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Distributor, OEM and Supplier Partnerships with top South Korean technology firms.

First Mover Advantage Without Being the Pioneer

Our portfolio members sell direct to end users and through reseller channels in overseas markets, but many are interested in cultivating partnerships with distributors, manufacturers, and service providers. This helps channel partners gain exclusivity in their local markets without being the first to establish product viability. We can help you identify partnership opportunities and candidates that best suit your company, and then recommend the best approach.

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Flexible and Tailored Partnerships


Although each company we work with is unique in their business and partner requirements, we often develop relationships that are more flexible, creative, supportive, and profitable than those in traditional channel programs. We seek long-term, mutually beneficial relationships, which resonate with a Korean culture focused on woori, meaning ‘us’ or ‘togetherness’, as opposed to you or me.

Building Long-Term Business Relationships

US Korea Hotlink fosters long-term relationships between Korean manufacturers and global companies that wish to resell, distribute, or white-label Korean products in their own territories. These discussions require seasoned advice and hands-on experience to create fair structures for both parties. Without a sound structure, partnerships can be short-lived – parties develop resentment over the time and effort invested in maintaining the relationship, and ultimately decide to end it.


US Korea Hotlink’s management team offers its rich experience with fair, simple and working partnership structures to both the Korean manufacturers and the Western companies. If you are interested in exploring partnership opportunities with any of our consortium members, please get in touch.

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