Cast Iron Foundry for Custom Iron Castings | Grey, Ductile, Meehanite, and High Silicon Iron Castings

Green Sand and Furan Resin Iron Casting with Machining Capabilities for Industrial Applications

Our iron castings come from a cast iron foundry in South Korea with more than 40 years of experience supplying to globally known machine tool manufacturers, automotive tier 1s, valve makers, mud pump manufacturers and hammer union companies.


Our iron casting foundry is ISO 9001 certified and have marine class certifications from multiple major marine associations demonstrating a proven capability to make castings for marine and ship components.


Possible manufacturing scopes can range from raw iron castings to fully machined parts, ensuring quality from the casting pattern design stage to the inspection stage. We use a self-developed quality control system which allows project managers and engineers to observe and record every manufacturing process for extensive traceability.

Iron Casting Foundry for Mud Pump Components, Marine Engine Components, Valves and Hammer Unions, and Machine Tool Components


Daehan Special Metal Co., Ltd is LPR Global’s cast iron component manufacturer with over 40 years of operation as an iron casting component manufacturer. To meet the growing demand from multiple global clients, we have expanded our iron casting foundry to a 17,490 m2 facility. Our iron castings are mainly supplied to manufacturers of mud pumps, hammer unions, injection molding machines, press machines, machine tools, valves, and ships.

Materials that are casted include commonly used materials like grey cast iron and ductile cast iron, but also special iron alloy including meehanite cast iron, and nickel resistant cast iron for applications requiring strong resistance to heat, wear, and corrosion.

Our cast iron components weight from 0.5 kg to 9 tons, and we produce roughly 2500 tons of iron castings every month on average.

Iron Casting Processes


  • Furan Resin Casting – 900 tons /month
  • Disamatic Casting Capacity – 600 tons /month
  • AMF Casting Capacity  – 1000 tons /month
  • Total iron casting of approximately 2500 tons /month
Iron Casting Melting Process

Iron Casting Production Capabilities


Maximum Dimension Casted
355 inch
99 inch
119 inch
Iron Casting Weight
Maximum Weight
Medium Weight
Minimum Weight
10,000 kg (394 lbs)
3,000 kg to 5,000 kg (118 lbs to 197 lbs)
200 kg (8lbs)

Iron Casting Materials

Furan sand mixer for large iron casting

We often need to use special iron casting materials outside of grey cast iron and ductile cast iron for larger sized industrial parts under critical environments. Our iron casting foundry has extensive experience casting austenitic ductile iron for applications that require dimensional stability and strength even under high temperatures, and resistance against corrosion and oxidation. Meehanite cast iron is used as a material for applications requiring uniformity in mechanical and physical properties, and High Silicon Molybdenum (Hi-Sil Moly) ductile iron castings are used for industrial applications that require anti-corrosive, anti-erosive, and anti-friction wear up to 1400F (760 C). Our thermal analysis program uses ATAS dynamic inoculation to identify the optimum melting condition for ductile and gray cast iron.

Grey Cast Iron

  • High Cast Iron (GG200-GG400)
  • Heat Resistant Cast Iron
  • Austenitic Cast Iron
  • Hi-Chrome Cast Iron
  • Hi-Silicon Cast Iron
  • Acid-Resistant Cast Iron

Special Alloy Cast Iron

  • Meehanite Cast Iron – For application requiring resistance to heat, wear and corrosion
  • Ni-resistant Cast Iron

Ductile Cast Iron

  • General Ductile Cast Iron (GGG450-GGG1000)
  • Low Temperature Ductile Cast Iron
  • Compacted Graphite Iron
  • Austempered Ductile Cast Iron
  • High Silicon Molybdenum (HiSiMo) Ductile Cast Iron – Maximum resistance to scale build up
  • Austenitic Ductile Cast Iron – For applications requiring strong resistance to corrosion, erosion and friction wear
  • Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron – For greater resistance to fatigue and prevents cracking in the system under extreme conditions

Commonly Produced Cast Iron Components


  • Mud Pumps and Turbo Pumps – Cover, Gearbox, Cooler, Connecting Rod, Pump Body
  • Industrial Grade Compressors – Impeller Casing, Turbine Housings, Bearing Housings
  • Machine Tool and Machinery Components – Machine Tool Bed, CNC Bed
  • Injection Molding Machine – Machine Bed, Flange Components, Frames
  • Marine and Offshore Components – Oil Pan, Azimuth Thruster, Engine Gear House, Flange, Engine Front Box

Iron Casting Foundry Production Process


At our iron casting foundry and machining shop, we use multiple programs for simulation before production, including a manufacturing process check and a quality check to control and monitor all casting processes to their finishing stages. To manage these processes, we collect casting data then analyze the measured data, testing results for each step. This also allows project managing engineers to control each piece of equipment and monitor the defect history with data analysis and composition specification. Our iron casting foundry uses the NovaFlow&Solid program as well as an AnyCasting system for simulating the casting method before casting process. The simulation step includes analysis of pouring methods and solidification steps. Our cast iron production process is outlined below:

