Vibratory Parts Feeding Systems | Piezoelectric Components

Piezo Drive, Electromagnetic Feeder, Indexing Drive, Parts Feeding Automation Systems

LPR Global supplies parts feeding components, systems, and material handling technology for the transportation and orientation of parts as part of an automated line.

Vibratory feed components include piezo feeder, electromagnetic feeder drive unit, linear feeder, controller, bowl, hopper, drum feeder, cases, and index drive.

Piezoelectric feeders feature low power consumption, typically utilizing only 30% to 50% power, of a comparable electromagnetic feeder and do not require leaf spring adjustment due to 100/200VAC dual specification.

Main applications include moving and orienting of LEDs, electronic components, semiconductor chips, plastic automotive parts, precision parts, pharmaceutical, and medical devices.

Parts Feeding Systems | Vibratory Feeder Components

Automated Parts Feeding Systems

LPR Global offers a full line of vibratory feeding system components and complete automation systems. As a supplier of both components for parts feeding systems and the vibration systems, we provide solutions to sort and orient the most complicated parts. We supply complete linear, vibratory, centrifugal, flex, step, and elevator feeding automated systems. Automated systems come in 6” to 36” diameter and customized systems can be built according to each project’s requirements.

As a holder of multiple technology patents, our feeding systems, components, and equipment offer significant improvements in efficiency and productivity of machines and assembly lines. Design patents include dual dispenser heads, tapping machines, tray loaders, and mounter bulk feeders.

LPR’s vibratory parts feeding systems are commonly used for the handling of LED parts, electronic and semiconductor components, plastic automotive parts, pharmaceutical clean environments, medical devices, and fast-moving consumable goods (FMCG).

Parts Feeding System, Automated Vibratory

Vibratory Feeding Parts | Linear Feeders & Bowl Feeders

Piezoelectric Vibratory Feeding Parts

Piezoelectric parts feeders with built-in buck-boost transformers and insulation transformers are used to create fine-tuned vibrations ideal for plastic and LED component applications. We offer parts feeders for various sizes including handling work pieces less than 1 mm thick to heavy duty applications.

Using only 30%-50% of the required power compared to electromagnetic parts feeders, piezoelectric feeders do not create heat nor subject parts to a magnetic field to create a safe operating environment for sensitive parts such as electronic components and chips. No leaf spring adjustments are required.

Piezo Electric Feeder Drive Unit

Piezo Electric Bowl Feeder, Drive Unit

Piezo Linear Feeder

Piezo Linear Feeder

Spring Piezo Linear Feeder

Piezo Linear Feeder, Spring Type

Piezo Controller

Piezo Feeder Controller

Piezoelectric Parts Specifications | Bowl, Linear Feeder

Piezo Bowl Feeder Advantages 

  • No spring adjustment required – easy controller frequency setting
  • Various feeding speed – by changing controller voltage
  • Consistent and stable feed – power fluctuations do not affect the operation
  • No electromagnetic effect on parts – also suitable for small, thin parts
  • Energy saving – piezo resonator allows high energy saving
  • Long service life – no coils, no rotor
  • Drive source is piezo resonator, made of fine ceramics
Piezo Electric Feeder Vibrator Part
Piezo Feeder Bowl Specifications

Piezo electric vibratory linear/inline feeders are commonly used due to their ability to handle complex and sensitive parts for the electronic, automotive and pharmaceutical industries. Vibratory parts feeders have optimal vibration characteristics since vibrations are delivered to the entire trough for smooth feeding making it ideal for precision parts and fragile components.

Piezo Linear Feeder | Rubber Insulator Type | AFR-006/015/030/040/050

Piezo Linear Feeder, Rubber Insulator

Piezo Linear Feeder | Joint Spring Type | AFJ-005/012/025

Piezo Linear Feeder, Joint Spring

Piezo Linear Feeder Specifications | Rubber, Joint Spring Types 

Piezo Linear Feeder Specifications

Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeding Components

LPR Global’s electromagnetic components for parts feeders meet the highest automation and performance expectations. Each component is carefully designed to meet the industry’s most demanding standards and requirements. The electromagnetic drives, feeders, and controllers are ideal for industries demanding clean and reliable operations.

