Forging, Casting & Stamping for Automotive Components & Industrial Parts

Custom forging, casting and stamping for auto components and machine parts

We offer Korean forging, casting and stamping capabilities that are specially designed for the automotive, machinery, petrochemical, and oil & gas industries. Equipped with state-of-art machining centers and inspection systems, all of our forging, casting and stamping facilities are certified to ISO/TS 16949 or ISO/ASME standards. Each manufacturing site has engineers, technicians and tradesmen with over 20 years of in-depth experience with different materials, part shapes, and heat or surface treatments.

Due to our advanced cold forging, precision casting and stamping capabilities, we are a long-time supplier to global auto makers, Tier 1 suppliers to auto makers, and machine manufacturers. We also perform hot forging, and are a global hemi head supplier to pressure vessel manufacturers in the petrochemical, oil and gas industries.

Cold Forging, Hot FormingPDF Icon and Metal Stamping 

Forged and Stamped Engine, Transmission, Chassis Components

Our rich experience in the automotive industry has enabled us to cover a wide range of forging products for brake systems, including spindles for caliper assembly, steering columns and suspension systems. We have now expanded our custom manufacturing services to clients in the machine manufacturing and medical industry. Our decades of knowledge and experience translate into material cost savings, reduced machining, and innovative technology, allowing us to stay competitive.

During the design stage we use 3D simulation tools to analyze the metal forming process and material stress. Our manufacturing processes are quality controlled by deploying Cold Forming 3 View, Auto Checker and Cross Thread Physical Checks. Each manufacturing facility is equipped with a computerized lot-tracking system, an ERP-integrated tooling life tracking system, and cutting-edge testing equipment.

3D Simulation of Load vs Stroke Analysis for Automotive Fasteners

Automotive Fastener Manufacturing Process: 3D Simulation of Load vs Stroke Analysis

Automotive Cold Forging Experience | Driveline, Brake System, Steering Column

We are a long-term supplier to global Tier 1 manufacturers who work with Hyundai-Kia, General Motors, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Chrysler, and ZF Group. Our forging solutions meet our clients’ expectations for high precision level of machining, tight tolerance requirements, and competitive pricing and lead times. Our cold forging capabilities in the automotive industry include, but are not limited to, driveline components such as transmission, engine and axle, brake system components, and steering column parts.

Driveline Components

  • Mounting pipes, inner rods and fasteners: pipe, inner rod, t-Pins for chassis front arm, bolts and rivets
  • Inner sleeve and special forging products: inner sleeve, spindle, clutch hub, joint, and pinion gear

Brake System Components

  • Brake booster and master cylinder input and output rods
  • Drum brake pins and sensor brackets
  • Electric Parking Brake (EPB) ball and ramp brakes
  • Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) magnetic cores
  • Motor-on-Caliper spindles and spindle nuts

Steering Column Parts

  • Steering shafts and column locks
  • Bolts, levers and column springs
  • Tilt bolts, nuts, and ball studs
Brake Caliper Spindle and Nut

Brake Caliper Spindles & Spindle Nuts

Motor on Caliper Assembly

Motor-on-Caliper Spindle Assembly (Patented)

Brake System Ramp and Push Rod

Brake Ramps & Push Rods


Cold Forged Shafts


Cold Forged Mounting Pipe


Cold Forged Bushings


Specialty Cold Forged Parts




U-Joint Cross Piece


Bevel Gear and Shaft


Precision Forged Gears

Automotive Metal Stamping Components

Our metal stamping manufacturer has years of experience operating a technical R&D center and holds several patents related to progressive tool design and processing. As a result, we can provide comprehensive production and inspection services, including all PPAP approval procedures. Our diverse experience with different raw materials and manufacturing processes has further strengthened our relationship as a supplier of metal stamped parts to clients like General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, ZF Friedrichshafen, Takata Corporation and Ashimori Industry.

