Polyurethane (PU) Vacuum Foaming Molds | Plug, Lego, Rotational, Hybrid

Thermoforming and Vacuum Forming Molds for Refrigerator Doors, Cabinets, Liners, and  Automotive Interior Trim

LPR Global is a turnkey supplier of single, double, and multiple cavity machined moulds for the white goods, automotive, medical, and building industries. Our polyurethane moulds and vacuum-forming moulds are used in the production of refrigerator doors and cabinet inner cases, lining, insulation, and freezer and washing machine trims for the home appliance industry. LPR Global’s molds are also used in the automotive industry for the production of dashboards, steering wheels, seat lining, and interior trim. We produce molds for both vacuum-forming and thermoforming.


LPR Global offers design, machining, installation and servicing for our foam molds for flexible polyurethane forming systems.

PU Foaming Molds | Thermoforming, Vacuum

Refrigerator PU Plug, Lego, Hybrid, Rotational, Trimming Molds


A turn key ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificated manufacturer specializing in PU vacuum and blow molds for home appliances and automotive industries. Production of thermoforming, vacuum, blow molds: PU plug type, rotational, legohybrid type with different levels of complexity for premium part quality.


Flexible foams are produced to comply with customer specifications and are manufactured for mass production projects with high output of produced parts. Understanding the unique properties of different types of plastics we work closely with customers to find the best solutions for their projects. Parts are produced to a tolerance of ±.0005.


We supply thermoforming refrigerator door, cabinet and trimming mold for French door, side by side, freezer substructure production to Samsung Electronics, Arcelik, Vestel, and Whirlpool.

Polyurethane Foaming Mold Applications


  • Refrigerator cabinet, door substructure LMF/TMF: panel insulation, inner liner trimming, deck PU foaming molds
  • Beverage, wine fridge
  • Freezer lining
  • Washing machine lining
  • Automotive carpet, dashboard, steering wheel vacuum molds; seat
  • General medical beds, shoe soles
Refrigerator Cabinet, Door Trim Mold

The main advantages of LPR Global’s PU foaming molds include a supply of molds suitable for high volume production of parts with consistent quality, short lead time, strong design and manufacturing capabilities, and overall cost savings.

Refrigerator PU Vacuum Foaming Molds Project Experience

Refrigerator Double Cavity Mold
Refrigerator Double Cavity Mold
Refrigerator Double Freezer
Refrigerator Double Freezer
Refrigerator Front Door
Refrigerator Front Door
Refrigerator Hybrid Mold
Refrigerator Hybrid Mold
Refrigerator Lego Type Length
Refrigerator Lego Type Length
Refrigerator PU Depth Mold
Refrigerator PU Depth Mold
Refrigerator Rotary Mold
Refrigerator Rotary Mold
Refrigerator Rotary Type Mold
Refrigerator Rotary Type Mold
Refrigerator Vacuum Mold
Refrigerator Vacuum Mold

PU Vacuum Foaming Mold Production Capabilities


We offer CAD, CAM, CAE, Solidworks, CATIA mold design and mold engineering services.


Steel and AL PU foaming molds are available.


We hold a number of international patents related to the mold design including movable structure control, depth height control and length control.

PU Foaming Mold Production Capabilities



  • Design PU foaming and Vacuum Forming Mold using CAD/CAM/CAE/Solidworks/CATIA
  • Created 3D models based on supplied parts or 2D drawing specifications


CNC Machining

  • CNC Horizontal Boring; CNC Horizontal, Vertical
  • Complex Milling
  • High Speed Lathe, Grinding



  • General assembly to connect air cylinders together


Technical Support

  • Providing mold servicing support
Cabinet Inner Lining Mold
Cabinet Lining Mold Refrigerator

Learn more about LPR Global’s Deep Hole Gun Drilling Machinery for mold bases.

Refrigerator Foaming Mold

Refrigerator Vacuum Forming Mold Supply | PU Plug, Lego, Hybrid

Our designers and engineers work together under a single turnkey company allowing a quicker and easier process.


After consulting with a client about the part and the requirements, we create our own 3D model, if necessary, then proceed to CNC machining and finishing followed by assembly.


PU foaming mold installation and servicing are available.

Lego Type Thermoforming Molds

Home Appliance Manufacturing Assembly Lines

We offer turn key Home Appliance Manufacturing solutions, including metal forming and PU Foaming fixture lines.

Visit: Appliance Assembly Production Lines page for the details.

Refrigerator Foaming Equipment | Fixture, Drum, Carousel, Tower, Paternoster

For information about refrigerator foaming fixtures, jigs, PU foaming towers, drum systems, carousel lines, paternoster systems for the production of cabinet, doors, lining, visit our Refrigerator Foaming Equipment page.

PU Jigs | Refrigerator Door

PU Vacuum Foaming Mold Production Machinery

PU Mold Production Equipment

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