Automotive and Electric Vehicle Parts Production and Assembly

Automated Manufacturing and Assembly Solutions for the Automotive and EV Industry


We offer robotic assembly lines and processing custom equipment to VMs, OEMs, and Tier I & IIs around the world. These equipment and assembly lines are used to produce suspension components, body structural components, car seats, electric batteries, internal trim parts and composites. All of our equipment is built for mass production lines in compliance with strict safety standards of global Tier 1 plants in North America and Europe

Featured Technologies & Products in the Construction Industry

Zero-backlash rack and roller pinions ideal for cell and welding automation. 

Robotic assembly welding and hemming machines for
automotive body-in-white and parts.

Gantry robot systems for assembly lines of automotive parts
and for loading systems for processing equipment.

Automated welding systems for electric vehicle parts, battery
terminals, shafts, and ride control systems.

Roll forming machines for C-channels and construction parts.

IMG Thermoforming, vacuum forming and laminating, press
forming machines for headliner, door trim, floor carpet and
instrument panel production.

Precision progressive dies for automotive stamped parts

Production of door frame rails, automotive window tracks, bumpers, and chassis components.

High pressure mixing, pouring, and dispensing equipment for rigid and flexible foams, integral skins, and elastomers in the automotive industry.

Superfinishing and microfinishing solutions for shock absorber
piston rods and speed gears.

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