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Our fabrication shops specialize in steel mill equipment modules and parts used in melt shops, continuous casting plants, hot strip lines, plate mills, rolling mills and section mills. Known as the market leader of steel equipment technology in South Korea, we provide entire continuous casting line fabrication to global engineering companies who supply global steel mill clients with new equipment or rebuilding services. In addition to our fabrication of tundish, mold, oscillator and segments for the continuous casting lines we also design, engineer and manufacture copper molds, oscillators and down coiler lines for hot strip mills.


Recent projects include a 650-ton roughing and finishing mill train for Hyundai Steel and a 550-ton furnace charging rack bar for POSCO. The scope of the two projects included cold running the entire line at our facility located just 90 minutes from Busan Port in Korea. Our manufacturing plants are certified with ISO 9001 and ISO14001, and are equipped with a large sized planer, CNC machining centers and several cranes, each capable of handling up to 50 tons.


Our manufacturing-to-print clients include Fives ST, SMS Group, Danieli, Primetals and SPCOSG. Our Asia-based clients include POSCO, Nippon Steel, Hyundai Steel, Dongkuk Steel and Dongbu Steel, with whom we have worked for over 35 years.

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Continuous Casting Line, Plate Mill and Hot and Cold Rolling Mill Equipment Fabrication


Since our main manufacturing facilities opened in 1987, we have grown from being a segment and assembly manufacturer for South Korea’s domestic steel industry to being an engineering and manufacturing partner for major steel mills worldwide. Throughout this period, we have maintained expertise and quality in fabricating and assembling equipment components for continuous casting lines, hot rolling and cold rolling mills, including plate rolling, strip rolling and section rolling mills. A significant portion of our business is dedicated to working with global engineering companies who repair and upgrade existing equipment and lines in iron and steel mills operating in Asia, as well as companies who design, engineer, manufacture and install new lines in steel mills operating in USA, Canada and Europe.


Continuous Casting Slab Segment Side View
120 Ton Segment for Continuous Casting Line
120 Ton Segment for Continuous Casting Line
Online Roll Profiler Frame Assembly
Online Roll Profiler Frame Assembly for Finisher Mill
Oscillator for Continuous Casting
Design and Manufacturing of Mold & Oscillators
Beam Blank Segment (400x520x140)
400x520x140 Beam Blank Segment

Continuous Casting Line Equipment Fabrication Projects

Our main service is fabricating projects to clients’ specifications. In addition to our main service, we provide design and engineering services for select items, such mold oscillators, beam blank segment, electromagnetic ruler braking mold and EMBr oscillator for continuous casting lines, and down coiler lines for hot strip mills.


We fabricate and manufacture-to-print new and refurbished parts and assemblies for continuous casting plants that produce carbon steel and stainless steel billets, blooms and slabs of various thicknesses and widths:


  • Discharge Roller Tables
  • Beam Blank Segment (400cm x 520cm x 140cm)
  • Pinch Roll Assembly
  • Apron Assembly
  • Withdrawal & Straightening Equipment
  • Slab Segment
  • Slab Dummy Bar
  • Electromagnetic Ruler Braking Mold
  • EMBr Oscillator
  • Mold & Oscillator Design and Fabrication
EMBr Mold Frame for Continuous Casting
Electromagnetic Ruler Braking Mold
Continuous Casting Line Roller Table Discharge | Steel Mill Equipment and Component Manufacturing
Continuous Casting Line Roller Table | Roller Discharge
Casting Slab Segment Fabrication | Steel Mill Equipment and Component Manufacturing
Casting Slab Segment
EMBr Oscillator for Continuous Casting
EMBr Oscillator
Withdrawal and Straightening Equipment Fabrication and Assembly
Withdrawal and Straightening Equipment
Slab Dummy Bar
Slab Dummy Bar

Heavy Plate Rolling Mill Component Fabrication


We fabricate plate mill segment frames, heavy plate mill bloom turners and assemblies for roller feeders, and roller tables for plate mills. Our hot leveler cassette assemblies are designed to minimize downtime for tool changes. Past projects for heavy plate rolling mills include a 120-ton car assembly, table gear box, plate roller table, roll coupling and chock, turn table roller, slab cutting roller table, hot leveler cassette assembly and feed roller assembly.

