Wind Turbine Tower Internals | Sheet Metal Fabrication

Steel Frame Laser Cutting and Fabrication

LPR Global supplies custom wind turbine tower internals, including tower hatches, ladders, stairways, and doors to top wind turbine producers such as GE Power, ENERCON, Acciona, TSP, and UNISON. Key applications include:

  • Steel mills: Fabricated steel frames for roll stands, coil cars, and roll changing cars.
  • Machine manufacturers: Custom sheet metal fabrication services for frames and buckets for manufacturers of construction equipment, steel mill equipment and industrial machinery.


Our cutting-edge, ISO-certified facilities offer precision laser cutting and laser fabrication services, along with pressing, welding, grinding, and coating-painting services. We can handle various types of sheet metal such as steel, stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum. We also provide conveyor solutions built entirely in-house, thanks to decades of flexible manufacturing and engineering expertise.


High-quality automated laser machining centers, coupled with our manufacturing expertise, enable us to provide short lead times, reduced material use, and low production costs. Our facilities are audited and certified by GE Power, Siemens Gamesa and other global clients, who are known to have stringent standards for vendors’ manufacturing sites.

Wind Turbine Internal Platform Assembly

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Custom Wind Turbine Tower Internals | Turbine Platforms and Ladders

Wind Turbine Tower Internals are components within a wind tower that provide access throughout the structure and facilitate its maintenance. Tower internals can include platforms, hatches, ladders, stairways, and doors, and are a key factor in successful turbine operation.


We supply various wind turbine tower internals and internal kits and assemblies to industry leaders such as GE Power, ENERCON, Acciona, TSP, and UNISON. Decades of laser-cutting fabrication and flexible manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide custom tower platforms, stairways, and hatches with higher precision, short lead times, and a longer lifespan.


Wind Turbine Tower Platforms

Wind Turbine Tower Platforms placed throughout the height of the tower are crucial for the successful maintenance of the turbines. LPR Global supplies both steel and aluminum platforms for wind turbine towers of various sizes.


Using our in-house design capabilities, we can provide various top and bottom platform sizes, which we have developed and expanded continuously over years of specializing in wind turbine towers. In addition, the platform internals for the top and bottom of the tower are easy to identify for assembly. Our platforms are used in wind turbine towers by GE Power, ENERCON, and Acciona.


Wind Turbine Internals for GE Power

We are ongoing suppliers to General Electric Power (GE Power) for a variety of wind turbine internal components, including ladder brackets, platforms, and stairways. Several of their projects use our parts, including 1.6 MW-rated turbines with 80 m blade diameters.

Wind Turbine Internal Platform
Wind Turbine Platform

Wind Turbine Platform for GE Power

Wind turbine platform assembly
Assembled platform for monopole wind turbine.

Wind Turbine Platform Assembly for GE Power’s Monopole Turbine

Wind Turbine Platform Components for ENERCON

ENERCON, a leading German manufacturer, is another long-term client that uses our parts for various assemblies in models such as the E-82 and E-92 wind turbines, which both have a rating of up to 2.3 MW. ENERCON turbines have been used in a range of design scenarios, attesting to the high standards of LPR Global’s products.

Wind turbine internal platform supplied to ENERCON for E-82/ E-92 turbine
Wind Turbine Platform Assembly

Wind Turbine Platform Assembly for ENERCON’s E-82/ E-92 Turbines

Wind Turbine Tower Ladders

Wind Turbine Tower Ladders that provide access to tower platforms are custom-manufactured in-house with steel or aluminum alloys. Our high-quality laser cutting machines can manufacture ladder internals with short lead times.

Custom Steel Wind Turbine Access Stairs

Access Stairs Machined for Unison GoldWind Turbines

Wind Turbine Tower Hatches and Doorways

We also manufacture access doors and wind turbine hatches, treated with corrosion-resistant zinc to last the lifespan of the wind turbine with minimal maintenance.


Wind Turbine Main Shafts

Custom Wind Turbine Main Shafts are also available. We have supplied Wind Turbine main shafts to industry-leading companies such as Suzlon, Fuji, GE, Vesta, and more. Recent successful projects include rotor shaft size of D1400x2950, generating 2MW, owned by Shanghai Electric, and D850x1730, generating 850kW, owned by Gamesa.

Non-Destructive Testing for Quality Assurance & Quality Control

To guarantee robust and durable wind turbine internals and other machined components, LPR Global utilizes a variety of non-destructive testing (NDT) methods to check for defects. These methods include ultrasonic testing for flaws in the material, penetrate inspection to check for surface-breaking defects, and magnetic particle inspection to detect discontinuities in metals.

