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Your Connection to Leading South Korean Manufacturers of Industrial Products

US-Korea Manufacturers Consortium

US-Korea Hotlink is the largest consortium of specialized Korean manufacturers. These manufacturers build custom machines, testing equipment, high precision machined parts and industrial grade products for use in industries such as automotive, power generation and EPC.


US-Korea Hotlink was founded in 2009 by LPR Global in collaboration with two South Korean government agencies. LPR Global is internationally recognized as a consultancy specializing in advancing trade and partnerships between Korea and the United States. The South Korean government’s Small Business Corporation (SBC) and Small and Medium Business Association (SMBA) facilitate overseas business development for technologically advanced, innovative Korean firms and their products.


The Hotlink provides a cost efficient, high-value infrastructure for primary business transactions, joint project management and localized after-sales support between Korean and western firms.


Our value to South Korean members includes:

  • Training in global companies’ health and safety standards
  • Understanding industry standard protocols and user behavior requirements in major world markets including the US
  • Identifying the main challenges faced by Korean technology companies before they join the consortium


To aid international businesses, our efforts are focused on four industries where South Korea is a leading supplier of advanced manufacturing solutions.


They are:

  • Automotive – part making machinery or part assembly machines and testing equipment
  • Power Generation – pressure and fluid control, MRO parts, customized casting and testing equipment
  • EPC – pipe and tube fabrication, non-destructive pipe testing, and iron and steel casting
  • Energy – renewable energy products


Our primary value to international companies is in swiftly providing Korean engineering experts in varied areas at competitive costs. Because we provide local support, distance and language differences will never be noticed.


Not all the products or firms we work with are featured on our website. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

US Korea Hotlink Team

Our team consists of multilingual professionals with diverse backgrounds in industry, trade, government, education, public relations, software, finance and manufacturing. Our roster even includes a best selling author.

Our Founding Partners

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The Korean Small Business Corporation (SBC) and the Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA) provide a wide range of services to help Korean Small and Medium-sized Enterprises start-up, run and grow their businesses globally. Their mandate is to increase visibility of the Korean companies and to create global partnerships worldwide. The SMBA and the SBC have been long term strategic partners of LPR Global since our inception in 2001.