Environmental and Stability Temperature Chambers

Peltier Cooled Temperature Test and Stability Chambers for Industrial, Semiconductor, and Pharmaceutical Industries

Environmental chambers provide supreme temperature testing for small, medium and large components and assemblies. The range of supported temperatures is -60℃ ~ 150℃, commonly used for mobile memory chips, Ci-MCP, LPDDR, SO-DIMM, electronic devices, software chips, and batteries testing.


We supply Peltier-cooled environmental temperature control chambers that feature automated process control, energy efficiency, and a vast range of features and performance options. They can be used for various applications including low temperature storage, shelf-life testing, stability testing, accelerated aging, and expiration date testing.


1DUT Chamber, Mobile Chamber, Mini Cold Open Chamber, Auto Door test chambers are ideal for steady-state temperature testing on a smaller and medium scale. These series meet the needs of even the smallest scale product testing and storage while ensuring quality throughout the entire process.


Environmental temperature test and storage chambers suit various types of environmental and performance conditions and are available in a variety of sizes and performance configurations.

Environmental and Stability Temperature Chambers | Peltier Cooled Chambers


Manufacturer of standard and custom temperature Peltier cooled environmental chambers used in medical, pharmaceutical, industrial, semiconductor, packaging, and defense industries.


LPR Global’s environmental temperature testing and stability chambers are designed to provide controlled temperature environments and are used for temperature stability testing and controlled storage applications where product life stability is critical with high volumes of samples can be incubated, tested or stored.


Temperature control units with Peltier or fin cooling technology are available in temperature-only configuration. Peltier effect cooled chambers minimize product loss risks caused by poor temperature uniformity by ensuring excellent temperature stability even with many samples on the shelves. Peltier cooled chambers operate efficiently and improve stability and accuracy of temperature control. Thermoelectric cooling is achieved by cascading two semiconductor elements when an electric current (AC or DC) passes through resulting in cooling or heating effect.


Environmental Temperature Chambers Model Range

We offer five main models with a temperature range from -60°C to 150°C. Our environmental chambers can be used for various purposes including stable temperature environment storage and low temperature testing. Main features include water-cooled and air-cooled thermoelectric Peltier modules, specialty filtration, and design.

1DUT Chamber | Environmental Temperature Chamber

  • Wide Temperature Range: -40℃ ~ 120℃
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±1.0℃
  • Refrigeration Capacity: 1/3HP
  • Controller: PID Controller
  • Heater, Cooler: Peltier Module
  • Refrigeration Unit: Air-cooled
  • Dimensions: 346(W)x416(D)x374(H) mm
Temperature Inspection Chamber 1DUT Semiconductor
Temperature Inspection Chamber 1DUT

Mobile Chamber | Environmental Temperature Chamber

  • Temperature Range: 25℃ ~ 80℃
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.2℃
  • Heating Capability: about 200W
  • Cooling Capability: about 30W
  • Controller: PID Controller
  • Heater, Cooler: Peltier Module
  • Refrigeration Unit: Water-cooled
  • Dimensions: 570(W)x550(D)x650(H) mm
  • Weight: max 30 kg
Temperature Inspection Mobile Chamber Peltier
Temperature Inspection Mobile Chamber

Mine Cold Open Chamber | Environmental Temperature Chamber

  • Temperature Range: -10℃ ~ 70℃
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±3.0℃
  • Capacity: 9,000W
  • Heater: Fin Heater
  • Refrigerator Capacity: 3hp
  • Cooler: Chiller
  • Refrigeration Unit: Air-cooled
  • Controller: PID Controller
  • Dimensions: 1700(W)x1100(D)x1760(H) mm
Mine Cold Open Temperature Inspection Chamber
Mine Cold Open Temperature Inspection Chamber

Auto Door Open Chamber | Environmental Temperature Chamber

  • Temperature Range: -10℃ ~ 70℃
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±3.0℃
  • Capacity: 12,00W
  • Heater: Fin Heater
  • Refrigerator Capacity: 3hp
  • Cooler: Chiller
  • Refrigeration Unit: Water-cooled
  • Controller: PID Controller
  • Dimensions:  2750(W)x1155(D)x1755(H) mm
  • Weight: 1,000kg
Auto Door Open Temperature Inspection Chamber
Auto Door Open Temperature Inspection Chamber

Hot and Cold Cryogenic Tester | Environmental Temperature Chamber

  • Temperature Range: -60℃ ~ 150℃
  • Ambient temperature: Room temperature
  • Ambient humidity 30%~ 50%
  • Hot & Cold Plate Size: 500(W)x400(L) mm
  • Total wattage (16 PARA): 16kW
  • Controller: PID Controller
Hot and Cold Cryogenic Environmental Tester
Hot and Cold Cryogenic Environmental Tester

Environmental Stability Chambers Specifications Chart

Temperature Inspection Chamber Specifications

Environmental Chambers Production Facility

Temperature stability test chambers are produced by a leading precision temperature control solutions manufacturer of thermoelectric modules, assemblies, and environmental chambers in S. Korea. The environmental temperature and stability chambers utilize thermoelectric cooling technology, optimized design, and high quality electronic and mechanical components to ensure stable and reliable performance. Our clients include Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix.


