Factory Automation

Factory Automation Systems and Components for Automotive Robotic Assembly Lines

Automated production and assembly lines for automotive manufacturers, as well as factory automation components including gantry robots and custom robotic welding jigs and fixtures.

Featured Products

Gantry robots and track motion systems for automotive, plastics, chemical, food and beverage, and metal working production lines.

Design, manufacturing, and integration of automotive body-in-white and chassis assembly systems.

Automated seat assembly lines and testing equipment for seat frames, recliners, cushions, and seat tracks.

Other Products

  • Auto Parts Assembly Line Factory Automation

    Automotive Parts Assembly Lines

    Automated assembly and testing lines for automotive parts production, including body frame panels, engine sub assemblies, relays, oil pumps, spindles, brake calipers, and power steering systems.

  • PLC Programming and Electrical Engineering Services

    Electrical Engineering and PLC Programming Services

    Electrical engineering, PLC and HMI programming, robotic integration, and mechanical engineering and refurbishing services.

  • Servo Press and Nut Runner Factory Automation

    Servo Press & Nutrunner

    Servo presses and nutrunners with integrated controllers for production of automotive components, such as engine and transmission parts, and electronic components.

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