Manufacturing and Machining for Steel Mills and Industrial Equipment Manufacturers

Automated production and assembly lines for automotive manufacturers, as well as factory automation components including gantry robots and custom robotic welding jigs and fixtures.

Featured Products

Taylor-Couette Flow Reactor for consistent production of high density, uniformly shaped and sized particles, used in advanced chemical manufacturing.

Custom steel rolls for steel mills, steel processing lines, and coil service centers. Products include work rolls, tension leveling rolls, steering rolls, bridle rolls, furnace rolls, deflector rolls, and more.

Standard and custom-built precision machine tool spindles for grinding, polishing, milling, and drilling.

Zero backlash, high speed and lubrication-free rack and roller pinion systems and precision gearboxes.

High precision near-net-shape and net-shape dies, including cold and hot press stamping dies, transfer dies for mass production lines, and progressive dies.

Unipolar and bipolar synchronous hybrid stepper motors. Standard and customized motor solutions for OEM and custom machine builders in low to high volumes.

Precision machining and contract manufacturing services for automotive, aerospace, medical, and machine tool components.

Heavy-duty, telescopic, and large bore cylinders for steel mills, power plants, marine ship lifts, heavy-duty OEMs, and hydraulic presses.

Large-sized heavy fabrication services for marine diesel engines, gas turbines, steam turbines and generator components for heavy machinery, power plants, and industrial plants

Steel frame laser cutting and fabrication services, used to produce wind turbine tower internals, shafts, steel frames, and conveyors.

Other Products

  • LPR Global's Premium CNC High-Speed Live Center with Extended Shaft and 30 Degree Point.

    Live Centers, Dead Centers and Face Drivers

    Standard and custom-built live centers for CNC lathe, milling, grinding and general machining tool bits, with a guaranteed accuracy of 3µm TIR (0.00012”).

  • Steel Casted Globe Valve Body Thumbnail

    Industrial Steel Casting Foundry

    Alpha Set and Shell Molding Sand Casting foundry, producing steel and steel alloy castings for valves, pumps, mining equipment wear parts, petrochemical tube supports, and other industrial applications.

  • Iron Casted Cooler for Turbo compressor

    Cast Iron Foundry

    Furan resin and green sand iron castings for machine tools, hammer unions, and mud pumps.

  • Rack-Pinion-Power-Gear-power-steering

    Precision Automotive Engine Components

    Manufacturer of high precision and high stability engine components including connecting rods, camshafts, crankshafts, cylinder heads, and cylinder blocks.

  • Steel Compression Fitting

    Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings and Valves

    Compression, instrumentation and flared pipe fittings, and ball, check, relief, needle and manifold valves made with stainless steel, brass, and monel.

  • Aircraft Fitting Support

    Aircraft Fluid Control Components

    Machining services for aerospace and defense fluid control, brake control, and fuel delivery systems, and custom hydraulic components such as actuators, valves, pumps, valves, servos, fuses and manifolds.

  • Forged and Stamped Automotive Parts

    Forging, Casting and Stamping for Automotive & Industrial Parts

    Cold forging, hot forging, precision casting, and stamping capabilities for machine parts and automotive engine, drivetrain, and chassis components.

  • Additive 3D Printing Services v2

    Additive 3D Printing Services

    Contract additive manufacturing services for metal parts, ceramics, engineered resins, plastic parts, and functional prototypes.

  • Luggage Mat Acoustic Mold

    Automotive Interior Molds and Checking Fixtures

    Thermo-acoustic and soft trim thermoforming, compression, foaming, overedge cutting, piercing, and trimming molding, and checking fixtures for headliners and floor mats.

  • Electric Vacuum Pump Brake Booster

    Electric Vacuum Pumps

    Vacuum pumps and brake boosters for electric vehicles, hybrid cars, and other high-performance vehicles. Durable, oil-free, and minimal noise and maintenance.

  • Aluminum Tube Fittings

    Aluminum Fittings and Valves

    Compression fittings and valves for split air conditioning and heating systems, designed to connect copper, aluminum, and polyamide coated aluminum tubing with no welding required.

  • JM02

    Modular Hydraulic Power Units

    Single or dual-acting AC and DC-powered hydraulic power units for automotive lifts, industrial lifts, material handling equipment, and machinery.

  • Electromagnetic Feeder Drive Unit

    Vibratory Parts Feeding Systems

    Automated parts feeding systems and piezoelectric components including piezo drives, electromagnetic feeders, indexing drives, controllers, bowls, and more.

  • PU Vacuum Foaming Mold

    PU Vacuum Foaming Molds

    Polyurethane Vacuum Foaming plug, lego, hybrid, and rotary molds for refrigerator inner door and cabinet lining production, and automotive dashboards.

  • CNC Machined Plastic

    CNC Machined Parts Production

    CNC machined parts made with engineering plastics PEEK, PVC, PTFE, PP, metal, and ceramics for medical, semiconductor, automation, and energy applications.

  • Elastomeric Coupling

    Polyurethane Elastomeric Couplings

    Flexible split half shaft couplings for mechanical power transmission and misaligned shaft connections. Capable of absorbing impact, twists and abrasions.

  • Rubber Tank Strip Seal Double

    Rubber Seals, Tank Strips, and Gaskets

    FDA-compliant Neoprene, EPDM, SBR, and NR Seals, Gaskets, Sheets, Tank Strips, Cable-Grommets, Diaphragms and O-Rings for industrial applications.

  • Non-Toxic PU Catalyst Sample Kit

    Non-Toxic PU Catalysts

    Non-toxic, environmentally-friendly catalysts based in silver, bismuth, and zinc for production of rigid polyurethane foam, silicone, and resins.

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