CNC Machined Parts Production | Engineering Plastics, Metal


Rapid Precision Parts Machining for Automotive, Medical, Solar, Semiconductor

Component CNC machining for automotive, factory automation, medical, semiconductor, and solar panel applications.


We specialize in machining engineering plastics: PEEK, PVC, PTFE, PP, PI, PAI, PVDF, PCTFE, ULTEM; aluminum alloy, stainless steel, carbon steel, cobalt-chrome, copper and various ceramics including silicon carbide.


Precise manufacturing for small, medium and large volume projects to meet strict tolerance requirements. We can produce CNC machined parts in quantities from one piece to thousands of pieces. LPR Global also provides assembly and sub-assembly services.


Machining capabilities include 3-5 axis machining; turning and milling, assembly, testing, various finishing services.


Our technical knowledge extends into product designdevelopment, rapid prototyping, and manufacturing cleanrooms. We operate a complete a fully equipped facility meeting ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO Cleanroom assembly Class 7 standards.

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Custom CNC Machining and Rapid Machining Services

Mass-production of engineering plastics, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, zircon machined components for automotive, medical and life science, semiconductor, and renewable energy applications.


Single supplier of assembly and sub-assembly services for plastic, metal, and hybrid components. Our team is able to handle small, large, long-term, and specialty volume orders equally well.


With our CNC and MCT machining centers, we use the very latest technology in CNC turning, CNC milling, grinding, laser cutting, wire cutting, assembly and testing equipment. With a high degree of automation, our production machining facilities are able to run 24/7, without any human intervention.


Our production facilities meet the following quality control and management standards: ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, Quality Management System Certification ISO14001 (KMR) SEMES, Certificate of Supplier Quality (SSQ), Membership of Smart Industry Promotion Association, Certificate of Environmental Management System (ISO 14001), ISO Cleanroom, Class 7.

CNC Machined Parts Project Experience | Applications

  • Medical & Life Science: DNA/RNA auto extruder parts, medical image camera parts, syringe needles used to insert optic lenses, tracking sensors, surgical instruments, imaging instruments.
  • We offer production of complex calcium silicate implants using CNC machining services.
  • Cleanroom supplies, biopharma devices, sterilization and infection prevention, medical device and implants.
  • Production of FDA complied components. Experience working with heat, radiation resistant materials and USP Class VI silicones for medical components manufacturing.
  • Automation: power train auto assembly line, auto sorting and feeding line instrument parts, conveyor components, clean socket lift parts.
  • Semiconductor: cleaning equipment parts, ultrasound-air-bearing wafer chip probing test parts, test handler equipment parts, saw and sorter equipment parts, assembled spin chuck (PIFE and SPM chuck) for etching, cleaning, ringing and drying of silicon wafers.
  • Automotive: high-strength composite parts. Lightweight structural, interior components, as well as engine and suspension components, exhaust parts, fluid system and lighting components.
  • Solar, Wind, Renewable Energy: wind turbine wear components, bushes, liners, grippers, valves, seals, solar cell wafer holders.
  • Defense, Aerospace, Aviation: CNC machined titanium components, seating components, structural and engine components.

Machined Engineering Plastics Components

PEEK Engineering Plastics | Semiconductor, Automation, Medical

Engineering PEEK Machined
PEEK Semiconductor Detail
Engineering PEEK
PEEK Machined Component
PEEK Machined

PVC Engineering Plastics | Medical, Semiconductor, Automation, Renewable Energy

PVC CNC Machined
PVC Machined CNC
PVC Machined Component
PVC Mass Machined

PTFE Engineering Plastics | Semiconductor, Medical

PTFE Mass Machined CNC
PTFE Mass Produced
PTFE Machined
PTFE Mass Machined
PTFE CNC Machined