Electromagnetic Feeding Components Advantages 

  • Stable and constant vibrations with high vibro-isolating efficiency, no wobbling
  • Accurate feeding control, quick stopping
  • Can be customized to suit your application
  • Flexible speed control

Electromagnetic Feeder Drive Unit

Electromagnetic Feeder Drive Unit

Electromagnetic Linear Feeder

Electromagnetic Linear Feeder, Rubber Insulation

Electromagnetic Linear Feeder, Spring

Electromagnetic Linear Feeder, Spring Type

Sensor Controller

Electromagnetic Controller, Sensor Timer

Custom Tooled Vibratory Feeding Systems | Automatic Feeding Systems

Vibrating feeding systems are equipped with piezo electric or electromagnetic drive, depending on the application and client’s requirements.

Feeding systems can be designed to orient and feed parts such as head rests, seat belt clips, chip resistors and connectors, and packaging components consistently and reliably without jamming. Customized systems for micro or large parts are supported, including various coatings for part protection during the feeding process.

By using adjustable tooling, our systems allow for the feeding of multiple parts within the same system. A positive stop adjustment is applied when required for a quick tool changeover.

High Accuracy Dispenser

  • Special patented dual head: 2-4 head control
  • High discharge rate: 20,000C PH
  • Electric parts feeding system
  • Designed to dispense high viscosity solutions: Alcohol-Lead
  • Simple discharge rate control
Dispenser, Automated Parts Feeding

Multi Row Chip Feeder

  • Multi-row feeding, up to 20 rows
  • Bulk of chips lining up together
  • Maximum speed 30,000cph
  • PLC control system AB, Siemens, LG, Mitsubishi
  • Fits manual plating
Chip Feeder, Automated

Tray Loader

  • Multi-row feeding, up to 15 rows
  • Maximum speed 27,000cph
  • Bulk of chips lining up together
  • Tray removal automatic or manual
  • Custom built to meet client’s requirements
Tray Loader, Feeding System

Tapping Machine

  • Maximum speed 24,000cph
  • Tact time 0.15 sec (Tester 30ms)
  • Feeding type (part feeder to reel tape)
  • Electrical tester
  • PLC Control System AB, Siemens, LG, Mitsubishi
Tapping Machine, Parts Feeding

Electronic Parts Feeding Systems

Precision machined part feeding bowls and chutes produced using 5-axis CNC machining centers increase the reliability of transporting and sorting of ultra-micro components and electronic parts.

Electronics Parts Feeding System Features 

  • Easy installation and compact size
  • Faster discharging rage (MLCC 1005: 6,000ea/1min)
  • Bulk feeder applied to SMT process (applications: MLCC, LED, LED Lens)
  • Small SMT Bulk feeder (width of feeder 20mm)
  • Supply error rate 0
  • Quick change of the model type
Electric Parts Feeding System

Project Experience | Automatic Feeding Systems

Roller Cam Gear Reducers

Roller Gear Reducer GTB Series PDF


We guarantee a long life of DSR series roller gear reducers. Without external interference, such as crashes, water, DSR gear reducers will last for more than 10 years.

By having no inner bearings, typical to planetary gear reducers, roller gear reducers avoid frequent breakages and will only stop when required. This is a critical condition for the automotive industry where minimal line downtime is expected.

Our engineers will calculate an exact cycle time based on your equipment and line usage, requirements and conditions.

High ratio type for high torque and direct motor type for high accuracy.

Roller Cam Gear Reducer GTB
Roller Cam Gear Reducer

Roller Gear Reducers DSR Series PDF 

High work piece capacity and precision level.

Roller gear cam reducer
Roller gear reducer movements

Rotary Index Drives

Shaft Mount Gear Motor

Rotary Index Drive
Rotary Index Drive


Features | Flange, Roller Gear Types 

  • Fixed axis type drive, hollow fixes in the center of flange
  • Roller gear cam type is available
  • Number of stops: 2-32
  • Center distance: 70, 90, 110, 150, 190, 230, 330, 450mm
  • Electrolytic housing

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