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Forged Steel Rolls and Cast Steel Rolls for Hot & Cold Rolling Mills, Continuous Casting Line, Thick Plate Mills, and Paper Mills

LPR offers custom forged and cast steel rolls to steel millssteel processing lines and coil service centers. As a dependable roll shop for machine makers that supply to steel mills, our product range includes forged or cast steel work rolls, tension leveling rolls, steering rolls, bridle rolls, furnace rolls, deflector rolls, pinch roll assemblies and roller tables.


Our main terminal rolls are currently used in the world’s largest steel mills, paper and pulp mills, and chemical industries. We specialize in fabricating custom rolls based on clients’ prints and specifications and also offer design and engineering services for a wide range of forged steel rolls and cast steel rolls.


Patented heat treatment and coating technologies make our rolls wear resistant and able to withstand high temperatures, increasing roll life and reducing replacement frequency. Our steel roll manufacturing plant is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, and can support high volume projects – we produce 300 tons of work rolls and arbor rolls every month for Hyundai Steel.


Our custom rolls are used by global engineering companies such as Hyundai Rotem, Fives Group, SMS Group, Thyssen Krupp and Primetals. In 2022, we won the Excellent Supplier Award from JSW Steel Group, adding to the recognition we have received from global steel production companies such as POSCO, Hyundai Steel, China Steel, Nippon Steel and JFE Steel.

Forged Steel Rolls & Cast Steel Rolls | Cold & Hot Rolling Mills

We make every type of roll that is used in the steel mill industry, and apply our patented coating and heat treatment technology to our rolls to ensure smooth operation for our clients.


Our experience with engineering and manufacturing a wide range of roll materials and roll surface treatments has established us as a long-term supplier to global steel mills and their primary equipment and line suppliers. Our commitment to helping our clients led us to create a joint R&D team with our steel mill clients to develop new technologies that resolved their challenges. This approach has won us an enviable position as a trusted supplier, and has also helped us remain competitive.

Cold Strip Mill Line or Cold Rolling Mill for Automotive Industry


Cold strip mills or cold rolling mills process sheet metal to reduce thickness without using heat, producing a thin metal strip that is often used to make automotive parts. Surface quality and finish are of the utmost importance, which requires high-precision rolling mill rolls that leave no roll marks.


We make all types of cold rolling mill rolls for entire lines: pickling / tandem cold mills, annealing pickling lines, continuous pickling lines, continuous galvanizing lines, electro-galvanizing lines, continuous annealing lines, and color coating lines.


Types of rolls we make for each section include:

  • Tensioning section: bridle roll, deflector roll, pinch roll, looper roll, snubber roll and work roll
  • Transfer section: steering roll, table roll, flattener roll, idle roll and support roll
  • Furnace: hearth roll and seal roll
  • Zinc pot: sink roll, stabilizing roll and conductor roll


We provide many types of coating for the rolling mill environment, such as chrome plating, thermal spray, brush, rubber, poly and nylon. We also offer chrome plating and chrome plating with tungsten carbide for high hardness bridle rolls for CGL and CAL lines, which are used by global steel mills including POSCO, Hyundai Steel, JSW, JP Steel and Nippon Steel.


Our machining centers allow us to make work rolls that are up to 1,200mm in diameter, with hardness of Hs92~96.  Unsure which coating material or method to go with? We will suggest the best surface coating method based on our manufacturing knowledge and experience.


Sink Roll and Hearth Roll for Cold Rolling Mill Galvanizing and Alumina Zinc Line

Our hearth rolls and sink rolls come with chrome plating and thermal spray coatings to make them ready for use in furnace applications for galvanizing and alumina zinc lines. They are currently in operation at JSW steel mills and China steel mills. We use Praxair, Tocaro or equivalent brands for the thermal spray coating, and our centrifugal casting furnace roll has a maximum diameter of 1,300mm.

Hot Strip Mill Rolls or Hot Rolling Mill Rolls for Equipment Manufacturers

We provide all types of rolls for the entire hot strip mill process, including for the reheat furnace section, roughing section, finishing mill section, cooling section, and down coiler section. Our work rolls are made with casting iron, produced by Hyundai Steel’s iron mill. We provide mill certificates along with country of origin information when we send out rolls to our clients.


