset


Our partners include leading Korean SMEs, various government organizations, industry associations, engineering service providers, and aftersales support partners.

For Korean Manufacturers


Our services for Korean manufacturers include market research, consulting, and marketing services. We also have various programs to help further export development.

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