Ultrasonic Testing of Metal Machined parts
Ultrasonic Testing to Check for Defects in Metal Wind Turbine Internals and Other Machined Components
Penetrate Inspection, Penetrant Testing, dye penetrant inspection, liquid penetrate inspection for surface breaking defects
Penetrant testing for surfacing-breaking defects in metal machined parts
Ultrasonic Testing of Metal Machined parts
Ultrasonic Testing to Check for Defects in Metal Wind Turbine Internals and Other Machined Components
Penetrate Inspection, Penetrant Testing, dye penetrant inspection, liquid penetrate inspection for surface breaking defects
Penetrant testing for surfacing-breaking defects in metal machined parts
Magnetic Particle Inspection, Magnetic Particle Examination
Magnetic Particle Inspection for Surface and Shallow Discontinuities in Steel and Aluminum
Magnetic Particle Inspection, Magnetic Particle Examination
Magnetic Particle Inspection for Surface and Shallow Discontinuities in Steel and Aluminum

OEM Sheet Metal Fabrication and Material Handling

LPR Global’s large fabrication and machining shop has a comprehensive range of fabrication and machining capabilities for various components of industrial machine frames, Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) Plants, heavy equipment parts for agricultural or construction purposes, and wind turbine tower internals.


We started using laser cutting for precision sheet metal fabrication ever since it was introduced to the fabrication and machining market, allowing for shorter fabrication processes, better cycle times, and higher quality. We identified early on that performing correctional machining work after the conventional machining process increased production cost and cycle time. By minimizing after-machining work and shortening production time, we can provide great prices and excellent quality to clients looking for customized precision laser cutting services. Currently, the precision laser cutting services are performed by Bystronic, Tanaka, and Trumpf lasers, which achieve high levels of precision.


Our clientele exemplifies the high precision quality of our laser cutting fabrication services, and decades-long experience with different industries and metal types, such as steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Some examples of current clients are IHI and MHI in Japan, who use our laser cut metal parts for their HRSG plants.


Our precision laser cutting fabrication shop proudly holds 5 patents in South Korea, and has Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards, demonstrating the high degree of quality assurance and quality control maintenance we have implemented.


Precision Laser Cutting and Drilling Services for Heavy Equipment Frames

LPR Global’s large fabrication shop specializes in precision laser cutting, providing services like precision sheet metal cutting and drilling for sheet metals with thicknesses ranging from 1mm to 25mm. This is the most popular size range for sheet metal used in machine frames for agricultural equipment and heavy construction equipment (e.g., excavators). Manufacturers of these types of equipment are among our regular clients for precision laser cutting fabrication and machining services.

View our past laser-cut sheet metal fabrication projects below.

Laser Cut Fabricated Steel Frames for Agricultural Equipment

Laser machined farming equipment frames
Laser machined farming equipment frames

Laser Cut Metal Parts for Passenger Boarding Bridges

Laser Machined Passenger Boarding Bridge Parts
Laser Machined Passenger Boarding Bridge Parts
Laser Machined Passenger Boarding Bridge Parts

Laser Cut Fabricated and Machined Steel Excavator Buckets

Laser machined excavator buckets
Laser machined excavator buckets
Laser machined excavator buckets
Laser machined excavator buckets
Laser machined excavator buckets
Laser machined excavator buckets
Laser machined excavator buckets
Laser machined excavator buckets

Laser Cut Fabricated and Machined Steel Frames for Construction Equipment

Laser machined and fabricated frames for construction equipment
Laser machined and fabricated frames for construction equipment

In-house machines for industrial laser cutting fabrication and machining services include the following.

Laser Machining Centers and Specifications

Welding Quality Control | Industrial Welding

LPR Global’s extensive welding capabilities are used to produce extremely robust welded components for Agricultural Equipment, Construction Equipment and Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) plants.


LPR Global maintains a high level of welding quality control with our in-house inspection and testing process. We begin with an initial assessment of the raw materials. Then, a visual inspection of workmanship is conducted for each welded component, including inspection of the outer and back beads.


