Hybrid Stepper Motors | Optimized Winding and Torque

High Torque HB Stepper Motors for Medical 3D Printers, Scanners and Ophthalmic Equipment | Planetary and Spur Gears

Hybrid stepper motors are critical where precise position and speed are both required. Our synchronous hybrid stepper motors are offered in unipolar and bipolar phases, with 1.8° standard step angles, providing combined benefit of permanent magnet stepper motors, and variable reluctance motors. With both standard and custom rotary frame sizes from NEMA 16, 17, 23, and 24, and customized dynamic torques settings, hybrid stepper motors are exceptionally reliable across various torque settings, making them suitable for motion control applications requiring high torque, accuracy, power, and repeatability for high speed to low speed applications.


Our hybrid stepper motor design engineers provide customized and optimized motor specifications like speed motor frames, motor lengths, shaft size and lengths, electrical configurations, optimized windings, customized leads and connectors with each client because when global clients seek us for new hybrid stepper motors, they are also in the process of developing a new equipment. They require our stepper motor engineering expertise to find the motor that can accommodate their exact needs.


Our rotary hybrid stepper motors are being installed globally in multi-axis CNC machinery, robotics, process automation systems, automotive components, electronic banking machines (ATMs), medical 3D scanning devices, medical analyzers, ophthalmic diagnosis machines, and 3D printers in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Hybrid Stepper Motors for High Holding Torque Motion Control

Hybrid Stepper Motors, a type of DC synchronous motor with precise angular control, and high torque, plays one of the most important role in a motion control system. LPR’s hybrid stepper motors are made in Korea to have long service life and require no maintenance, because their rugged brushless designs make them stable for even high-temperature environments. Hybrid synchronous stepper motors combine the best features of PM and VR stepper motors, with powerful internal permanent magnet rotors that ensure constant speed, while the multi-toothed stator pole sets allow precise positioning without skipping steps. Our hybrid stepper motors are equipped with low resistance windings in 2 phases that are energized with a DC for high speed, and high-performance ball bearings for accurate and reliable rotary motions.

These stepper motors are best-in-class for mechanical and electrical sturdiness, improved holding torque, and repeatability of movement.

Hybrid Stepper Motor Models | Low to High-Speed Applications 

We specialize in hybrid stepper motors in square or conventional round-bodied options, equipped with a mounting flange containing tapped holes in each corner for secure fastening. The comprehensive stepper motor product range includes unipolar stepper motor drives for high-speed performance and bipolar stepper motor drives for increased torque and high-efficiency applications. We offer hybrid stepper motors with planetary gear configuration for high holding torque but also a spur type gear configuration for lower holding torque applications.


All of our hybrid stepper motors operate with low noise, minimal vibration, and reduced resonance for smooth rotation. Precisely controlled movements of automated pick and place robotics, laser cutters, and medical scanners can be achieved with these stepper motors through open-loop control system to eliminate the use of optical encoders or position sensors. However, these hybrid stepper motors are also compatible with a closed-loop stepper system for even better performance.

NEMA 24 (60 mm) PDF Icon 60Q Series 

The 60Q Series hybrid stepper motors are the preferred choice for applications requiring high inertia. These 60Q Series are NEMA 24 motors that are slightly larger than our standard 56Q Series and offer higher torque and more precise positioning. Available in 3 motor lengths, they have increasing torques of 98-206 Ncm for unipolar models and 137-265 Ncm for bipolar models.

Check out the 60Q Series product datasheet to see the Speed-Torque Performance Curve and specifications of the 60Q Series.


Phases: Unipolar & Bipolar

Holding Torque Range: 98-265 Ncm

Motor Length Range: 54-85 mm

NEMA 23 (56 mm) PDF Icon | 56Q Series 

The robust NEMA 23 hybrid stepper motor 56Q series provide high power density and high accuracy, making them suitable for 3D printers, CNC machines, pick and place equipment, laser cutters and linear actuators. They are available in 3 motor body diameter types with various torque options from 39 Ncm to 52 Ncm for unipolar, and 55 Ncm to 185 Ncm for bipolar windings. 56Q Series are equipped with the spur type gears but special designs that involves planetary gears can be accommodated.