ULTEM, BAKELITE, PEEK, POM, PCTFE Engineering Plastics

BAKELITE Machined Detail
PCTFE CNC Machined
PCTFE Machined
POM Parts Machined

Stainless Steel, Aluminum Alloy, Copper, Zirconia Ceramics, Alumina Ceramics

AL Alloy CNC Machined
AL CNC Machined Parts
AL CNC Machined
Zirconia Ceramics Machined
Alumina Ceramics Machined
Cemented Carbide Machined
Copper Machined Parts
Sialon Ceramics Machined Parts
Slicon Nitride Machined
STS Machined CNC

Mass Produced CNC Machined Engineering Plastics, Metals, Copper, Ceramics

Our decades of machining experience have proven our CNC machined parts to have shorter design and development lead times and reduced project start time. CNC machined components are used for prototypes, low and medium sized project volumes, as well as machining for OEM volumes.

In addition, LPR Global’s CNC machined parts have consistent production quality, improved wear performance compared to molded or stamped components, and are capable of having high part tolerances (.001″).


Design to Production Process:

  • Client provides engineering design files or requests assistance with part design or verification.
  • Upon design approval, prototype machining and assembly begins -> samples are sent to the client for verification and approval.
  • Once the customer approves prototypes, our production team proceeds with the tool design and build phase.
  • Quality criteria is confirmed with the client at this stage. Our team then proceed to the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP).
  • Last stage is mass production and parts testing.

Processing Equipment Capabilities | Production Facilities

Our facility is equipped with 24 machining centers for engineered plastics processing, 17 machining centers for metal fabrication, as well as measuring, surface finishing and assembly equipment.

We guarantee a controlled manufacturing environment, maintained to very strict standards of quality, precision and hygiene.

Our multi-axis machining centers are suitable to process a broad range of materials, including medical grade, FDA compliant materials used as production and process equipment in chemically intense analytical environments.

Engineering Plastics Machining 


CNC Lathe, High Cutting Rate Advanced Vertical Machining Center, CNC Tapping, Drilling Center, Horizontal Grinding Machine, CNC High Productivity Machining Center

Models: HI-TECH 200A, VESTA 1300B, VESTA-1000, HIT-400, LG-1000A, DNM-650, DNM500

Metal Processing 

Stainless steel, Aluminum, Copper

MCT, CNC, Universal Milling

High Speed Vertical Machining Center, Y-axis Vertical Machining Center, High Productivity CNC Horizontal Lathe Turning Center, CNC Bore Milling Center, all in one Horizontal Machining Center,  High Precision Lathe Center

Models: SIRIUS 7040, VESTA 1000, HI-TECH 400, HI-TECH 200C, MSM-T, HL-460

MCT CNC Machining Plastic
High Productivity Plastics Processing
High Productivity Plastics Machining
Horizontal Turning Center CNC Machine
CNC Machining Plastics
Machined Parts Measuring Unit

Engineering Plastics, Metals, Non-metals Components Processing

Manufacturing Capabilities

Precision Processing


Parts Assembly CNC
Parts Assembly CNC
Machined Parts Assembly
Machined Parts Assembly
Precision Processing CNC Parts
Precision Processing CNC Parts

Quality Measurement

Testing, Measuring Equipment

Quality Measurement Machined
Quality Measurement Machined
Quality Measurement Parts
Quality Measurement Parts
Quality Inspection Parts
Quality Inspection Parts

Engineering Plastics, Ceramics and Metal CNC Machined Parts

CNC Materials | Engineering Plastics

PEEK Plastic

A mechanically strong, chemically stable plastic even in high temperatures. Parts made of PEEK plastic can be used in dynamic and demanding situations, such as bearings or pumps and valves.

Engineering PEEK

PVC Plastic

A widely used, lightweight but strong plastic. The economical and versatile nature of PVC makes it suitable to use for parts in a variety of applications, from electronics to healthcare.

PVC Machined CNC

PTFE Plastic

A plastic with a low coefficient of friction and high mechanical strength. Parts machined from PTFE are generally used to reduce wear and tear and energy consumption in machinery due to its low friction.

