About Us

Korean Manufacturers’ Consortium for Custom Manufacturing in the Automotive, Machine Building, Steel Mill, Power Plant and Automation Industries

US-Korea Manufacturers Consortium

US-Korea Hotlink is the largest consortium of trusted Korean manufacturers in the Automotive, Machine Manufacturing, Steel Mills, and Power Plant industries. It serves as the single point of contact for global companies, serving their sourcing, custom manufacturing, technical partnerships, and after-sales support and training needs.


US-Korea Hotlink was founded in 2009 by LPR Global, in collaboration with two South Korean government agencies. LPR Global is an internationally-recognized consultancy specializing in trade and partnerships between Korea and the United States. The South Korean government’s Small Business Corporation (SBC) and Small and Medium Business Association (SMBA) support overseas business partnerships between Korea and the Western world.


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Our Advantage

We offer advanced industrial technologies from pre-qualified Korean manufacturers that are leaders in their fields. Joining consortium members must meet certain requirements including technological expertise, successful track record of export history to global companies, sound financial performance, and certified in-house manufacturing facilities. In addition, our members target specific industries such as automotive, factory automation & robotics, manufacturing machines and tooling, power plant, and oil and gas, in which South Korea is a global front-runner.


Our global clients cite the following reasons for their long-term trust and satisfaction with us:

  • Quick and exact match – The process of identifying and validating new suppliers is reduced to one day instead of several months
  • No communication barriers and time difference – They experience no difficulties with communication or time differences while working with Korean manufacturers even after the project starts because the US-Korea Hotlink team transfers knowledge and information between the parties seamlessly, making the entire process effortless.
  • Local after-sales support – Service requests are answered quickly and effectively by local companies in the same time zone as them.

Product Portfolio

Our portfolio consists of the 6 categories below, featuring products by exemplary Korean manufacturers. Not all the products and services we offer are featured on our website. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

US Korea Hotlink Team

Our team consists of multilingual professionals with diverse backgrounds in industry, trade, government, education, public relations, software, finance and manufacturing. Our roster even includes a best-selling author.

Our Founding Partners

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The Korean Small Business Corporation (SBC) and the Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA) provide a wide range of services to help Korean Small and Medium-sized Enterprises start, run and grow their businesses globally. Their mandate is to increase visibility of the Korean companies and to create global partnerships worldwide. The SMBA and the SBC have been long term strategic partners of LPR Global since our inception in 2001.