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Modular Hydraulic Power Units for AC and DC powered automotive lifts, industrial lifts, material handling equipment, and machinery.

Modular Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) for various applications ranging from Vehicle Lifts, Industrial Lifts, Machinery, and Compact Mobile Power Units for Industrial Applications and Material Handling Equipment at competitive prices with superior performance and reliability.

With a modular hydraulic power unit order system, each power pack can be tailored to specific job applications and requirements by offering a wide range of hydraulic pump sizes, hydraulic motors, oil tank shapes, and valves.

We also offer the option for horizontally or vertically mounted power units.

With our manufacturing based in South Korea at an ISO 9001:2008/ISO 14002:2004 certified manufacturing site, we are your premier choice for all your fluid power solution needs.

Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) Supplier

As a supplier of hydraulic power units, our power units and hydraulic components are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified facility based out of South Korea. Unlike some other manufacturers that may outsource their manufacturing to cheaper manufacturing sites, even our components such as the motors and pumps are manufactured in-house at our Korean-based plant to ensure high build quality and reliability with every one of our products.

With very low defect rates of, our power units offer superior performance and reliability at competitive prices. Unlike some manufacturers, we only use 4 Pole motors which operates are lower RPMs resulting in less noise and vibration. Whether your application involves lifts, machinery, or material handling, we can tailor our power units to your specific needs through our modular order code system.

Power Unit Features & Benefits

  • Made in Korea Quality
  • Consistent Performance and Reliability
  • Low Noise and Low Vibration
  • Extremely Low Defect Rates
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Customized Hydraulic Solutions (Modular System)

Hydraulic Power Unit Applications

We offer a wide range of Single-Acting or Dual-Acting AC- and DC-powered Hydraulic Power Units to serve your hydraulic needs. Some of applications used for our AC-powered Hydraulic Power Units include vehicle lifts such as 2 post or 4 post lifts, scissor lifts, and wheel alignment scissor lifts. Our industrial applications can be found in dock levelers, elevators, table lifts, parking systems, recycling can presses, and shop equipment. Our DC Power Units can used as hydraulic power solutions for wing body trucks, man lifts, truck tail lifts, dump trucks, machinery, and material handling equipment, such as stackers, pallet trucks, and telescopic conveyor belts.

Scissor Lift


Wheel Alignment Scissor Lift


2 Post Lift


4 Post Lift


Dock Leveler


Hydraulic Elevator


Table Lift


Parking System


Wing Body Truck


Tail Gate Lift


Hydraulic Stacker


Manlift and Skylifts


MVP Series Pump

MVP Series Pump DC Hydraulic Power Pack

Medical Hospital Bed

Medical Hospital Bed

Recycling Can Press

Recycling Can Press

Telescopic Conveyor Belt

Telescopic Conveyor Belt

Power Unit | AC-Powered Specifications

Our power units utilize 4 Pole motors which operates at lower RPMs resulting in lower noise, less vibration, and prolonged service life when compared to typical a 2 Pole motors.

  • Motor: AC 0.2kW – 4kW
    1-Phase/3-Phase, 50Hz/60Hz
  • Pump: 0.5cm³– 10cm³
  • Oil Tank: 1.3L – 60L
  • Valve: Available in various combinations

Power Unit | DC-Powered Specifications

All of our enclosed DC powered motors have an IP54 protection rating against light dust and water splashes.

  • Motor: AC 0.2kW – 4kW
    DC12V/ DC24V/DC48V
  • Pump: 0.5cm³ – 10cm³
  • Oil Tank: 1.3L – 60L
  • Valve: Available in various combinations

Hydraulic Power Unit | Modular Order Code System

  • AC Motors (180W to 4000W | 0.24hp to 5.36hp)
  • DC Motors (800 to 2200 W | 1.07 to 2.95 hp)
  • Relief Valve Options
  • Solenoid Cartridge Valve Options
  • Fixed-Displacement Gear Pumps

    – 0.5 to 9.8 cm³/rev | 0.03 to 0.60 in³/rev

    – 0.8 to 16.7L/min @ 1750 RPM | 0.21 to 4.41 GPM @ 1750 RPM

  • Vertical or Horizontal Mounting
  • Hydraulic Oil Tank Options (0.7 to 60L | 0.18 to 15.85 Gallons)
Hydraulic Power Unit Modular Order Code System

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