Feed Roller Assembly
Feed Roller Assembly
Plate Mill Work Roll Coupling | Steel Mill Equipment and Component Manufacturing
Plate Mill Work Roll Coupling
Plate Mill Line Hot Leveler Cassette Assembly | Steel Mill Equipment and Component Manufacturing
Plate Mill Line Hot Leveler Cassette Assembly
Plate Mill Finishing Mill Guide Assembly | Steel Mill Equipment and Component Manufacturing
Plate Mill Finishing Mill Guide Assembly
Plate Mill Finishing Line Roller Assembly | Steel Mill Equipment and Components
Plate Mill Finishing Line Roller Assembly
Plate Mill Roll Chock Fabrication | Steel Mill Component Manufacturing
Plate Mill Roll Chock

Hot Strip Mill Equipment Part Fabrication

We manufacture finishing mill online roll profiler frame assemblies and side frame assemblies for hot strip mills producing flat steel strips. Flat strip mill assemblies, particularly finisher scale breaker frames and work roll changing devices are one of our main strengths. Our comprehensive fabrication portfolio also includes roughing stands, transfer tables, finishing stands, cooling sections and down coilers, and for hot strip mills producing flat steel strips.


We design, engineer, manufacture and automate entire down coiler lines for our large mill clients.

Down Coiler Line Design and Fabrication
Design and Manufacturing of Down Coiler Line

Mill Stand Technology Reduces Roll Surface Defects

Our capacity to develop roll grinding apparatus inside the mill stand offers the unique advantages of extending roll life, reducing vibrations, and minimizing surface defects of the roll.

Online Roll Profiler Frame Assembly
Online Roll Profiler Frame Assembly for Finisher Mill
Hot Strip Mill Finishing Line Side Frame
Finishing Mill Side Frame Assembly

Scale Breaker Technology for Roughing and Finishing Section Mills

Our scale breaker is designed to descale water pressure and roller force to achieve consistent surface finish with minimum scaling for roughing and finishing mills.


Finisher Scale Breaker Frame Assembly
Finisher Scale Breaker Frame Assembly

Section Mill Equipment Component Fabrication

Our portfolio of projects for section mills includes roughing and finishing trains, V-chock assembly, descale roller assembly, bar mill cross traverser, exit car, tilting roller table and cooling bed turner.

Roughing and Finishing Train
Finishing Train
Roughing and Finishing Line for Section Mill
Finishing Train

Electric Arc Furnace Fabrication and Assembly Projects

We are a global leader in fabricating parts for electric arc furnaces (EAFs) for mini melting mills. Our recent projects include parts for furnaces with capacities of 80 tons to 150 tons and with annual production of over 1,000,000 metric tonnes. We manufacture upper and lower furnace shells, furnace gantry systems, rockers, rocker rail, tilt cylinder & tilting platform and laminated hooks for up to 120-ton capacities. Amongst our EAF components, we boast our design and engineering capabilities for gantry systems of up to 80-ton capacities, which sets us apart from competitors who only offer fabrication services.

With successful projects for large- to mini-mills in Korea, Japan, Thailand and China, we are an ideal partner for your large-sized fabrication, refurbishing and assembly needs.

Electric Arc Furnace Fabrication for Steel Mills. 150 Ton Capacity EAF Contract Manufactured. Steel Mill Equipment and Component Manufacturing
150 Ton Capacity Electric Arc Furnace
Steel Mill Equipment and Components - Laminated Hook
120 Ton Laminated Hook
Electric Arc Furnace Gantry - 80 ton Ton Capacity EAF Contract Manufactured. Steel Mill Equipment and Component Manufacturing
80 Ton Electric Arc Furnace Gantry
Electric Arc Furnace capacity of 100 ton Fabrication Project for Steel Mill Client. Steel Mill Equipment and Component
100 Ton Capacity Electric Arc Furnace
Electric Furnace Shell Lower Bowl | Steel Mill Equipment and Component Manufacturing
Electric Furnace Lower Shell
Steel Mill Fork Lift Fabricated and Assembled | Steel Mill Equipment and Components
Steel Mill Fork Lift Fabrication

Steel Manufacturing Mill Project Experiences

Our clientele consists of major iron and steel strip, billet, plates and casting producers, as well as Tier 1 turnkey steel mill producers that outsource the production and refurbishment of their equipment and components. Our long-term clients include POSCO E&C, Hyundai Steel, Hyundai Rotem, Nippon Steel, and more. Our complete steel mill project references are included in the PDF below.


If you are looking for rolls for rolling mills, plate mills or any other segments, our consortium’s roll manufacturer offers a comprehensive range of rolls including furnace rolls, pinch rolls, bridle rolls and guide rolls. Please visit our Steel Rolls page to learn about our rolls.


For coil processing lines, including cut-to-length and slitting lines, please visit our Cut-to-Length and Slitting Lines page to learn how we can minimize knife-changing downtime with our robotic slitter line.