PTFE CNC Machined

PP Plastic

A chemically unreactive, mechanically robust and economical plastic. Polypropylene parts can be used in situations of high fatigue and stress, such as in hinges and other moving components.

Polypropylene, CNC Machining

PCTFE Plastic

Stronger, stiffer but less chemically resistant than PTFE. Parts machined from PCTFE are widely used in electronic casing applications, due to its water-repelling properties as well as its electrical resistance.

CNC Machined Parts, PCTFE

ULTEM Plastic

A high strength material with one of the highest dielectric strengths among plastics. ULTEM plastic components are commonly used in electrical applications, such as in semiconductor equipment or medical instruments.

CNC Machined Parts, ULTEM


A plastic that is known for its durability and electrical insulation properties. Bakelite is used in very specific applications, such as in automotive components or industrial electrical components.

CNC Machined Parts, BAKELITE

POM Plastic

A rigid and strong plastic with a low coefficient of friction. POM parts are used for precise engineering applications, such as ball bearings and mechanical gears.

CNC Machined Parts, POM

CNC Materials | Metals

Aluminum Alloy

Strong, lightweight and resistant to corrosion. Parts machined from aluminum alloy can be implemented in a wide variety of applications, including components in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Aluminum CNC Machined Parts

Stainless Steel

AISI 304 is an austenitic stainless Nickel-Chromium stainless steel alloy. Corrosion-resistant and mechanically robust, stainless steel machined parts can be found in a range of industries, from consumer appliances to nuclear power. Other steel types are available upon request.

CNC Machined Parts, Stainless Steel

Copper Alloy

Copper alloys can suit a range of requirements due to the wide range of compositions available. Alloys such as brass or bronze can be suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

CNC Machined Parts, Copper

CNC Materials | Ceramics

Zirconia Ceramics

High mechanical, thermal and chemical stability combined with its unique electric properties makes parts made of Zirconia useful in industries such as communications, energy and electronics.

CNC Machined Parts, Zirconia Ceramics

Alumina Ceramics

Rigid and resistant to wear, Alumina ceramics also have a low dielectric constant making them ideal insulators. Alumina ceramics can be used in a variety of applications, including seal rings, medical prosthesis and electronic substrates.

Alumina, CNC Machining

Silicon Carbide

Very rigid and durable ceramic that can withstand extremely high temperatures. Parts made of silicon carbide can be used in applications requiring high endurance or heat resistance, such as in car brakes, bearings or furnace parts.

Silicon Carbide, CNC Machined Parts

Cemented Carbide

Extremely high hardness and durability, making parts machined from cemented carbide suitable for wear parts, and industrial tools. Examples of applications include nozzles for oil and gas, rings, and bushings.

CNC Machined Parts, Cemented Carbide


Ceramics with high strength, thermal shock resistance and resistance to corrosion. Due to these properties, parts machined from Sialon are commonly used in the chemical and oil and gas industries.

Sialon Ceramics, CNC Machined Parts

CNC Machined Parts Project Expertise

Main project experience is related to precision processing of components for the semiconductor (front and back end rotating and positioning wafer handling), factory automation (robotics systems, turntables, feeding and conveyor lines, turntables), medical, solar, wind, and display applications.

Global client base includes the following companies: SEMES, Samsung Electronics, Samsung Display, SFA, GSA, Hanwha Q Cells, Genolution.

Medical, Life Science Project Experience

When CNC machined parts must meet tight component tolerances of medical and solar assembly lines, our experience supplying components for these processing lines becomes critical for clients.

  • Chemical feed line components
  • Q plus module line parts
  • Pick-up, transfer and conveyor equipment parts
  • Nucleic acid assembly equipment components

Semiconductor Project Experience

CNC machining of semiconductor wafer inspection and processing. Wafer chucks, hot chucks, cold chucks, thermal chucks, silicon chucks produced to meet anodized aluminum and teflon coated, aluminum, nickel, and gold surface requirements.

CNC Machined Parts Production Process

Machining process for PVC workpiece using CNC lathing process.

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