High-Speed Scanning Acoustic Microscopes

Scanning Acoustic Microscopes (SAM) and Acoustic Micro Imaging Equipment (AMI) for Wafer, Circuit Board, Chip, Ceramic Capacitor, LED, and Advanced Material Testing

High-speed Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (FSAM) and Acoustic Micro Imaging (AMI) equipment allows detailed acoustic analysis in the ultrasound range from 5MHz to 300MHz, commonly used for non-destructive failure and material properties investigation of semiconductor chips, wafer & bonded wafers, MEMS, ceramic capacitors, OLED panels, industrial plasma, copper plates, fiber optic, special materials, and aerospace’s complex parts.


Supplied by a leading developer and manufacturer of acoustic microscopes and complex acoustic micro imaging (AMI) systems, our equipment is widely used for the analysis of defects in industrial products and semiconductor components and assemblies. Our SAM equipment is used for visualization of material interior by examining defects, voids, cracks, delamination in multilayered structures by a low time-consuming process.


High-speed SAM equipment significantly reduces takt time by incorporating advanced high-frequency and transducer technology with a high bandwidth Pulser Receiver and high-speed image processing software. Scanner module is equipped with four channels and enables detailed acoustic analysis in the ultrasound range from 5MHz~300MHz.


Equipment allows real-time ultrasonic 2D and 3D image output and an instant defect measurement report generation based on the defect location (XYZ coordinates) and sample size and type.


We offer both standard and custom equipment and contract SAM inspection services in our testing lab.

Scanning Acoustic Microscopy SAM, Acoustic Micro Imaging (AMI) Equipment Overview

Produced by a leading developer and manufacturer of scanning acoustic microscopes and complex wafer acoustic micro imaging systems, LPR Global’s scanning acoustic microscopes are used to conduct acoustic microscopy and acoustic micro imaging inspections. Developed with fast processing time and high-quality imaging goals in mind, we offer reliable NDT equipment for quality control and failure analysis of multi-layered electronic, microelectronic, aerospace, advanced materials, and life science components.


The Fast Scanning Acoustic Microscopes (FSAM) and Traditional Scanning Acoustic Microscopes (TSAM) feature a user-friendly interface, precise focusing features, and more data gates to easily check for cracks, inclusions, voids, and density variations in semiconductor wafers and advanced components at a wide range of transducer frequencies from 5MHz to 300MHz.


Different types of analysis are available in high-speed SAM, including A-scans, B-scans, C-scans, and through SAM analysis.

Our equipment uses a wide range of transducer frequencies, from 5MHz to 300MHz; with low flexibility providing higher material penetration; with higher frequency transducers, such as 200MHz and 300MHz, allowing higher image resolution useful once a particular area of the material sample has been isolated.


Our equipment combines high-quality imaging with simple analysis, allowing users to capture high-quality fully-focused images of various types of samples.


Advantages of LPR Global’s Scanning Acoustic Microscopy Equipment

Equipped with the fastest imaging technology, LPR Global’s Scanning Acoustic Microscopes SAM reduce takt time by up to 20 times by incorporating innovative high-speed scanning modules and improved equipment design. Scanner modules are equipped with four ultrasonic sensors mounted on the high-speed scanning module to ensure a short takt time, high throughput, and precise scans.


Another advantage is an option to incorporate four channels with 300MHz high bandwidth ultrasonic Pulser Receiver to allow fast processing time and high-resolution video output: 80MHz~300MHz. A full specifications package allows for 2D measurements, 3D profiling, and advanced measurements of samples.

Scanning Acoustic Microscope Main Features  

  • Ultra fast linear equipment with high acceleration results for high throughput and precise scans
  • Resolution up to 5 μm
  • Provide selectable frequency ranges between 5MHz and 300MHz
  • 4CH multi-channel and high bandwidth Pulser Receiver
  • Multiple transducer design and enhanced scan capabilities
  • Wide scanning range
  • High performance to price ratio
  • Fully automated in-line inspection solutions are available


Applications of Scanning Acoustic Microscopes

Scanning Acoustic Microscopes are commonly used for microelectronic and semiconductor component (circuit boards, chips, capacitors, wafers, LEDs, transistor chips, optoelectronics) NDT testing of failure analysis, product reliability testing, quality control, process development, R&D, counterfeit detection, and process validation. Main applications include semiconductor, microelectronics, life science, automotive aerospace, nanotechnology, and advanced materials.


Due to its ability to detect thin air gaps and anomalies, TSAM and FSAM models of Scanning Acoustic Microscopes are able to penetrate dense metallic materials useful in failure analysis, void detection, delamination inspection, crack detection, PCB anomalies of semiconductor components inspection; switches, sensors, power devices, and raw material SAM inspections.


Acoustic micro imaging systems are used at laboratories and at corporate level for low-volume production and R&D inspection; custom designed automated systems for larger scale inspection are also available.


Applications: semiconductor chips, bonded wafers, PCBs, MEMS, ceramic capacitors, electrical boards, display panels, battery cell, composite materials, and metals.

Scanning Acoustic Microscopy Model Range

We offer basic, advanced, and production (for automated solutions) models. Standard and custom built options are available.

