Testing & Inspection

Non-Destructive Testing Equipment for Pipelines and Tribometers for Surface Wear Measurement

In-field NDT solutions for tensile strength, yield stress, fracture toughness, and residual stress testing, and tribometer multi-function equipment for friction and wear loss tests.

Featured Products

Standard and custom-engineered tribometers for friction and wear testing of coatings, composite materials, and lubricants.

In-field NDT equipment for testing mechanical properties in pipelines and power plants, including tensile strength and yield stress.

Acoustic microscopy and microimaging equipment for semiconductor, microelectronic, capacitor, and automotive components testing.

Time Domain Reflectometers for fault location in coaxial, power, data, and communication cables.

Other Products

  • Multi Axle Fatigue And Performance

    Fatigue and Durability Test Equipment

    Standard and custom equipment for fatigue, vibration, durability, and performance testing of automotive components.

  • Crankshaft Crack and Dimension Measuring Machine

    Automotive Part Inspection Systems

    Crack and dimension testing for automotive parts such as crankshafts, camshafts, and connecting rods, using eddy current, acoustic resonance, and ultrasonic testing methods.

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