Our range of table rolls for hot rolling mills includes descaling rolls, entry and exit rolls, run out rolls, work rolls, runout rolls and unit rolls. They are equipped with patented noise dampening technology that eliminates noise and delivers a cushioning effect, extends the roll’s work life, and reduces heat and weight deformation.

Plate Mill Levelling Machine Rolls

While we provide rolls for entire plate mill lines, our levelling rolls in particular are in constant demand from steel mills and cold and hot leveling machine suppliers. Our manufacturing and fabrication experience with materials such as hi-chrome alloy forged steel, austenitic stainless steel, and molybdenum alloy steel is essential to producing high quality levelling roll, which are in operation at Hyundai Steel, Nippon Steel, JFE and KOBE Steel.

Guide Rolls for Continuous Casting Line

We apply our patented hardfacing technology on our guide rolls for continuous casting lines in order to extend their service life. Our guide rolls are currently in operation in USA, Japan, Korea, France, and Germany, among other countries.

Rolling Mill Rolls Manufacturing Capability | Forged Steel Rolls and Assemblies

Strand Pinch Roll | Rolling Mill Rolls
Forged Steering Roll
CGL Forged Steel Roll
Pinch Roll Assembly and Shear

Continuous Casting Line

Material: SCM440, SUS420J2, KRC-14
Surface Hardening Method: Hardfacing (Submerged Arc Welding)
Annual Product Capacity: 850 tons or more

  • Segment Roll
  • Bender Roll
  • Hold Down Roll
  • Hot Rolling Unit Roll
  • Guide Roll
  • Hot Leveler Cassette Assembly
  • Turn Table Roll
  • Tension Leveling Roll
  • Deflector Roll
  • Hot Leveler Roll

Hot Rolling Mills

  • Table Roll (Solid Type)
  • Unit Roll
  • Feed Roll
  • Pinch Roll and Units
  • Coil Car
  • Chain Conveyor
  • Cooling Bed
  • Counter Shaft
  • Shear
  • Runout Table Roll (Hollow Type)

Ship Building

  • Propeller Shaft
  • Head Pin
  • Piston Rod
  • Cross Head Pin
  • Main Journal
  • Thrust Shaft
  • Flange Shaft
  • TR Bar

Thick Plate Mills

Materials: 28Mn6, 30Mn, SCM 440, SNCM, 86CrMn6,28Mn, SUS420J2MOD, 3% Cr Steel.

  • Leveler Roll
  • Back-up Roll
  • Table Roll (Hollow, Solid)
  • Roller Table
  • Descaler Roll
  • Turning Roll
  • Feed Roll (Solid Type)
  • Pinch Roll (Solid Type and Induction Hardened)
  • Hold Down Roll

Cold Rolling Mills

Lines Applicable: PL/TCM, APL, CPL, CGL, EGL, CAL, CCL

  • Conductor Roll
  • Hearth Roll
  • Sink Roll
  • Bridle Roll
  • Steering Roll
  • Tension Levelling Roll
  • Table Roll
  • Feed Roll
  • Cooling Roll

Paper Mills

  • Calender Roll
  • Canvas Roll
  • Wire Roll
  • Spool Roll
  • Worm Roll
  • Embossing Roll
  • Felt Roll
  • Press Roll

Steel Roll Machining Capabilities

  • Diameter up to 2,500mm
  • Length up to 15,000mm
  • Weight up to 50 tons

Steel Roll Heat Treatment & Hardening

Our hardening processes generally consist of normalizing, quenching/tempering, high/low frequency induction hardening. Under special conditions we may use nitrogen heat, flame hardening, and hard facing.

Steel Mill Equipment and Components Fabrication

We offer fabrication services for steel mill equipment and components, tailored to clients’ prints and specifications. Our fabrication specialities lie in bearing chocks assemblies, hot leveler cassette assemblies, uncoilers, roller tables, entry shears, feed roll assemblies, pinch roll assemblies, and cooling beds for hot strip rolling mills, skin-pass mills, and tandem mills. If you are interested in our equipment and component fabrication projects, please visit our steel mill equipment page. We also supply custom large bore cylinders for every process in steel manufacturing.

