Automotive Interior Soft Trim Thermoforming and Compression Molds and Checking Fixtures

Headliner, Floor Carpet, Trunk Lid, Dash Inner & Outer, Underbody, Luggage Trim, Hood Insulators and Liners

Recognized supplier to the global automotive Tier I&II and OEM industry. Design, production, and servicing of automotive interior thermo-acoustic and soft trim interior molds and checking fixtures. We supply thermoforming, compression, foaming, overedge cutting, piercing, trimming molding, and checking fixtures.


Our dedication to quality, on-time delivery, and customer satisfaction have helped us build long term partnerships with many of our customers, including Alder Pelzer, VUTEQ, JCI, Yanfeng Visteon, Hyundai Mobis, and SCA. Our product portfolio includes molds and fixtures for thermo-acoustic and soft trim headliners, carpets and flooring systems, dash outers, dash inners, underbodies, and trunk trim.


We are able to provide all tooling services from design to simulation to machining to fabrication to try-out all within one company.


Our experience in master model, mock-up, and checking fixture production allows us to offer our expertise to supply precision custom-machined interior molding. Our modern multi-axis machining centers are capable of tolerances within 0.025 mm.


Being in business for 27+ years allows us to provide our clients with extensive automotive interior acoustic and soft trim mold and checking fixture field experience and supplier stability that you can rely upon.

Automotive Soft Trim Acoustic Thermoforming and Compression Molds and Checking Fixtures

We offer molds and checking fixtures for automotive interior acoustics, flooring, soft trim, and other fiber-based systems.


With over 27 years of experience, we have knowledge and experience to provide automotive interior trim thermo-acoustic molds and checking fixtures for various types of applications and production technologies. Molds and checking fixtures are used for multi-technological equipment, including thermoplastic and thermostable WET PU, forming, cutting, and trimming and piercing. Our acoustic and soft trim molds and jigs are used for different substrates and covering levels of substrates, including polyurethane, epoxy, nylon, chemical wood, fiber, vinyl, fabric, rayon materials, carpet over material, class A surface, fiberglass and non-woven. We have also been involved in the R&D project for developing the electric vehicle interior trim molds for cellulose nano fiber.


We supply molds and checking fixtures for a wide variety of vehicle components including soft-trim headliners, carpet and flooring, dash outer and dash inner insulators, hood insulators, package tray, truck systems, thermo-acoustic door panels, mud guards, underbody, trunk components, wheel arch guard liners and more.


From mold concept to finished product, we offer mold design and modeling, design improvement recommendations, material analysis, prototype development and mold try-out process, casting material analysis, and an overall production process review. Relying on our extensive experience, our design and engineering team quickly analyses problematic areas and tooling parameters which can affect part quality and develops the best solution for the client and their application.

Mold Product Portfolio | Acoustic and Soft Trim Automotive Molds

We supply soft trim and acoustic molds for a wide range of end products in the automotive internal trim industry.

Composite Thermoforming Interior Trim Mold PortfolioPDF Icon

Interior Trim Molds Fixtures Acoustic Thermal
  • Headliner
  • Carpet and Floor Assemblies
  • Acoustical and Thermal Hood
  • Door Soundproofing Acoustic Trim
  • Flooring and Carpet Insulation
  • Mud Guard
  • Hood Insulator
  • Underbody
  • Package Tray
  • Truck and Cargo Liner
  • Luggage Mat
  • Wheel Guard
  • Dash Outer Insulator
  • Dash Inner
  • Diffusor Lining
  • Instrument Panel Insulator
  • Tunnel Pad Insulator
  • Armrest Insert Liner

Headliner Trim Mold

Headliner Mold Automotive
Headliner Thermoforming Acoustic Molds
Automotive Headliner Mold Tooling
Automotive Headliner Thermoforming Mold
Automotive Headliner Mold Tooling Fixture
Automotive Headliner Soft Acoustic Mold

Floor Carpet Trim Mold

Automotive Floor Carpet Molds
Floor Carpet Acoustic Molds
Automotive Floor Carpet Soft Trim Mold
Automotive Floor Carpet Trim Mold
Floor Carpet Trim Mold
Automotive Floor Carpet Acoustic Mold

Dash Inner Mold

Dash Inner Mold Interior
Dash Inner Thermoforming Molds
Dash Inner Mold Fixture Trim
Dash Inner Mold Fixture Soft Trim

Dash Outer Mold

Dash Outer Mold Interior
Dash Outer Thermoforming Molds
Dash Outer Mold Forming
Dash Outer Mold
Dash Outer Mold Forming Automotive

