Counterfeit Money Detectors, Fake Document Scanners, and Heat-Resistant RFID Tracking & Identification Systems

Industrial-grade, portable scanning and detecting solutions for government agencies, companies, and manufacturing plants, designed for durability and dependability.

  • Portable UV LED Counterfeit Detector on lanyard-Palmsized

    Portable Counterfeit Detector

    UV LED portable counterfeit money and document detectors, used to identify fake bills and cheques, casino chips, transportation tickets, and government identification documents.

  • RFID tags

    High-Temperature RFID Tags

    Heat, water, and chemical-resistant RFID tags (860-960 MHz) for diverse tracking and identification applications.

  • Capillary thermostat switch

    Capillary Thermostats and Controls

    Liquid expansion capillary thermostat switches and regulators for refrigerators, freezers, cold storage, boilers, and water heaters.

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