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Single, Multi-Function, and Custom Application Tribotesters

From surface wear loss to surface adhesion and abrasion, LPR Global’s tribometers offer a variety of wear test best suited to your test conditions.


With LPR Global’s tribometers, testers can now perform different types of wear test with one equipment. Our specially designed interchangeable jigs enable users to perform various types of wear testing by simply changing the jig of the instrument.


The interchangeable jigs allow our tribometers to be built much smaller in size and less costly than the leading brands in the industry.


Also, our Windows compatible measurement software makes your wear testing even more convenient. It simultaneously transmits real time co-efficient friction & wears loss data to your computer. All the data are saved in CSV (Excel) format for your convenience.

Please contact us for more information or connect with a product specialist at [email protected].

Wear Loss and Friction Coefficient | Reciprocating, Rotating, Oscillation Testing

Cam and Tappet Simulation Friction & Wear Tester for Internal Combustion Engine

Cam and Tappet Simulation Wear Tester

Tribometers are available in single-purpose, multi-purpose, universal, and also as a customized system such as our cam and tappet wear tester which is a modified version of a block-on-ring tester to better simulate real-life camshaft and valve operation of an internal combustion engine. We recognize that often standard tests or small-scale tests do not correlate to real-life results, therefore, we also design and build one-off systems for the specific applications. Even our standard tribotesters are always built-to-order which allows us the flexibility to build a system that suits your requirements.

Our single- or multi-function tribometers can be customized to accommodate various loads, test speeds, temperature, sample sizes, and capabilities to suit unique friction and wear testing conditions. Test conditions include rotating, reciprocating, and sliding contact tests.

If you have test specifications beyond those defined by ASTM, such as increased load or test speeds, please send us a completed pdf-iconNEO-Tribo Machine Questionnaire form so we can better understand your requirements.

Please see the following list for our standard friction & wear testing equipment. Most of our standard systems are designed to perform tests according to ASTM test methods and schedules.

Friction and Wear Test Methods

Friction & Wear Testing | Methods and Test Modules

Multi-Function Tribometers | Standard ASTM Tests & Customized Applications

LPR’s tribotesters measure material mechanical properties, friction, and wear characteristics using various types of rotating and reciprocating sliding contact test methods. By providing a wide range of control and recording parameters, our tribometers generate more accurate simulations of material wear and friction to determine the performance of coatings, lubricants, composites, and other materials. The ability to replicate extreme temperature, humidity, loading, spin, and oscillation mean that your friction and wear tests meet most standards and better simulate real world duress. Our included user-friendly software provides easy and consistent test control, and reporting. Real-time data acquisition is displayed through the software and also simultaneously saved in convenient Excel format for future reference. Even in the event of a power loss or failure, the pre-recorded test data will still be available.

Multi-Function Friction Wear Testing MPW110 | Tribometer

Possible performance parameters depend on model and specific test requirements, but may include:

  • Loads up to 10,000N
  • Sample temperature ranging from ambient to 200°C (or 1100°C with a furnace heating chamber)
  • Precise wear loss sensors with sub-micrometer sensitivity
  • Humidity control
  • Wide variety of stroke, oscillation, and RPM options
  • Able to meet ASTM, ISO, JIS, NFG, and UNE standards
  • User-friendly testing and reporting software
Block-on-ring, Abrasion Tester | Universal Friction & Wear Tester
Multi-Purpose Tribometer | Thrust Washer, Oscillating Test, Four Ball
Adhesion Test | Scratch Test

pdf-iconUniversal Multi-Function Wear Test System


Configured to measure wear loss and friction coefficient in real time. Temperature and humidity can be adjusted during testing.

This machine performs multiple tests including:
pin-on-disc, ball-on-disc, sliding contact wear, bearing life, block-on-ring module, scuffing wear, reciprocating motion test, scratch module.

pdf-iconMulti-Purpose Friction and Wear Testing System


Macro-scale friction and wear tester for tribology tests including:
pin-on-disc, ball-on-disc, thrust washer test, four ball test, ball on flat test, and oscillating test. All can be completed with set humidity and temperature within a +/- 1 degree Celsius and loads of up to 10,000 N.

pdf-iconMulti-Function Adhesion/Scratch Test System


AST210 measures adhesiveness between a coating layer and base metals and the effect on adhesion from acoustics

Able to test the multifunction adhesiveness such as peel off, shear and full off and also provides 4 axis control

Data Acquisition Software

Friction and Wear Software Test Settings

Software Test Settings Menu

Pin on Disk Bronze Pad Test

Pin-on-Disc Testing | Wear Loss (mm) & Friction (Cf)

Friction and Wear Testing Software Report

Tribometer Case Study

Identifying Production Quality Deficiencies Through Updated Friction & Wear Equipment



An independent lubricant manufacturer based in the United States had an in-house laboratory with a machine specifically used for performing extreme pressure (EP) testing for grease. They have found that they have been experiencing problems with their core product — a high pressure anti-seize compound. The existing equipment used at the time from their internal laboratory tests was showing production samples as passing the required load tests. However, when the same production sample was sent to an outside third-party lab, it failed to pass the required extreme pressure load.


