Integrated Export Enablement Services for Korean Manufacturers

One Stop Solution for Export, Overseas Partnership, and Engineering Support

An Export Platform for Korean Manufacturers

Exporting to foreign countries can cost enormous amounts of time and resources if done with no experience and planning. Even seasoned exporters can face challenges with smooth communications, conflict management, and negotiations. US Korea Hotlink’s export solutions address these issues and minimize risk for Korean manufacturers in the automotive, steel mills, chemical, power plant and high precision custom manufacturing and machining industries.


Since 2001, we have been enabling Korean firms to sell globally through channel partners and direct to end users through our one-stop solution. The US Korea Hotlink Marketing Platform includes Google-friendly Search Engine Optimization (SEO), an annual Buyers Matching Meetings and Conference, market research, and outbound marketing campaigns.

Our Program Offers

  • Partnership building with resellers, distributors, dealers and agents
  • One-on-one meetings and discussions with target buyers
  • Online marketing through US Korea Hotlink, which publishes technical content about advanced machines and industrial products aimed at a Western audience of industry experts and engineers.

What sets us apart is that we guide our Korean clients through the process from start to finish. Our hands-on experience with the pre-sales, sales and post-sales phases allows us to deliver research and localization services that work in the real world.

How Our Research & Localization Services Help Export

Research: Our research is never generalized; it is specific, tailored and practical. We provide industry-specific market intelligence about competing products and prices, competitors’ distributors and resellers, and users’ unmet needs from your competitors. If you are new to the export market, we also study legal regulations and compliance requirements of the region so that you can take a cost-effective, incremental approach to your market entry plans. If you’re familiar with the export and your target market, we look into your business ecosystems vertically and horizontally, and then identify profitable applications, not yet tried but highly implementable, based on your track record.


US Korea Hotlink’s marketing strategies are designed to increase market potential and generate revenue quickly. US Korea Hotlink understands budget and time constraints associated with expanding to an overseas market and helps clients maximize their marketing power despite limited resources.


Localization: We specialize in creating clear, precise and concise marketing messages for your products and services based on market intelligence and your product positioning.

Export Marketing Supported by Korean Government Agencies and US Korea Hotlink

Korea-based manufacturers with budget or time constraints associated with expanding to an overseas market benefit greatly from US Korea Hotlink’s marketing program. As the largest and most successful consortium of Korean industrial manufacturers, US Korea Hotlink receives funding from Korean federal government agencies. When you apply for our program though these organizations at the federal and city level, you can receive financial support for up to 90% of our fees.

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