Underbody Undercover Mold

Underbody Undercover Acoustic Molds
Underbody Undercover Trim Molds

Carpet, Flooring, Hood, Diffusor, Wheel Guard Molds

Package Tray Acoustic Mold
Package Tray Acoustic Mold
Trunk Lid Trim Mold
Trunk Lid Trim Mold
Wheel Guard Trim Molds
Wheel Guard Trim Molds
Diffusor Trim Mold
Diffusor Trim Mold
Hood Trim Mold
Hood Trim Mold
Luggage Mat Acoustic Mold
Luggage Mat Acoustic Mold
Partitian Upper Lower Acoustic Mold
Partitian Upper Lower Acoustic Mold

Interior Trim Molds by Material Types

Interior Trim Mold Tool Classification by Material

Manufacturing Capabilities | Automotive Acoustic and Soft Trim Molds, Checking Fixtures

We supply automotive molds, checking fixtures, and jigs for a variety of acoustic and soft trim applications, including large scale and multi-cavity molds for cold forming, thermoforming, cutting and piercing, and cooling systems.


Our expertise and capabilities include the following types of molds and fixtures: cold forming and thermoforming, forming and foaming, compression, trimming and piercing, cooling, cutting jig, lamination jig, electric heating tool, and waterjet jigs.


  • Cold Forming and Thermoforming Mold and Fixture Materials Available: AC4C FC25, FC30
  • Trimming & Piercing Mold and Fixture Materials Available: FC30, FCD55, SKD-11, SK-5


Tooling production volumes per year:

  • Molding, cutting, foaming tools: 350 ~ 500 pcs / year
  • Checking fixture, waterjet fixture: 500 ~ 800 pcs / year
  • Cutting device, piercing equipment: 30 pcs / year


We use state-of-the-art machinery to produce quality thermoforming, compression and forming molds, and checking fixtures for automotive headliner, carpet tray, flooring undercover, dash inner & outer, diffusor, and wheel guard applications.


As a vertically integrated company providing everything from design and engineering to manufacturing and try-outs, all our molds are produced in-house. Our factory is fully equipped with all required production and finishing machinery and for mold and checking fixture manufacturing, including twelve 5-axis double-column CNC high speed machines, radial mills, lathes, drills, welders, 200 ton & 300 ton hydraulic presses for try outs, electric ovens, painting booth, and assembly machinery.

Thermoforming Compression Mold Manufacturing Facility
Automotive Headliner Mold

Competitive Advantages of Acoustic Thermoforming and Composite Molds

Our extensive expertise and years of experience have allowed us to offer the following offers to our clients: the capability to work with new materials, including molds for cellulose nano fiber materials, competitive pricing, short delivery time, and advanced in-house mold test facilities.


Competitive Advantages of LPR Global’s Compression and Thermoforming Molds and Checking fixtures:

  • Excellent end part quality
  • Design and engineering support during projects
  • Stringent quality procedures for each production step
  • Company’s financial stability
  • Responsiveness
  • Reliable mold and fixture delivery records globally
  • Competitive price
  • Short lead time
  • Flexible payment terms


Our supply scope covers acoustic thermoforming, compression molds, composite molds, PU wet and dry foaming molds, vacuum molds, piercing and trimming molds, and checking and control molds. Our expertise includes special method molds, such as engine cover, battery tray, seat back, back beam for ultralight and high functioning parts production.

Automotive Soft Trim Mold and Checking Fixture Production Facility

Based in S. Korea, our job shop has over 27 years of experience building and supporting mold tooling programs for OEMs, Tier I, and Tier II suppliers. Our clients include global automotive Tier I & IIs, such as Adler Pelzer Group, DSK GROUP, and SEOYON E-HWA.


We hold multiple quality control certifications and 12 patents in vehicle interior thermal forming mold field, including patents for water and air cooling type molding apparatus for heat forming bubble sheet.


Our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified. To ensure tooling quality, we have established a separate quality control division for each production process to assure our customers that all QC procedures are performed and followed; all QC procedures are performed in-house.


Our design, engineering, and production team includes ten mold and fixture designers, five die spotting and tool trial engineers with more than 10 years of experience, 20 CNC machine operators, and 20 tool production staff. The following file formats are accepted: Catia V5, AutoCAD, Inventor, Dynavista, Mod View, and CADbro.


With an ability to be a turn-key mold and fixture solution provider and an extensive industry expertise, we are able to provide all tooling services from within one company.

Interior Trim Soft Acoustic Mold Project Examples

Headliner Interior Trim Molds
Headliner Interior Trim Molds
Automotive EV Floor Carpet Interior Trim Molds
Automotive EV Floor Carpet Interior Trim Molds
Dash Inner Outer Trim Molds
Dash Inner Outer Trim Molds

Thermoforming and Compression Mold and Fixture Production Process

Our team will work with you to achieve durable and accurate molds and fixtures needed for efficient and cost-effective automotive trim liner and insulator manufacturing processes. We offer a wide variety of tooling capabilities from design engineering support to try-outs and AS support.