Find out more about the NEMA 23 hybrid stepper motor range in the 56Q Series datasheet.


Phases: Unipolar & Bipolar

Holding Torque Range: 39-185 Ncm

Motor Length Range: 42.5-76.5 mm

NEMA 23 (56 mm) Round PDF Icon 56R Series  

The NEMA 23 56R series are 1.8-degree hybrid stepper motors that are standard, round-bodied designs ideal for low torque applications requiring lower inertia and higher speeds. The unipolar motor range consists of 4 models with either 49 Ncm or 59 Ncm torque.


View the 56R Series product datasheet for detailed specifications and performance data.


Phase: Unipolar

Holding Torque Range: 49 or 59 Ncm

Motor Length Range: 51 or 56 mm

NEMA 17 (42 mm) PDF Icon | 42Q Series for Medical 3D Printers, Scanners and Ophthalmic Diagnosis Equipment

Our The NEMA 17 42Q series are is a hybrid stepper motor models are NEMA 17 stepper motors that are compact in size, and and commonly used for limited space, making them excellent choice for robotics, 3D printers or prototype machines, digital dental photography devices and smaller CNC machines. They are also applicable for some robotics and process automation. Unipolar drive stepper motor has a power output from 18 Ncm to 39 Ncm, while bipolar models come with torque ranges from 24 Ncm to 49 Ncm. This selection of powerful motors has 3 diameter options, ranging from 34 to 48 mm. The 42Q series can be equipped with both planetary gear heads or spur gears depending on the required torque.


For more information about the NEMA 17 steppers, view the 42Q Series product datasheet containing the complete model list and Torque/Speed Curve data.


Phases: Unipolar & Bipolar

Holding Torque Range: 18-49 Ncm

Motor Length Range: 34-48 mm

NEMA 16 (39 mm) PDF Icon | 39Q Series

The 39Q series hybrid stepper motors are NEMA 16 motors designed to be compact and slim, making them ideal for space-critical applications. They are available in 2 powerful torque options, housed in either 25-mm or 34-mm motor bodies for more efficient motion control.


View the 39Q Series product datasheet for further details.


Phase: Bipolar

Holding Torque Range: 13 or 18 Ncm

Motor Length Range: 25 or 34 mm

Integrated Stepper Motor SystemMotor Customizations | Shaft Modifications | Electrical Modifications

Our stepper motors can be easily combined with different configuration options to suit a diverse range of motion control. Customizable components of stepper motors include motor windings, shafts, and motor leads and connectors. All modifications are simple, maintenance-free, and ensure a longer lifetime of operation.


Advanced motor customization capabilities include:

    • Machining for encoders
    • Flywheel
    • Gearbox
    • Mounting bracket
    • Leadscrew
    • Pulley and gear
    • Damper and gear
    • Shaft Type : Single Type, Double Type, Single Geared Type, Double Geared Type


These hybrid synchronous stepper motors can be controlled in full-step, double-step, and half-step drive modes. They can also be paired with micro stepper controllers for a smoother, more accurate control over shaft position control and finer resolution.


Special Gear-type Hybrid Stepper Motors for Amplified Torque and Improved Acceleration

NEMA 23 (56 mm) with Gearhead PDF Icon | 56Q Geared Series

The 56Q Geared Series is a geared 1.8° hybrid stepper motor in NEMA 23 frame size.


Phases: Unipolar & Bipolar

Holding Torque Range: 39.23-185.35 Ncm

Motor Length Range: 42.5-76.5 mm

NEMA 17 (42 mm) with Gearhead PDF Icon | 42Q Geared Series 

The 42Q Geared Series is NEMA 17 with add-on gearbox options of 1/10 and 1/18 gear ratios.


