Aluminum Fittings & Valves

Compression Fittings and Valves for Split Air Conditioning and Heating Applications

Aluminum fittings and valves are designed to connect copper, aluminum, and polyamide coated aluminum tubing.


Made with 7000 series aluminum, with lead content less than 0.01%, our aluminum fittings & valves are installed using the patented connection method with no welding, special equipment, or lubricants required.


More affordable than traditional copper connectors, LPR’s aluminum fittings guarantee outstanding durability, zero leakage, and easy fastening.

Improve the quality of your air conditioning and heating connections with our innovative and cost effective aluminum fittings and service valves.

Aluminum Tube Fittings, Valves

Aluminum Tube Fittings & Valves | Air Conditioning


Developed to meet the improvement requests from the air conditioning and heating systems manufacturers, our innovative aluminum tube fittings and valves can be installed using the threaded Lok-fitting connection method when no welding is required. Assembled with moderate torque rate, our aluminum  fittings and valves provide clear visual confirmation of the installation. Requiring less installation time than other conventional solder joint copper fittings, our products ensure the labor and equipment costs reductions.


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Original Lok ferrules and O-rings provide complete airtight sealing. The anti-slip clip tightly grabs a tube providing stable and proper installation. Our fittings are specially designed so that the ferrule will not be assembled if inserted in a wrong direction. Any worker can fasten the fitting, as no training is required.

Our fittings and valves can be used in conjunction with different types of tubes, including copper, aluminum, and the new products on the market – polyamide coated aluminum and powder coated aluminum.


Manufacturer of Aluminum Fittings and Valves

LPR’s fittings and valves are manufactured in South Korea.
We are committed to providing the highest quality products to our clients, supplying products to the major global corporations including Carrier Korea, Samsung Electronics, and Winia.


Aluminum Tube Fittings & Valves Advantages

  • Thread Lok-fitting connection method instead of welding method
  • Easy to install: no special skills or tools required
  • Specially designed ferrules and O-rings provide superior airtight seal
  • Anodized surface increases hardness, durability, corrosion, and wear resistance

Complying with the strengthened Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive, the material used for our fittings and valves is 7000 series aluminum alloy with lead content less than 0.01%.


pdf-iconAluminum Fittings & Valves for A/C Systems

We offer a complete line of aluminum fittings and valves for commercial and residential air conditioning systems market. Available in different sizes, from 1/4 to 3/4 inches, and for various applications, we supply aluminum service valves, union fittings, tube welding nipples, service valve connectors, elbows and other products.

Aluminum Service Valves | Aluminum Nipples

We now offer aluminum service valves and nipples which make use of our patented connection technology, removing the need for special equipment or lubricants. Replace traditional leaky brass service valves and nipples with easily installed and safe aluminum products which come joined to aluminum or aluminum and copper tubes.

Aluminum Tube Fittings and Valves Product Range

Product Code
Service Valve (S/V)
Service ValveService valve partsL2GSVC2W-S41/4”
Reducer Union (2G)
Aluminum ReducerAluminum Reducer PartsL2GRU-S4-S61/4”-3/8”
Union Fitting (4G)
Aluminum UnionAluminum Union PartsL4GU-S41/4”
Tube Welding Nipple (2G)
Aluminum NippleAluminum Nipple PartsL2GTSW-S41/4”
S/V Female Connector (2G)
S/V ConnectorS/V Connector PartsL2GFC-S41/4”
Elbow (2G)
Aluminum ElbowL2GUE-S41/4”

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