Steel Mill

Manufacturing Solutions for Rolls, Pipe Spool, Continuous Casting Line Part Assemblies, Roll Change Cars, Frames and Cylinders

Custom Manufacturing and Fabrication Shops for the Steel Industry


We provide custom manufacturing and fabrication solutions to engineering companies and equipment manufacturers, engaged in melt shops, continuous casting lines, hot rolling mills, section mills, cold rolling mills, plate mills and coil processing lines. As Tier 1 vendors to Hyundai Steel, POSCO and JFE Steel Corporation, we supply rolls, pipe spools, bearing chocks and bearing frames, roll change cars, steel frames and cylinders to worldwide steel mills.

Featured Technologies & Products in the Steel Industry

Fabricator of mill equipment and designer and manufacturer of line segments

Rotary Shear Cut-to-Length Line, Blanking for Continuous Galvanizing Line

Forged steel rolls and cast steel rolls for hot & cold rolling mills, continuous casting line, plate mills and special rolls

Telescopic hydraulic cylinders and large bore boom cylinders for melt shops and steel production line

Tank piping solutions, pipe spools, HVAC inlet/outlet piping, Process Piping Skid Fabrication

Laser cut and fabricated and machined steel and carbon steel frames for roll stand, coil cars & roll change car fabrication

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