SAM Scanning Acoustic Microscopy Models

SAM Scanning Acoustic Microscopy Models and Specifications

Traditional Scanning Acoustic Microscopy | TSAM-400

1-4CH | 5-200MHz

Traditional Scanning Acoustic Microscope
Traditional Scanning Acoustic Microscope
SAM TSAM 400 Wafer Materials
SAM Scanning Acoustic Microscopy TSAM-400

Fast Scanning Acoustic Microscopy | FSAM-400

4CH & 300MHz Multi-Channel High Bandwidth Pulser Receiver


Average scanning speed of FSAM and W-FSAM models is 125 seconds.

Fast Scanning Acoustic Microscope FSAM
Fast Scanning Acoustic Microscope FSAM
FSAM 400 High Speed Inspection SAM
FSAM Fast Scanning Acoustic Microscopy FSAM-400

Wafer Defect Inspection Fast Scanning Acoustic Microscopy | W-FSAM-400

1-4CH | 5-200MHz Multi-Channel High Bandwidth Pulser Receiver


Takt time is reduced from 90 minutes to 9 minutes while scanning standard 12 inch wafer samples.


Used for inspections of epi-wafers, polished wafers, diffusion wafers, annealed wafers, SOI wafers, and compound wafers.


This system delivers a 5 µm sensitivity and a throughput significantly faster than competitive systems. W-FSAM models can be used for thermoelectric wafer and silicon wafer inspections.

Wafer Fast Scanning Acoustic Microscope FSAM
Wafer Fast Scanning Acoustic Microscope FSAM
Wafer Inspection Fast Scanning Acoustic Microscopy
Wafer FSAM Fast Scanning Acoustic Microscopy Wafer FSAM

Scanning Acoustic Microscopy | Table-type SAM

1-4CH | 5-200MHz Compact Table-type SAM

Table SAM Acoustic Microscope
Table SAM Acoustic Microscope
SAM Scanning Acoustic Microscopy Specifications Table

Scanning Acoustic Imagining Inspection Project Examples

Semiconductor | 12 Inch Wafer Sample Acoustic Microscopy


We offer Scanning Acoustic Microscope model for wafer inspection W-FSAM, specifically designed for semiconductor component inspections. This model is suitable for wafer inspection, bond checking, LED, MEMS detection of cavities, cracks, voids, bubbles, inclusions, and delamination. Our Scanning Acoustic Microscopes are highly sensitive to the presence of delaminations and material defects and can detect delaminations of sub-micron thickness.


Our Acoustic Imaging Equipment offers easy-to-use interface for process control, quality assurance, and research applications.

SAM Inspection Wafer Sample
SAM Inspection Wafer Sample
SAM Inspection Wafer Aplitude Imaging
SAM Inspection Wafer Aplitude Imaging
Wafer Chip Fast Scanning Acoustic Microscope Inspection
Wafer Chip Fast Scanning Acoustic Microscope Inspection

Advanced Materials | Aerospace, Automotive, Microelectronics, Industrial

A need for lighter and more durable composite materials in the aerospace and military applications has resulted in a demand for precise acoustic inspection technologies to ensure quality of the process performance and manufacturing process of the complex components and assemblies. Such strong demand for microelectronics and advanced materials in the aerospace, automotive, medical, and industrial applications was the key factor that led to the development of the TSAM-400 model.


Due to the combination of high-throughout speed and high-frequency and transducer technology, out TSAM-400 models enable detailed acoustic analysis in the ultrasound range up to 200MHz, particularly suitable for cost-efficient and non-destructive investigation of the advanced materials and components. This model uses a wide range of transducer frequencies, providing the flexibility to analyze various materials and part types.


Scanning Acoustic Microscopy TSAM-400 model allows to obtain information from different layers in materials and is commonly used to calculate thickness of internal layers, features’ depth, and anomalies within the samples.

SAM Spot Welding Sample Inspection
SAM Spot Welding Sample Inspection
Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer SAM Inspection
CFRP Sample, Aerospace
SAM Inspection CPU, copper plate
SAM Inspection Copper Plate & Microelectronic Laptop CPU Chips
SAM Inspection CFRP Aerospace
Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Sample Inspection

Scanning Acoustic Microscopy Testing Process for Semiconductor and Advanced Materials Components

Manufacturer and Client Portfolio

Developed in partnership with a S. Korean Pukyoung National University’s R&D laboratory, we supply advanced high-speed Scanning Acoustic Microscopes for material acoustic imaging.


Our ultrasonic microscopes are used by LG Display, Samsung Electronics, and POSCO for internal defects of OLED panel inspections, microelectronic part structural defect inspections, automotive car structural defects, and materials analysis.

Scanning Acoustic Microscopy Contract Inspection Services

We supply SAM and ultra-high resolution SAM equipment, as well as provide contract testing analysis, feasibility studies, and sample assessment assistance at our lab in S. Korea.


Testing is performed at an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certified testing facility. We also offer complimentary feasibility analysis.

SAM Inspection services

Sample Requirements | SAM Contract Testing

  • Required testing lead time: 10~15 working days
  • sample dimensions: 300 L x300 W x100 H (mm) // 12″L x 12″W x 4″”H
  • Materials: semiconductors, wafers, electrical boards or parts, display panels, ceramic capacitors, composite material, and metal boards
  • Shape: flat and plate type. Irregular shapes and multi-layered materials might affect testing resolution. Needs to be discussed.
  • defect size: 50um
  • Report: standard or custom per client’s request


We provide acoustic microscopy services on TSAM-400 and W-FSAM series of acoustic instruments with a possibility to adjust transducer signal for product specific inspections.

SAM Scanning Acoustic Microscope Software Display
SAM Scanning Acoustic Microscope Software Display

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