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We specialize in design revision, fabrication, assembly, and installation of steel mill equipment and components for the full iron and steel production facilities from steel making line with special focus on steel mini mills (EAF), to casting, and rolling line and the processing line. Working in partnership with turn-key plant builders in the Steel industries, we provide reliable and competitive components, entire machines, to line segments.


Headquartered in Daegu with a service center in Dangjin, our manufacturing plants are optimally located close to South Korea’s 2 major steel producers, POSCO and Hyundai Steel. We have been serving the steel industry since 1987 as a reputable manufacturer of steel manufacturing and processing plants and equipment, as well as a service provider for refurbishing and upgrading existing steel billet, slab, strip, and plate producing lines.

Steel Manufacturing Equipment Design and Fabrication Capabilities:


Since establishing our manufacturing plant 33 years ago, we have been the go-to source for for South Korea’s steel industry for engineering and fabrication of steel production plants.


Our steel industry expertise covers design and fabrication of continuous casting lines, hot and cold rolling mills including plate rolling, cooling and leveling mills, strip rolling mills, and all essential components required in each mill. A significant portion of our business also comes from repair, refurbishment and upgrades of equipment and lines in existing iron and steel manufacturing mills. Focusing on the technical needs of our customers and developing customized solutions for steel producers and Tier 1 clients has been the key to our international competitiveness.


Our fabrication, assembly and installation portfolio for the steel mill equipment – casting plant, hot and cold rolling mills, and steel processing mills include the following:


  • Electric Arc Furnace for Mini Mills
  • Horizontal Continuous Casting Plants for Strips, Billets and Steel Profiles
  • Hot Rolling Mill
  • Cold Rolling Mill
  • Intermediate Mill
  • Finishing Lines – Cooling Beds
  • Strip Bending Machine
  • Binding Machine
  • Coil Processing Equipment – Levelers, Rotary Shears, Tempering Mills
  • Mill Components: Dummy bars, Casting platforms, Roller Tables, Roller Aprons, Crops, Shears and Strip Uncoilers, Diving Shears
  • Rollers – Pinch Rolls, Leveling Rolls, Guide Rolls, Work Rolls, Bridle Rolls. For more information about our roll manufacturing capability, please visit our Steel Roll Page
Withdrawal and Straightening Equipment
Steel Mill Laminated Hook

Steel Making Plant – Electric Arc Furnace Melting


Design, fabrication and installation of electric arc furnaces for melting scrap steel and direct reduced iron. We have fabricated 80 to 150 ton capacity electric arc furnaces, furnace components, and performed electric arc furnace refurbishment projects for multiple steel mills.

Electric Arc Furnace Projects for Steel Making Plants

Electric Arc Furnace for Steel Mills - 150 Ton Capacity

150 Ton Capacity Electric Arc Furnace

Electric Furnace Top Shell 100 Ton

Electric Furnace Top Shell

Electric Arc Furnace Gantry for Steel Mills - 80 tons

Electric Arc Furnace Gantry

Electric Arc Furnace 100ton capacity for Steel Mills

100 Ton Capacity Electric Arc Furnace

Electric Furnace Shell - Lower Bowl

Electric Furnace Lower Shell

Steel Mill Fork Lift

Steel Mill Fork Lift Fabrication

Continuous Casting Plant Design and Fabrication

We provide engineering and fabrication of continuous casting plants for extrusion billets, blooms, slabs and strips to ensure that our steel making clients can produce strips and billets of consistent and long lasting quality. Our machines can cast carbon and stainless steel slabs and strips with wide ranges of thickness and width, from ultra thick to thin.

Related equipment and components for fabrication, replacement, and upgrades include roller tables or discharge sections, casting platforms, roller aprons, slab dummy bars, dummy bar heads, casting slab segments, straightening equipment and replacement rolls.

Engineering and Fabrication of Continuous Casting Plant for Strips and Billets

Design and Fabrication of Continuous Casting Line

Continuous Casting Line Roller Table Discharge

Continuous Casting Line Roller Table | Roller Discharge

Casting Slab Segment

Casting Slab Segment

Steel Rolling Mill Design and Fabrication


Heavy Plate Rolling Mill

Our plate rolling mills produce flat plates for a longer time without requiring tool changes, taking into consideration the end user’s desired plate rolling force. We produce complete solutions from sections to full lines as well as all replacement components for plate rolling, plate cooling and plate leveling. Please visit our Steel Rolls page to learn about our replacement rolls including leveling rolls, pinch rolls and guide rolls.


Hot Strip Mill Design and Fabrication

Our hot strip mills produce flat steel strips in a variety of thicknesses and grades of carbon steel and stainless steel. The hot strip mill portfolio includes roughing stands, transfer tables, finishing stands, slab sizing press, cooling sections, coilboxes and downcoilers.

Plate Mill Design and Fabrication

Plate Mill Project

Hot Strip Mill Design and Fabrication

Hot Strip Mill Project

Plate Mill Line Hot Leveler Cassette Assembly

Plate Mill Hot Leveler Cassette Assembly

Plate Mill Finishing Mill Guide Assembly

Plate Mill Finishing Mill Guide Assembly

Plate Mill Work Roll Coupling

Plate Mill Work Roll Coupling

Plate Mill Finishing Line Roller Assembly

Plate Mill Finishing Line Roller Assembly

Plate Mill Roll Chock

Plate Mill Roll Chock

Section Mill Roughing and Finishing Line

Section Mill Roughing and Finishing Line

Steel Manufacturing Mill Project Experiences


Our top clients consist of major steel producers and Tier 1 engineering & equipment providers, who we regularly supply with steel mills as well as refurbished and upgraded components and equipment. Some of our clients include POSCO E&C, Hyundai Steel and Hyundai Rotem, Nippon Steel, and more. Please see below a list of our steel mill project references.

pdf-iconSteel Making Plant Design & Fabrication Project References

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