Power Generation

Engineering and Manufacturing of Turbine Parts, Skid Piping and HVAC

Outsourced Manufacturing and Fabrication Shops for Power Generation Plants

US Korea Hotlink provides engineering and fabrication services for engine blocks, turbine parts, heat exchangers, and piping solutions for the power plant and energy sectors. With decades of experience working with power plants around the world, we are equipped with technical expertise and facilities to meet global standards of quality and safety. US Korea Hotlink’s consortium members in the power generation industry are long-term suppliers to KEPCO, Samsung, Hyundai Heavy Industry, and Doosan.

Featured Technologies & Products in the Power Generation Industry

Power piping solutions engineering/manufacturing for gas compressor skids, HVAC, and pump systems.  Equipped with 3D/Isometric design capabilities.

Instrumented indentation technology for testing tensile strength, yield stress, residual stress on pressure vessels, tanks, and pipes. Fully automated with portable options.

Heat exchangers and pressure vessels for power plants.

Sheet metal laser fabrication services for compressor enclosures, wind turbine internals, and wind turbine shafts.

Main shaft, roller shaft, and thrust shaft manufacturing for steam, gas and wind turbines.

Precision machined turbine, compressor and pump components such as impeller, blades and wheel disks.

Precisely stamped products for power plants. Spacer grid straps for pressurized water reactors and small modular reactors.

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