High Precision Forming, Joining, Grinding, and Surface Treatment Custom Machines

Automated production and assembly lines for automotive manufacturers, as well as factory automation components including gantry robots and custom robotic welding jigs and fixtures.

Featured Products

Automated rotary friction welding machines for automotive and oil & gas components, including electric vehicle batteries, camshafts, pistons, propeller shafts, and drill pipes.

Through-feed superfinishing and microfinishing machines equipped with stones and mechanical oscillation systems for high smoothness, quick speed, and low maintenance.

Turnkey production lines including IMG thermoforming, vacuum forming, laminating, and edge folding technologies.

Fabrication shop producing modules and parts for steel mill equipment such as continuous casting lines, plate mills, hot strip mills, and melt lines.

Cassette-type roll forming and stretch bending equipment for production of automotive door frame rails, window tracks, bumpers, and chassis components.

Other Products

  • Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

    Advanced Metal Forming Technologies

    Contract manufacturing and fabrication services for advanced technologies including hydroforming, superplastic forming, thermoforming, thixoforming, and semi-solid metal casting.

  • diamond array compacting press

    Powder Compacting Presses

    Mechanical and hydraulic presses for sintered parts and carbon brush production. Types include dry powder press, and hot and cold isostatic presses.

  • Through Feed Centerless Grinder Machine

    Centerless Grinding Machines

    Internal and external in-feed grinding machines for shafts, pins and bearings, as well as retrofitting services for Cincinnati centerless grinders.

  • Polyurethane Equipment

    High Pressure Polyurethane Equipment

    High pressure mixing heads, valves, pumps, and foaming machines for the automotive, construction, and refrigerator industries.

  • Door Foaming Equipment

    Refrigerator Foaming Equipment

    Polyurethane foaming jigs and fixtures, door drum and paternoster systems, carousel lines, and cabinet turn tables for refrigerators, freezers, household appliances, construction, and automotive industries.

  • 4-Axis CNC gun drilling machine

    Gun Drilling Machines

    Deep hole drilling machines for holes with 1:100 and 1:200 depth-to-diameter ratios, used to produce injection molds, automotive shafts and rods, and heat exchanger tube sheets.

  • Electroplating-Equipment-Finishing

    Electroplating Equipment

    Automatic rack, barrel, and reel-to-reel plating lines for surface treatment of integrated circuits, consumer electronics, home appliances, automotive components, and medical parts.

  • reverse-circulation-drilling-machine

    Deep Foundation Drilling Equipment

    Foundation drilling machines, casing oscillators and rotators, pile guide frames, and hammer grabs. Used for large bore pile foundation, diaphragm wall, tunnel, and marine construction.

  • Heat Treating Furnace

    Heat Treating and Brazing Furnace

    Furnaces for annealing, tempering, hardening, and carburizing, used by manufacturers of automotive radiators, heat exchangers, cylinder blocks, turbines, electronic components, and aircraft components.

  • Heavy Equipment Ultrasonic and Aqeous Parts Washer

    Industrial Parts Washers

    Aqueous and ultrasonic washers with washing, rinsing, drying and customized transferring systems, used for automotive, electronic, and machine parts, and for medical and food & beverage logistics.

  • Muffler Assembly Line with Robot Arm

    Exhaust System Forming Machines

    Equipment for producing mufflers, catalytic converters, and resonator assemblies, including pipe forming, end forming, double seaming, baffle inserting, and ridge locking machines.

  • Rotary Shear for Heavy Gauge Plates

    Cut-to-length & Slitting Lines

    Fully automated cut-to-length, slitting, and blanking lines for light to heavy gauge applications, with coil thickness up to 17 mm and width up to 1,830 mm.

  • Hydraulic Pipe Cutting Machine with Hinge Type Cutting Head

    Automotive Tube Cutting and Forming Machines

    Custom tube cutting, tube end forming, chamfering, pipe drilling, and saw cutting machines for metal tubes and pipes, used to make exhaust systems, transmission parts, cooling systems and other automotive components.

  • Refrigerator Appliance Cabinet Assembly Line

    Home Appliance Manufacturing Assembly Lines

    Turnkey appliance assembly lines, including front and top laundry assembly, refrigerator and freezer cabinet and door assembly, cooking oven cavity and panel line, stainless steel drum and basket dish washing machine lines, and all supporting tooling and molds.

  • PLC-HMI Horizontal Spindle Rotary Table Grinder in Column Type

    Rotary Table Surface Grinders

    PLC-controlled grinders with horizontal or vertical spindles, with <3㎛ flatness and parallelism tolerance, used for silicon, quartz, and silicon carbide in the semiconductor industry.

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