  1. Designing patterns and PC simulation to verify the casting method before iron casting
  2. Making casting mold
  3. Automated sand molding process
  4. Closing molds by the cope and drag method
  5. Melting pig iron and pressed scrap to get liquid metal using an induction furnace
  6. 1st element analysis
  7. Tapping to pour liquid metal into the pot
  8. 2nd element analysis
  9. Pouring molten iron alloy casting into a sand mold
  10. Separating iron casting from a sand mold
  11. Degating inlets and feeders
  12. Shot blasting and grinding for deburring
  13. Final inspection of the casting
Iron Casting Furan Resin Sand Mixer
Iron Casting Molding
Iron Casting Disamatic Sand Casting

Equipment List For Iron Casting and Machining

  • Molding machines – automatic and disamatic with 500 molds/hr capability
  • High frequency induction furnace – 6 sets
  • Green sand mixer with 100 ton/hr mixing capability
  • Furan sand preparation equipment running at 30 ton/hr
  • Furan sand mixer with 34 ton/hr mixing capability
  • Pep set mixer at 30 kg/batch x 3 sets
  • Air compressors at 100HP x 4 sets
  • Sand cooler
  • Rotary drum cooler
  • Sand reclaimer
  • 30 ton Silo
  • Shot blasting machines up to 50 ton/hr
  • Trimming machine for deburring
  • CNC plano miller machine
  • CNC floor boring machine
  • High frequency grinder
  • Radial dill machine
  • CNC turning machine

Cast Iron Project Experience

Iron Casted Cooler for Turbo compressor

Grey cast iron cooler for turbo compressors

400MPa and weight range: 1.5 ton to 3 ton

Iron Casted Injection Molding Machine Bed

Grey cast iron injection molding machine bed

Casting method: sand casting with furan resin sand mold

300MPa and weight range: 3 ton to 9 ton

Iron Casted Injection Molding Machine Frame Casting

Ductile cast iron injection molding machine frame

400MPa, 3 ton post machining

Iron Casted Injection Molding Machine Frange Component

Ductile cast iron injection molding machine frange component

450MPa, 5 ton post machining

Iron Casted CNC Bed

Grey cast iron CNC bed

300MPa and weight range: 3 ton to 9 ton

Iron Casted Protective Plate Covering for Steel Mill

Grey cast iron protective plate covering for steel mill

250MPa, weight range: 2 ton to 2.3 ton.

Also casted in ductile cast iron 450MPa

Iron Casted and Machined Machine Tool Bed

Iron casted and machined machine tool bed

Iron Casted Connecting Rod for Mud compressor

Ductile cast iron connecting rod for mud pump

(550Mpa weighing 0.405 ton)

Iron casted gear box and cover for turbo compressor

Iron casted gear box and cover casting for turbo compressor

Weight range: 100kg to 1 ton.

Iron Casted Pump body

Grey cast iron pump body

200MPa and weight range: 200kg to 2 ton.

Iron Casted Pump components - oil pump impeller casing

Grey cast iron impeller casing

200MPa and weight range:  21kg to 54.5kg

Iron Casted Valve components - rear flange 1

Grey cast iron casing

200MPa and weight range: 7kg to 15kg

Iron Casted Pump components - oil pump cover

Grey cast iron pump body

200MPa and weight range: 10kg to 25kg

Iron Casted Wind Mill, Marine and Shipbuilding Components

Iron Casted Marine Parts- Oil Pan

Grey cast iron marine oil pan

400MPa and weight range: 2 ton to 3 ton

Iron Casted Azimuth Thruster Components (Inner Ring)

Iron casted azimuth thrust inner stem ranging in diameter from 1100mm to 2500mm

Iron Casted Gearhouse

Grey cast iron marine engine gear house

400MPa and weight range: 1 ton to 8 ton

Iron Casted Offshore Crane Flange

Iron casted and machined flange for offshore crane (Diameter 3000mm, Height 450mm, Width 150mm)

Iron Casted Gear Case for Wind Mill

Grey cast iron gear case for wind mill

400MPa and weight range: 1 ton to 3 ton

Iron Casted Marine Engine Front End Box

Grey cast iron marine engine front end box

250MPa and weight range: 1 ton to 4 ton

Cast Iron Components Clientele

Iron casting to Caterpillar Inc
Iron Casting to Gardner Denver
Iron casting to GE power and water
Iron casting to Honeywell
Iron casting to MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH
Iron casting to Hyundai motors group
Iron casting to Ronsco Inc
Iron casting to Doosan Infracore

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