Suspension, Chassis, Seatbelt & Shock Absorber Parts

  • Suspension strut and shock absorber: seat spring, angular ring, rebound stop ring, striker cap, bottom plate, knuckle bracket, stabilizer bracket, hose and ABS sensor bracket
  • Seat belt: side and center tongue, pre-tensioner outer and inner bracket, height adjust rail and channel, metal guide and lock pawl
  • Tone wheel and other: front and rear tone wheels, strut tearing outer and inner rings, muffler, ECU bracket, motor case, and motor impeller
Automotive Metal Stamped Press Tone Wheel

Metal Stamped Tone Wheel

Metal Stamped Seat Belt Parts

Metal Stamped Shock Absorber Parts


Metal Stamping Production Line Flow Chart

    Iron Casting for Automotive Parts

    Our iron casting manufacturer, Daehan Special Metal Co., Ltd (DSM), has a 44 year history as the one-stop iron casting solution provider for the automotive, industry, and for marine and power generation industry. Started as an iron foundry in 1973, it grew to become a global supplier of great precision iron castings for the automotive industry.  DSM currently has seven foundry facilities, cutting edge production and machining centers and testing equipment. Their iron casting facilities use different casting methods to manufacture iron castings from small sizes of automotive parts.

    It holds patents on many casting technologies such as Melting and Sand Bonding for Iron Castings; Coupler Structure and Design for Spiral-Shaped Steel Coils; Coupler Production Process for Spiral-Shaped Steel Coils; FG Coupler for Steel Connectors; the Design of FG Couplers for Steel Connectors; and for the Method and Apparatus of Connecting Spiral-Shaped Steel Coils. DSM’s production lead time from receiving drawings to finished products, including quality testing, can be as short as four weeks.

    Encompassing gray cast and ductile iron as its main casting materials, DSM’s thermal analysis program uses ATAS dynamic inoculation to identify optimum melting condition for ductile cast iron and gray cast while using FEMAP and residual stress simulation software to check on any deformation or stress from heat.

    Each project manager is able to monitor each process and to track production lead time since DSM’s manufacturing process data are automatically logged and get sent to the central control system.

    A typical manufacturing process consists of nine steps:

    • 1. Preparing Patterns
    • 2. Melting
    • 3. Sand Molding
    • 4. Closing Molds by Cope and Drag method
    • 5. Pouring Molten Material into a Sand Mold
    • 6. Separating Casting From a Sand Mold
    • 7. Degating Inlets and Risers
    • 8. Shot Blasting and Deburring
    • 9. Final Inspection of the Casting

    Iron Casted Automotive Parts

    Iron Casted Shift fork
    Iron casted automotive shaft
    Iron Casted automotive gear body
    Iron Casted exhaust gas recirculation bracket

    Iron Casted Turbocharger Parts

    Iron Casted Turbine Housing and Bearing Housing 1
    Iron casted automotive center housing 2
    Iron casted automotive center housing
    Iron Casted Valve components - rear flange 1

    Iron Casting Clientele

    We’ve been providing iron casting solutions for decades to global clients, including Ronsco Inc., Gardner Denver, GE Power & Water, STX Metal Co. Ltd., Metaldyne Performance Group Inc., Caterpillar Inc., MTY Group, Toyo Tire Canada Inc., OTA Casting Group, Honeywell International Inc., Kia Motors Corp, Hyundai Motor Co and Hyundai WIA Corporation.

    Manufacturing Quality Assurance

    We use special  equipment to monitor product quality throughout the production process, ranging from using hand-held tools for manual inspection to the use of multi-dimensional measurement equipment, including hardness testers, surface testers, and precise cutting machines.

    These include machines for:

    • 3- Dimensional Coordinate Measurement
    • Layout
    • 2-Dimensional Measurement
    • Surface Roughness Test
    • Bench Top Optical Comparatoring
    • Ultrasonic Flaw Detection
    • Magnetic Particle Flaw Detecting
    • Contaminant Testing
    • Structural Analysis Software
    • Stress and Deformation Analysis By Residual Stress Simulation Software
    • ATAS Qualitative Analysis
    • 26 Channel Spectrometering
    • Universal Life Test– up to 30,000 kg
    • Illuminance Test
    • Vickers Hardness Test
    • Brinell Hardness Test
    • Rockwell Hardness Test

    Quality Systems

    Basic Quality System

    • ERP
    • SPC
    • Andon

    Line Quality Control System

    • Error proof system

    • Tool life control system

    • Fool proof inspection system
    • Parts inspection before shipment
    • Traceability system (incoming parts to final products)

    Global Quality System

    • ISO/TS 16949 Certification
    • ISO 14001
    • OHSAS 18001
    • SQ Mark Certification (Hyundai Motor Co./Kia Motors Corp)

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