About our Tribometer

Our accurate tribometer with advanced data acquisition software, can precisely identify the exact moment seizure occurred during a test. Along with EP testing, our system can be used to perform wear resistance testing at lower loads over a specified length of time. The valuable data from multiple production samples or formulations are automatically saved and can be compared using a graphical report format from our software.


Benefits of our Tribometer

After installing our tribometer, the independent lubricant manufacturer was able to have confidence in their own in-house testing since our system did not give false positives under extreme pressure testing conditions. Additionally, our tribometer was able to help identify the performance characteristics of each formulation under varying test conditions, show the amount of wear loss, and help compare test results.

Tribometer Client List & References

Tribology Testing Equipment Testimonial

“Searching for the replacement for our old wear tester, we encountered LPR Global’s tribometer. We were pleasantly surprised by the versatility and cost-effectiveness of their wear tester. What differentiates LPR Global’s tribology system from others is its interchangeable jig technology. It allows the users to experiment different types of wear tests on a single testing unit. It offers a variety of choices in test methods at a low cost. Not to mention, the windows-compatible measuring software is easy to maneuver and allows the users to access the testing data from any PC. As a laboratory manager, I am more than happy to see a good amount of reduction in our expense, as well as, in time and efforts in the lab.”

Thomas Hansen, Lab Manager, JET-LUBE CANADA


Please contact us for more information on our full range of models, performance specifications, and customized applications.

OrganizationNeo-Tribo TesterTesting Application
Carleton University (Canada)
  • Multi-Purpose Wear Tester (MPW110)
  • Metal, Ceramic, Composite Material Testing
  • Chungnam National University (Korea)
  • Multi-Purpose Wear Tester (MPW110)
  • Reciprocating wear tester (RFW160)
  • Metal, Ceramic, Composite Material Testing
  • Automotive Parts Testing
  • Doosan Infracore
  • Four-Ball Wear Tester (FBW130)
  • Lubricant Performance Characteristic Evaluation
  • Hyundai Dymos
    Hyundai Hysco
  • Multi-Purpose Wear Tester (MPW110)
  • Metal & Composite Material Testing
  • Material Characteristic Evaluation
  • Hyundai-Kia Motor Institute
  • Multi-Purpose Wear Tester (MPW110)
  • Automotive Engine Piston Material Test
  • Jet-Lube Canada
    Jet-Lube USA
  • Four-Ball Wear Tester (FBW130)
  • Multi-Purpose Wear Tester (MPW110)
  • Grease Characteristic Evaluation
  • Extreme Pressure (EP) Grease Evaluation
  • KOLON Plastics
  • Friction Coefficient Measuring Tester (FCMS170)
  • Plastic & Film Testing (Friction Coefficient)
  • Korea Automotive Technology Institute
  • Reciprocating Wear Tester (RFW160)
  • Automotive Transmission Clutch Material Evaluation
  • Korea Engineering Plastics (KEP)
  • Multi-Purpose Wear Tester (MPW110)
  • Reciprocating wear tester (RFW160)
  • Plastic Characteristic Evaluation
  • Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology
  • High Temperature Multi-Purpose Wear Tester (MPW110)
  • High Temperature Testing of Ceramics
  • Korea Photonics Technology Insititute
  • High Temperature Multi-Purpose Wear Tester (MPW110)
  • Optical Flass Characteristic Evaluation
  • Korea University
  • Reciprocating Wear Tester (RFW160)
  • Material High Temperature Abrasion Wear Resistance
  • LG Chem
  • Multi-Purpose Wear Tester (MPW110)
  • Universal Multi-Function Wear Tester (UFW200)
  • Metal, Ceramic, Composite Material Testing
  • Mando Corporation
  • Block-on-Ring Wear Tester (BRW140)
  • Steel Bearing Tester
  • Nexen Tire Corporation
  • Friction Coefficient Measuring Tester (FCMS170)
  • Rubber Testing
  • Multi-Purpose Wear Tester (MPW110)
  • Rolled Metal Evaluation
  • Pusan National University (Korea)
  • 3-axis Scratch Tester (AST210)
  • Metal, Ceramic, Composite Material Testing
  • Sejong University (Korea)
  • Reciprocating Wear Tester (RFW160)
  • Cartilage Wear Testing
  • Seoul National University (Korea)
  • Adhesion & Scratch Tester (RFW160)
  • Material Adhesion Testing
  • Shinhan Diamond
  • Multi-Purpose Wear Tester (MPW110)
  • Tool Steel Testing
  • SK Lubricants Research Center
  • Rolling Friction and Wear Tester (BRW140)
  • Lubricant Performance Characteristic Evaluation
  • SKC Haas (Dow & SKC Joint Venture)
  • Reciprocating Wear Tester (RFW160)
  • Plastic & Film Testing (Friction Coefficient)
  • Solvay
  • Multi-Purpose Wear Tester (MPW110)
  • Metals, Plastics, etc.
  • Sormang Cosmetics
  • Friction Coefficient Measuring Tester (FCMS170)
  • Shampoo and Rinse (Friction Coefficient)
  • Volvo Construction Equipment Korea
  • Slurry Erosion Wear Tester (SEW190)
  • Corrosion and Wear Testing for Heavy Equipment Parts
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