Phases: Unipolar & Bipolar

Holding Torque Range: 58.84 Ncm

Motor Length Range: 54 or 56.5 mm

Step Angle: 0.10 or 0.18

HB Stepper Motor Applicable Industries 

Our HB stepper motors have been supplied to manufacturers in the following industries:

    • Factory and machinery automation/pick and place robotics/CNC spindle machining
    • Medical Liquid Handling Robots
    • ATM machinery
    • Automatic Document Feeders (Printers, Scanners)
    • 3D printers
    • Medical equipment – ophthalmic diagnostics or eye examination devices
    • Automotive components

Hybrid Synchronous Stepper Motor Manufacturing Site and Client Base

Our hybrid synchronous stepper motor manufacturing site in South Korea houses state-of-the-art machineries for end-to-end production, from machining precise motor components to the final assembly. This facility follows strict quality control and quality assurance procedures for the in-house production of hybrid stepper motors since 1978; earning the confidence from the world’s leading manufacturers, such as Samsung Electro-Mechanics (Samsung Electronics), Xerox (Korea & UK), Hyosung TNS, ShindoRicho, HP (USA & Singapore), Olivetti (Italy), Nidec (Japan), MMI System/Seagate (Singapore), Cannon (Korea), LG CNS, and Pactra.


Standard and customized solutions can be delivered to OEM and custom machine builders in low to high volumes. Explore our complete product portfolio in the 1.8° hybrid stepper motor catalog or contact LPR’s expert consultants so that we can help you find the best hybrid stepper motor for your requirements.

Stepper Motors with Planetary Gear Heads for 3D Dental Scanners

Nema 17 Stepper Motor suitable for Scanners and IT Medical system | 42Q Geared Series


Stepper motor and driver plays a significant role in the performance of 3D printers and 3D scanners as much as it does on the precision of the automated milling machine’s performance.

Our dental scanner manufacturer client was looking for a hybrid stepper motor that could be used in a compact designed dental reader and allow the delivery of high-quality digital scanned images for dental clinics’ uses while still providing high power. For their application, our 42Q series stepper motor equivalent to Nema 17 was recommended. For 3D dental scanner application, motor length between 34mm to 48mm is suitable. But for this client, motor length of 34mm was supplied, with a holding torque of 58.84 Ncm, rotor inertia of 38g cm2, and a step angle of 1.8 degrees.

Check out NEMA 17 Stepper Motor 42Q Series product datasheet to get more information about it’s ranging torque speed curve.

Stepper Motor with Planetary Gear Heads for 3D Scanner

Stepper Motors for Automated Document Feeders

Nema 23 Stepper Motor suitable for Automated Document Feeder | 56Q Geared Series


Japan-based global printer and photocopier machine manufacturer decided to outsource all the hybrid stepper motors needed for the ADF (Automated Document Feeder) section of their printers after consulting with our design engineers. They were looking for a reliable partner to manufacture all their NEMA 23 rotary hybrid steppers so that their ADF can pull and push passing documents through their machines with a positioning accuracy of less than 5%. We offered a hybrid rotary stepper motor model 56Q series with customized design and a holding torque of 0.4Nm. This client decided to exclusively source all their motors from our shop because our engineering team proactively managed this project by co-developing the motor specification that would precisely fit the ADF function and customizing the hybrid stepper motor specifications regardless of the order size. Then, we provided sample stepper motors based on this design, and observed its fit on the Automated Document Feeder section together with our client.

Hybrid stepper motor’s specification needs to be adjusted depending on the type of ADF, the size of papers going through the printer or photocopier, and the operating speed of the machine. The general holding torque for this application is in between 0.1Nm to 0.5Nm.


Check out NEMA 23 Stepper Motor 56Q Series product datasheet to get more information about it’s ranging torque speed curve.

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