Peltier Cooled Temperature Chamber Advantages

  • Local precision temperature control for tested and stored parts
  • Minimized thermal damage to the peripherals
  • Higher space utilization compared to the compressor method
  • Quick thermal response rate
  • Each chamber comes with an alarm to monitor performance
  • Data recording option is available
  • Remote monitoring and control (Ethernet connection)


Applications | Environmental and Stability Chambers

Environmental temperature chambers are used to create real-world environmental conditions for product shelf-life testing, stability testing, accelerated aging, expiration date testing, package testing, extremes of temperatures testing; thermal shock, cracking and structural testing, and performance testing.


  • Semiconductor | DRAM (memory SO-DIMM, memory UB-DIMM, R-DIMM, Ci-MCP, LPDDR, semiconductor wafers)
  • Industrial Research
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Automotive
  • Medical | Pharma
  • Electronics
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial

TEC Assembly Video | Peltier Cooling Technology

Thermoelectric Module Assembly
Thermoelectric Module Assembly
Temperature Chamber Mini
Temperature Chamber Mini
Auto Door Open Environmental Chamber
Auto Door Open Environmental Chamber
Mobile Temperature Chamber
Mobile Temperature Chamber

Choose an environmental temperature chamber that fits your performance, testing, laboratory, and company needs from our standard and custom built models.

Thermoelectric Modules (TEC) for Coolers, Chillers, and Air Conditioners


Thermoelectric modules are semiconductor heaters which use the Peltier effect to create a heat flux between the two surfaces of the module. It works as a cooler or heater depending on the supplied current (AC or DC). TECs are used for low power applications and applications that require low and medium energy generation.


Lifespan of thermoelectric modules is affected by heat stress and fatigue between cooling surface and hear generation surface and, as a result, repeated fatigue accumulates in solder joint of TE elements. Our thermoelectric modules are bonded using thermal glue which is resistant to thermal shock and thermal expansion. Our technology has been recognized by the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards and approved for the use in the household water purification market in COWAY water purification appliances.


In addition to ceramic TEMs, we also offer Aluminum nitride (AlN) TECs for improved performance and temperature control and provide precision temperature technology between -40 ~ 120° degrees C.

Thermoelectric Module lifespan
Thermoelectric Module Structure and Lifespan

TEC Thermoelectric Cooler Peltier Module | TEC Assembly

Our engineering and production team has years of experience in Peltier thermoelectric module product design, testing, manufacturing, and use. We have designed thousands of thermoelectric cooling assemblies, thermoelectric modules and assemblies over the years. We have been supplying thermoelectric modules to Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix for years.


We offer off-the-shelf parts, as well as customized models with unique size, performance, amperage and/or voltage, environmental condition requirements. We also design and build custom thermoelectric assemblies that use our TECs.


Our TECs are used in D-RAM inspection equipment, hydrogen fuel cell test equipment, water purification units, dehumidifiers, and environmental chambers.

Thermoelectric Modules Model Range

PDF IconThermoelectric Module Standard Models

Thermoelectric Module LM 3030 Peltier
Thermoelectric Module LM 3030 PDF
Thermoelectric Module LM 4444 Peltier
Thermoelectric Module LM 4444 PDF
Thermoelectric Module LM 4060 Peltier
Thermoelectric Module LM 4060 PDF
Thermoelectric Module LM 4040 Peltier
Thermoelectric Module LM 4040 PDF
Thermoelectric Module LM 5555 Peltier
Thermoelectric Module LM 5555 PDF
Thermoelectric Module LM 1530 Peltier
Thermoelectric Module LM 1530 PDF
Thermoelectric Module LM 2020
Thermoelectric Module LM 2020 PDF
Thermoelectric Module LM 4020 Peltier
Thermoelectric Module LM 4020 PDF

Thermoelectric Modules Standard Models

Thermoelectric Module Models
Thermoelectric Module Standard Models

Thermoelectric Modules Custom Development Models

Thermoelectric Module Selection
Custom Development Thermoelectric Module Selection

Thermoelectric Modules Working Principle | TEC Model Selection

TEC part models
Thermoelectric Module Peltier Working Principle

Thermoelectric Modules Advantages

  • Strong durability
  • High heat absorption capacity
  • Custom shapes, sizes, and performance
  • Wide range of applications due to high efficiency
  • Years of development and production experience

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