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We provide precision tooling for markets ranging from industrial parts, automotive parts production, to home and kitchen appliances. Our full range of manufacturing tools includes jigs & fixtures, stamping dies, cold forging dies, warm forging dies, die-casting molds, powder compacting molds for powder metallurgy, and thermoplastic molds (SMC, GMT, BMC, LFT) for composite parts production. We supply a full range of parts, including stamping dies, die cast sets, steel die sets, and transfer die sets.


The whole procedure of making the die sets are done in-house, starting from design engineering to manufacturing in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified plants. Contact us to learn how our precision tooling can reduce your costs and improve quality.

Metal Stamping | Progressive Dies, Transfer Dies

To be competitive in parts manufacturing, companies need to minimize machine cycle time and employ well-designed long-lasting tool and die sets. Manufacturers can meet this challenge and stay ahead of the pack, with custom-designed die sets engineered to customer specifications. We test run die sets at our site, simulating our customer’s exact facility environment.

Capabilities | Stamping Die Sets Manufactured & Supplied

  • Cast die sets
  • Steel die sets
  • Transfer die sets
  • Progressive die sets

Possible Metals Processed with our Stamping Die Sets

  • Steel and Stainless Steel
    – SPRC340R
    – SPRC440R
    – SPFC590DP
    – SPFC980
    – SPCC
    – SGARC
    – SUS439L
    – SUS340
    – SUS440, and more
  • Aluminum

Stamping Die Set Applications

We have experience producing stamping dies for the automotive, kitchen & home appliance, and electronics industry. Our knowledge in various materials such as stainless steel and aluminum ensure that each part is formed correctly using our dies. Our dies are always thoroughly tested in-house before delivery to ensure that stamped metal components produced using our dies are always within part specifications.

Progressive Dies | Automotive Industry

  • Exhaust system components
  • Bumper components
  • Suspension components
  • Door frame components
  • Floor components
  • Seat components
  • Brake system parts
  • Roof rail parts
  • Dashboard components
  • Center pillar
Transfer Die

Transfer Dies Manufacturer | Automotive Industry

Stamping Die Sets

Progressive Die

Dies for Auto Parts

Progressive Die

Tool & Die

Automotive Parts | Progressive Die Strip

Stamping Dies

Progressive Die Stamping Strip

Progressive Dies

Manufactured Automotive Components

Progressive Die Finished Part

Automotive Chassis Brackets

Progressive Die | Muffler Case

Exhaust Muffler Cap

Automotive Projects | Stamping Dies & Progressive Dies

Dies for Stamping Automotive Roof Components

  • Die Set Size: 2220 x 880 (970) x 480 mm
  • Material: SPFC590DP

  • Stamping Stages: 11

Automotive Roof Stamping Die Set

Die Sets for Progressive Stamping

Automotive Roof Progressive Stamping

Stamping Process

Dies for Stamping Automotive Door Frames

  • Die Set Size: 1800 (2120) x 1590 x 1050 mm
  • Material: SPR35
  • Stamping Stages: 10

Automotive Center Floor Dies

Die Sets for Progressive Stamping

Automotive Center Floor Stamping Progress

Stamping Process

Dies for Stamping Automotive Roof Rails & Parts

  • Die Set Size: 2220 x 880 (970) x 480 mm
  • Material: SPCC (MS124 – 04)
  • Stamping Stages: 9

Automotive Roof Rail Stamping Die

Die Sets for Progressive Stamping

Automotive Roof Rail Parts Stamping

Stamping Process

Dies for Stamping Automotive Center Floor Parts

  • Die Set Size: 1770 x 950 (1026) x 480 mm
  • Material: SPCC
  • Stamping Stages: 11

Progressive Dies for Automotive Door Frame

Die Sets for Progressive Stamping

Progressive Die Multiple Stage Stamping

Stamping Process

Powder Compacting Molds & Dies | Powder Metallurgy

As a supplier of various powder compacting press technologies, we’re also a provider of precision tooling including molds and dies for Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) and Cold Isostatic Pressing (CIP) powder compaction. Our advanced manufacturing technology is used to produce metal and ceramic compacted parts for global tier 1 companies in the automotive industry, aerospace industry, and energy industry.


Our experience with powder compacting presses, precision tooling, and powder metallurgy helps to ensure that manufactured parts using our technology have high density, minimal shrinkage, while avoiding sharp edges for near net-shape parts.

Dry Powder Compacting Press PCHS Series

Powder Compaction Presses

To learn about our powder compacting technology and full range of presses, please visit:

Stainless Steel Brazing and Annealing Furnace | Continuous Brazing and Annealing


To learn about our full range of furnaces for brazing, heat treating, and sintering, please visit:

Jig & Fixtures | Precision Tooling for CNC Machines

Refined Accuracy with Better Tooling

The knowledge we have accumulated over the years includes machine tools manufacturing. Rely on our machine tooling development services for enhanced productivity of your machine shops and machining centers. Leading companies such as Tsudakoma trust our machine tooling development solutions to ensure high quality manufacturing.

The CNC machine tools we can develop are for CNC lathes, CNC machining centers, and grinders.

Engine Block Jig and Fixture Manufacturer

Engine Block Jig and Fixture Manufacturer

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