Automotive Tube Cutting and Forming Machines

Metal Forming Machines for Tubes & Pipes

LPR Global’s Metal Forming Machines perform Tube Cutting, Tube End Forming, Chamfering, Pipe Drilling and Saw Cutting processes on metal tubes, pipes and rods that are sub-assembled to make exhaust systems, transmission parts, cooling systems and other automotive components.


All machines are equipped with quick tool change systems and can produce a wide range of models using customizable tools and dies. PLC programming capabilities include Siemens, Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Fanuc and Omron.


We provide customized metal forming machines for all applications in the automotive, home appliance and general manufacturing industries, where highly precise and automated mass production lines are required.

Tube Forming Machines for Automotive Exhaust Systems and Shafts

Pipe Cutting Machines | Steel Tube Cutting


LPR’s Automatic Pipe Cutting Machines are ideal for making stainless steel exhaust pipes, impact beams, cross bars, and steel pipes for machine frames. The hinged cutting head is a saw blade with a diameter ranging from 265 mm to 315 mm. The machine can achieve cutting speeds of 2-4 seconds for pipes with an outer diameter of 50 mm or more.


Machine Features

  • Cutting Speed: 2-4 seconds for pipe outer diameter of 50 mm
  • Cutting Length: 50-2000 mm with automatic unloader
  • Data Entry Capability: The customer can input the desired cut length, production volume, transferring speed and scrap length
  • Pipe Bundle Stacking: Bundle type up to 2500kgs
  • Cutting Head: Hinge type with saw blade diameter 265-315 mm
  • Applications: Steel Pipes for Machine Frames, Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipes
Hydraulic Pipe Cutting Machine with Hinge Type Cutting Head
Pipe Bundle Type Loading Up To 2,500
Ejection System of Hydraulic Pipe Cutting Machine

Pipe Cutting Machine with Hinged Cutting Head

Automatic Bundle Loader (Max 2500 kg)

Cutting Machine Ejection System

Tube End Forming Machines | Exhaust Pipe Manufacturing


Tube and Pipe End Forming Machines perform Expanding, Reducing, Swaging, Notching and Curling functions on pipe ends. Various machine designs are possible for the automotive, home appliance and fabrication industries based on cycle time and line layout. Our machines can come with up to four forming heads or with one forming head and an integrated leak tester, as per customer requirements. The single or multiple end forming heads move linearly over the workpiece while customized tool sets create the desired end profiles. We supply standard and customized end forming machines to global automotive companies that manufacture exhaust manifolds, exhaust mufflers, driveshafts, and other powertrain components. Learn about our range of Muffler Manufacturing Machines here.

2 Head Standard End Forming Machine
3 Head End Forming Machine
4 Head End Forming Machine

Tube End Forming Machine

(Two Head)

Tube End Forming Machine

(Three Head)

Tube End Forming Machine

(Four Head)

End Profiles | Tube End Forming Machine

Double Flanged Pipe

Curved Expanded Pipe

Straight Expanded Pipe

Both Ends Forming

Pipe Drilling Machines | Automotive Door Frames, Exhaust Pipes, Crossbars


Our Drilling Machines are used to create holes in door frames, sensor bosses in muffler pipes, holes in bent cowl cross bars, and evenly spaced, equal diameter holes in straight cowl cross bars. Each machine comes with changeable jigs for several models. For safety, the machine automatically confirms the correct drill units, hole distance and number of holes before loading or proceeding to the next process. We are proud to deliver machines that produce perfect holes with minimal to no burr problems.

Pipe Hole Drilling Machines

Pipe Hole Drilling Machine Layout

Chamfering Machines | Tube Forming and Piercing


Our versatile Chamfering Machines can perform double end tube cutting, end forming for calibration, and ID/OD chamfering. Each unit is equipped with two sets of cutting heads, two forming units and two chamfering units. We design high performance yet compact machines that occupy minimum floor space by placing the hydraulic and electric units on top of the machine frame. An automatic ejection system is fitted at the bottom rear panel, where scraps are conveyed to a scrap box or trolley.

Chamfering Machine Layout
Chamfering Machine Tooling

Chamfering Machine Layout

Chamfering Machine Tooling

Saw Cutting Machines | Exhaust Manifold Fabrication


We provide customized automatic Saw Cutting machines, ideal for producing angular ends on metal formed pipes. They are well-suited for clients involved in exhaust manifold fabrication and tail pipe fabrication. Our saw cutting machines have two modes, allowing users to easily switch between manual and automatic use. All of our machines automatically change tooling based on the automotive model, which is useful for customers who produce several different types of tubes.


The machine consists of four main assembly components: cutting slide, clamp, spindle and cover slide. Our product range includes Hydraulic Saw Cutting Machine, Servo Saw Cutting Machine and Servo Saw Cutting Machine with Tool Turntable.

Saw Cutting Machine | Automotive Metal Forming Equipment
Saw Cutting Machine | Automotive Metal Forming Equipment

Tube End Forming Machines and Custom Tooling

Tube End Forming Machine (Two Head)


This model comes with 2 independent forming heads for expanding and reducing, driven by a common hydraulic tank. Poka-Yoke techniques have been implemented on either side of the heads. In addition, all our end forming machines are equipped with a special device to prevent tool damage.