Forged Steel Roll and Cast Steel Roll Project Experiences

Bridle Roll and Steering Units to Posco Vietnam Stainless Steel Mill

Vertical Steering Bridle Roll Unit, Pinch Roll Unit

Bridle Roll Unit Manufacturer
4 Bridle Roll Unit
Vertical Steering Bridle Roll Unit
Pinch Roll Unit Manufacturer

Roller Table Assembly Manufactured and Supplied to Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal Corporation

Roller Table Assembly for NSSMC
Roller Table Assembly for Nippon Sumitomo
Roller Table Assembly to Nippon Steel
Roller Table Assembly Manufacturing

Solid Table Rolls Project

Solid table rolls manufactured and supplied to Donguk Steel and Posco

Solid Table Roll to Posco E&C
Solid Table Roll Manufacturer
Solid Table Rolls for Dong-kuk Steel
Solid Table Rolls to Dong-kuk Steel

Rolling Mill Rolls for Continuous Galvanizing Line at Posco Korea

CGL Steel Roll (S45C)
Steel Rolls for CGL
CGL Rolls Material S45C
CGL Steel Roll Manufacturer

Wind Turbine Main Rotor Shaft Project

Wind Power Main Shaft

Wind Power Main Shaft – 2MW (D1400x2950)

Wind Power Shaft Manufacturer

Wind Power Main Shaft – Shanghai Electric

Wind Tower Shaft

Wind Power Main Shaft – Gamesa 850kW

Wind Power Main Shaft Packaged

Wind Power Main Shaft – (D850x1730)

For more information on our Wind Turbine Main Shaft projects and other Custom Wind Turbine Tower Internals, visit Custom Wind Turbine Tower Internals

Forged Steel Rolls and Casted Steel Roll Projects for Paper Mills

  • Calendar Roll
  • Wire Roll
  • Canvas Roll
  • Drive Rod Assembly
  • Spool Roll
  • Felt Roll
  • Spreader Roll
  • Paper Roll Spindle and Assembly
  • Guide Roll
  • Embossing Rolls
  • Press Rolls
Reel Spool Roll for Paper Mills

Reel Spool Roll

Spreader Roll for Paper Mills

Spreader Roll

Steel Mill Equipment | Complete Line Projects

We have supplied equipment as well as complete lines for steel mills in Turkey, Korea, Japan, and Mexico. Complete line projects include Coupled Pickling & Tandem Cold Strip Mill (PL-TCM) for POSCO Gwangyang Works and Bridle & Steering Unit line for POSCO VST STS SPL. Equipment supplied includes Leveler Roll Assembly for Hyundai Steel Dangjin Works, Back Up Roll Assembly at JFE Steel Chiba Works, and Pinch Roll Assembly at Dongkuk Steel Dangjin Works.

DSTS Entry Pinch Roll Assembly - Dongkuk Steel Dangjin Plate Mill

DSTS Entry Pinch Roll – Dongkuk Steel Dangjin Plate Mill

DSTS Exit Pinch Roll - Dongkuk Steel Dangjin Plate Mill

DSTS Exit Pinch Roll – Dongkuk Steel Dangjin Plate Mill

Rapid Conveyance (ENTRY) - JFE Chiba Works

Rapid Conveyance (ENTRY) – JFE Chiba Works

Bridle & Steering Unit - POSCO Vietnam STS APL

Bridle & Steering Unit – POSCO Vietnam STS APL

Skinpass Mill Bridle - POSCO Turkey STS APF

Skin Pass Mill Bridle – POSCO Turkey STS APF

Vertical Steering Unit - POSCO Turkey STS APF

Vertical Steering Unit – POSCO Turkey STS APF

Levelling Roll Sub-Assembly

Levelling Roll Sub-Assembly – JFE Steel

Strand Pinch Roll

Strand Pinch Roll – JFE Steel

Pinch Roll Assembly - JP STEEL PLANTECH

Pinch Roll Assembly – JP STEEL PLANTECH

4 Bridle Roll Unit

4 Roll Bridle Unit – POSCO Vietnam STS APL

Steel Roll Client List

Steel Industry

  • Hyundai Steel | Hyundai Heavy Industry
  • Hyundai Steel | Hyundai Heavy Industry
  • Hyundai Rotem | Hyundai Hysco
  • Dongbu Steel | Union Steel
  • JFE Steel Corporation
  • Sankyu
  • SPCO
  • Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation (NSSMC)

Paper Industry

  • Hankuk Paper
  • Yuhan Kimberly
  • Hansol Paper

Chemical Industry

  • LS Cable & System
  • LG Chem
  • Hanhwa L&C
  • Toray Chemical Korea
  • Bayer MaterialScience

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