Welding Inspection Procedure

  1. Prior to welding, the drawings, welding process standards, and the Process Quality Report checklist are checked to confirm the work to be performed. In addition, the license of the welder, the welding equipment and tooling are inspected before work begins.
  2. During the welding process, the cleanness of the interlayers, adherence to welding procedures, the interlayer temperature, and the air flow through the workspace are monitored to ensure a stable welding process. The adequacy of tack welds and the width of weave beads are constantly checked to certify that the weld will proceed as specified. This ensures that defects such as arc strikes, crater cracks, uneven beads, and the deformation of unwelded areas do not occur.
  3. After welding is complete, we inspect the bead height, width, and depth, as well as check for surface defects, weld slag or weld splatter, arc strikes and post welding heat treatment to ensure that the weld is free of deficiencies.


HRSG Project References

We specialize in producing custom components for HRSG Harps, such as baffle plates, lug plates, end plates, andHRSG drums. Our laser machining capabilities are especially suited for the high precision levels required for these internals.


Our HRSG clients include Doosan Construction, Doosan Engineering, IHI, and BHI for Heat Recovery Steam Generator Components for heat recovery boilers.

HRSG Stator Core Laser Machining
HRSG Stator Core Components for Doosan HRSG
Precision Machined HRSG Stator Core Components
HRSG Stator Core Components for Doosan HRSG, Laser Machined
HRSG Baffle Plate Industrial Machining, Laser Machined HRSG Parts
HRSG Baffle Plates
HRSG Drum Template Machining
HRSG Template Components

Hot Dip Galvanizing

Hot Dip Galvanizing, also known as zinc galvanizing or zinc dipping, ensures that our products are highly corrosion resistant. We perform in-house hot galvanizing to eliminate burning, zinc pimples, dark staining or storage staining, which commonly impact ungalvanized or poorly galvanized surfaces. Industrial Hot Dip Galvanizingensures that our wind tower internals are robust and have excellent anti-corrosion protection.


Our in-house zinc coating also provides a lustrous finish and reduces impurities while providing anti-corrosion properties to our custom components.


Hot dip galvanizing finishes are thoroughly inspected to guarantee quality before shipment to our clients. We ensure that our zinc dipped fabricated products meet ISO:1461 standards, which pertains to hot dip galvanizing coatings on iron and steel.

Hot Dip Galvanizing Finishing
An example of finishing imperfections reduced by hot dip galvanizing

Heavy Industry Metal Fabrication and Machining Services

In addition to our specialized laser cutting machine capabilities, we also have in-house expertise in conventional machining techniques such as industrial cutting, pressing, milling and grinding. Our capabilities have been used in fabrication for heavy industry, power plant facilities, and other steel structures such as parking facilities.


Listed below are some of the equipment that LPR Global possesses for conventional machining processes.


Bending Machines

  • NCB1260 (Gook Do, South Korea)
    • 750 Ton, 12T x 6000L
    • 450 Ton, 16T x 4000L
    • 150 Ton, 6T x 3000L
  • HS1303 (Amada, Japan)
    • 130 Ton, 4.5T x 3000L
  • TRUMPF 5170 (Trumpf, Germany)
    • 170 Ton, 6T x 3050L


CNC Milling Machines (with working capacity dimensions)

  • MCT VX950, 600 x 2400 x 700
  • MCT KV60, 600 x 1100 x 600


Our conventional machining and fabrication services, combined with our unique capabilities such as laser cutting allow us to deliver a range of products to fit the various component needs of your project. Metal fabrication paintingcan also be provided in addition to our hot dip galvanizing finishes, to ensure that our clients have a complete product ready for assembly.

Custom Conveyor Transfer System Design, Engineering and Fabrication

Industrial grade conveyor and transferring systems are one of our specialties for clients in steel mills, energy plants, and factory automation industries. In addition to fabrication services, we  have expanded our capabilities to include design and engineering of conveyor systems.  We can custom manufacture conveyor systems based on your drawings or offer our design and engineering expertise.


The conveyor and transferring systems we have provided to clients, such as Mitsubishi, Doosan, Hyundai Movex, and POSCO, include turntable and diverter, mezzanine deck, transfer conveyors, product turning overhead conveyors, belt, and shuttle and lift conveyor systems.


Equipped with cutting-edge laser cutting machines and fabrication and machining capabilities all in-house, we offer great quality products at competitive cycle times and prices.


Our conveyor project brochure includes our projects of various conveyor and transferring systems and clientele that we have been serving over a decade.  PDF IconPDF Brochure


We are listing recent conveyor and transferring projects below:

Roller Conveyors

Roller Conveyor transferring system
Roller Conveyor
Shuttle Conveyor and Lift
Roller Conveyor System
Conveyor System
Roller Conveyor and Lift

Chain Conveyors

Chain conveyor for automation
conveyor system for assembly line

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