2 Head Tube End Forming Machine
2 Head Tube End Forming Machine
Reducing Tool and Reduced Tool End
Slotting Tool and Slotted Pipe End
Expanding Tool and Expanded Pipe End

Reducing Tool and Reduced Pipe End

Slotting Tool and Slotted Pipe End

Expanding Tool and Expanded Pipe End

Tube End Forming Machine

One Head-140 & Leak Tester


This model contains 1 forming head for reducing, swaging and expanding, and a leak tester.

1 Head-140 & Leak Tester

Pipe Swaging End Forming Machine

Pipe End Swaging Machine

Pipe Swaging End Forming Machine and Swaged Pipe End

Chamfering Machines


The top part of the machine frame contains an electrical panel box and a hydraulic unit. At the bottom rear panel, scraps are ejected and conveyed to a scrap box or trolley through a sloped ejection path. As a safety feature, the ejection door is automatically locked while the machine is running.

Chamfering Machine with Tube Cutting and Forming

  • Cutting: Saw Cutting
  • Chamfering: Simultaneous ID and OD Chamfering
  • Forming: Two-step forming process achieving tight tolerances for tube roundness

Chamfering Machine with Tube Cutting, Forming, and Piercing

  • Cutting: Saw Cutting
  • Chamfering: Simultaneous ID and OD Chamfering
  • Forming: Two-step forming process achieving tight tolerances for tube roundness
  • Piercing: Includes automatic air-feeding and motor-controlled drill
Chamfering Machine with Cutting and Forming
Chamfering Machine with Cutting, Forming and Piercing

Chamfering Machine Layout | Cutting, Forming, Piercing and Chamfering Units

Drilling Machines | Automotive Body and Exhaust Parts

Hole Drilling Machines for Door Frames


The Door Frame Drilling Machine is designed for making curtain holes. This self-feeding model, controlled by a servo motor and ball screw, is engineered with high-tolerance chucks that are ideal for automotive part manufacturers. The servo motor technology rotates the pipes with precision to find the hole location, while an air cylinder operates the clamping action.

Automotive Door Frame Hole Drilling Machine

Hole Drilling Machines for Exhaust Pipes and Mufflers


Designed for use on exhaust system muffler pipes, this machine drills over the welded areas of oxygen sensor bosses. It contains an automatic hydraulic feeding system and a clamping system controlled by air cylinders.

Automotive Pipe Drilling Machines

Hole Drilling Machines for Straight Car Crossbars


This model can drill multiple holes of equal diameters on straight pipes. It includes a self-feeding feature and NC programming to control the hole location and angle. Servo motor technology controls the pipe rotations, and location is determined by the X axis using a servo motor, ball screw and linear module. The machine also contains an air cylinder to power the chuck, and automatic oil spraying for easy maintenance.

Straight Cowl Cross Pipe Multi Hole Drilling Machine

Hole Drilling Machines for Bent Car Crossbars


Used on bent cowl cross bars, this model can drill multiple holes simultaneously on bent pipes. It is equipped with an air-controlled feeding system, with clamping powered by air cylinders. This machine is ideal for reducing cycle times in automotive part production lines.

Multi-Hole Drilling Machine for Bent Pipes

Saw Cutting Machines


Two-Head Saw Cutting Machines are used by our clients in the automotive industry to reduce cycle time and improve efficiency. The machine has 4 main assembly components: cutting slide, clamp, spindle and cover slide. Once the workpiece is loaded on the check fixture, the material is indexed and the cutting location is marked. The clamp unit secures the workpiece while the slide unit moves down to cut the pipe.

Saw Cutting Machine (Two Head) for Automotive Door Frames


The Two-Head Door Frame Saw Cutting Machine is our basic model. It uses a geared motor and belt pulley to control the spindle, while vertical head movement is achieved using a hydraulic cylinder and linear module. The hydraulic cylinder also operates the clamping action.

2 Head Hydraulic Door Frame Saw Cutting Machine

Servo Saw Cutting Machine (Two Head)


This model contains a servo-controlled infeed, allowing users to customize the cutting speed based on their tube profile complexity. Similar to our basic model, the spindle is controlled by a geared motor and belt pulley, and vertical head movement is controlled by servo motor, balls screws and a linear module. With changeable tool units, this machine provides great versatility along with superior precision.

2 Headed Servo Saw Cutting Machine

Horizontal Saw Cutting Machine (Two Head)


With our Horizontal 2 Head Saw Machine, users can input different cutting speeds based on their door frame shapes. Its design and features are similar to the 2 Head Servo Saw Cutting Machine.

Horizontal Type 2 Head Saw Machine

Servo Saw Cutting Machine (Two Head) with Turntable


This model includes a rotating tool table loaded with 4 different die shapes. The motorized turntable improves production efficiency by reducing tool changing time and machine downtime. Using a servo-controlled infeed, clients can customize the cutting infeed time for various tube end profiles.

Servo Turn Table Type 2 Headed Saw Cutting Machine

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