  1. Review of customer’s project RFQ and drawings.
  2. Conduct a feasibility study of a mold or fixture structure and formability.
  3. Prepare reference quotation, production schedule, lead time, and delivery information.
  4. Once PO is received, we hold an internal meeting to discuss design, upcoming fabrication, assembly, and QC and decide on the work schedule and set an overall direction of work.
  5. Mold design. Design a pattern CATIA DATA based on the meeting results with a customer and internal manufacturing standards.
  6. Six members of the team from the management, R&D, C/F, tooling teams hold internal meetings twice a week to discuss production progress and results. Executives and staff discuss quality status and improvement methods every first Monday of the month.
  7. Mold fabrication. Casting -> CNC machining -> semi finishing -> finishing and assembly -> quality control -> try-outs.
  8. In the middle of project and after mold production is completed, project manager, mold designer, and mold trial technician go over the mold check list to audit the completed products.


In addition to being a mold and fixture manufacturer, we also provide engineering and design analysis for our clients. Such services include:


Material Analysis Support

  • Substrate visual and dimensional tests
  • Analysis of fabric properties: shrinkage and elongation
  • Material used for mold analysis


R&D Support

  • 2D and 3D mold and checking fixture design support and modeling
  • Custom mold making process analysis
  • Mold production process improvements
  • Process and equipment evaluation


Prototype Development Support

  • Study mold’s performance
  • Analysis of prototype testing conditions
  • Develop prototype mold try-out process
Automotive Soft Acoustic Trim Mold Fixtures

Interior Trim: Headliner, Door, Underbody Prototype Molds

Our design and engineering team is capable of supplying prototype (pirot) molds for small production of interior trim samples to verify product design and quality of mass-produced parts. Commonly, such molds are used for smaller productions of up to 100 parts. Soft trim acoustic prototype molds are made using aluminum (AL) material and produced either using Aluminum casting and Aluminum block before CNC machining; wooden and resin materials can also be applied for simple and low pressure types of processes.

Headliner Door Trim Interior Molds Jigs

Tryout Facility for Interior Soft Trim Molds

Our facility is equipped with 200ton and 250 ton hydraulic presses, oil heaters, steam boilers, heating oven, PU foaming machine for interior trim mold tryouts and prototype mold tryouts. This facility is used for mold prototype production and for sample parts production for client’s review. It is also used for small batch production of trim parts for clients for their R&D projects.

Checking Fixtures for Automotive Acoustic Soft Interior Trim

Floor Carpet and Luggage Checking Fixtures

Floor Carpet Checking Fixture
Floor Carper Checking Fixture Soft Trim
Floor Carper Checking Fixture Trim
Luggage Mat Checking Fixture

Headliner Checking Fixtures

Headliner Checking Fixture
Headliner Checking Fixture Automotive
Headliner Checking Fixture Interior Automotive
Headliner Checking Fixture Soft Trim

Automotive Acoustic Trim Manufacturing Facility | Headliner, Carper, Mat, Dash Inner & Outer, Diffusor, Wheel Guard

Headliner Carpet Mold production facility
Headliner Carpet Mold manufacturing facility
CNC machining zone for mold fixture interior trim
CNC machining area for headliner mold trim production
CNC machining area for mold fixture production interior trim
CNC machining center area for interior mold trim production

CNC Machinery, Lathes, Milling Machinery and Ovens

Our facility is equipped with CNC Milling Machinery, Drilling, Milling, Die Spotting Presses, EDM machinery.

300 ton hydraulic presses for mold trial
300 Ton Hydraulic Press for Mold Trial
300 ton hydraulic press for cutting tool trial
300 Ton Hydraulic Press for Cutting Tool Trial
200 ton hydraulic press for headliner
200 Ton Hydraulic Press for Headliner Mold Fixture Trial
Milling machine interior trim mold fixture
Milling Machine for Interior Trim Mold and Fixture Supply
CNC machine for interior trim checking fixture mold
CNC Machine for Automotive Interior Trim Checking Fixture and Mold Manufacturing
CNC machine for interior trim mold
CNC Machine for Acoustic Soft Trim Mold Production
CNC machine for interior trim
CNC Machine for Interior Trim Mold and Fixture Production
Lathes mold fixture interior trim
Lathe Machines Mold Fixture Trim
Material Heating electric oven
Material Heating Electric Oven

Automotive Interior Trim Acoustic and Soft Trim Thermoforming and Compression Molds and Checking Fixtures

Lightweight Composite and Thermoforming Interior Trim Acoustic and Soft Trim Molds

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