For custom AGCs, push-up cylinders, and mold oscillating cylinders, our Custom Hydraulic Cylinders page provides detailed specifications and engineering examples for your cylinder needs.


pdf-iconSteel Making Plant Design & Fabrication Project References

Mold & Oscillator for Continuous Casting

Project Experience – Mold & Oscillator for Continuous Casting


A project for fabrication of Mold and Oscillator, that was originally designed by SMS, was carried out at POSCO’s Pohang Iron & Steel in Gwangyang, Korea. The 10 months long project involved remodeling and fabrication of the mold and oscillator to accommodate ABB’s agitator with electromagnetic ruler braking (EMBR) technology for thin slab casting. The joint development efforts between LPR, ABB and POSCO delivered a highly cost-effective mold and oscillation solution with increased mold life, high homogeneity of cast steel, improved cast speed, and superior steel cleanliness.

Oscillator for Continuous Casting
Design and Manufacturing of Mold & Oscillators
EMBr Oscillator for Continuous Casting
EMBr Oscillator

EMBr Technology in Continuous Casting


When casting steel slabs, EMBr is an effective way to generate a laminar flow of molten metal within the mold. This laminar flow reduces several surface defects, including due to meniscus freezing, slag entrainment and other intermittent defects. EMBr assists in controlling flow by applying static or moving electromagnetic forces through the core of the strand. The electromagnetic field controls the flow by generating induction current in the strand which in turn generates force or “brakes” opposite to the original flow of the melt. EMBr also effectively doubles the life of the mold due to its ability to streamline the flow of the melt.


Project Scope


Weighing approximately 28tons, a set of 4 mold frames were redesigned in collaboration with POSCO and manufactured to accommodate the ABB EMBr flow control system. The project was undertaken by POSCO, with POSCO E&C being the co-designer and POSCO ICT the system designer, and LPR providing the comprehensive fabrication services.

EMBr Mold Frame for Continuous Casting
Electromagnetic Ruler Braking Mold

Fabrication Challenge


Fabrication of mold is a challenging task, with numerous inbuild cooling channels and the need to handle excessive loads within its constrained dimensions. The cooling system within the mold needs to be designed such that almost 40% of the total superheat and 30% of the sensible heat is removed from the strands through the molds. To achieve this, sophisticated materials in combination with precision welding was used. Additionally, thorough post fabrication testing was conducted, including high pressure water pressure testing at 12 bars, before the molds are cleared for delivery.


LPR having extensive experience in fabrication of complex equipment, such as molds and oscillators for casting lines, takes pride in their state of the art facility, exceptionally skilled workforce, and testing facility. LPR completed the fabrication in time, budget and quality to meet our client’s performance expectations.

CAD Drawing for Oscillator for Continuous Casting
CAD Drawing for Oscillator for Continuous Casting

Refurbishing the Hydraulic Straightener from 800 tons to 900 tons at a Plate Mill

Project Experience – Hydraulic Straightener Refurbishing at a Global-scale Steel Mill


Our engineers were retained by a global scale steel mill in South Korea to refurbish the frame and hydraulic system of a hydraulic straightener, a part of the plate mill at their steel plant. The project was undertaken due to a noticed decrease in equipment performance and visible degradation. The refurbishing project included structural design and operational changes, material upgrades, and replacement of key components resulting in tangible improvements to equipment performance and lifespan.

Existing plate mill at DKC Steel plant prior to refurbishing project
Existing Plate Mill Prior to Refurbishing

Project Scope

The scope of work completed by LPR Global for this project includes the following items: 

  • Initial inspection
  • In-depth diagnosis of problems
  • Proposal of refurbishing works to be completed 
  • Redesign of equipment parts that will be replaced if design flaws are identified
  • Structural repair of the existing equipment and fabrication of replacement parts
  • Quality inspection of replaced equipment
  • Recommissioning of equipment following reassembly

The successful completion of the project resulted in quantifiable benefits to equipment performance and improvements in equipment operability, durability, and maintainability.

Measured Outcomes of Plate Mill Refurbishing Project

NumberItemExisting Equipment/ ConditionsNew Equipment/ Conditions
1Downward Force applied by Hydraulic Cylinder800 ton (based on 4 cylinder operation)900 ton (based on 4 cylinder operation)
2Operating Pressure250 bar280 bar
3Maximum Fluid Velocity208 L/min208 L/min
4Pump SpecificationsFor High Pressure: Gear Pump
For Low Pressure: Vane Pump
Variable Displacement Piston Pump (for all scenarios)
5Pump ControlNoneHorsepower Control
6Hydraulic Piping Port ConnectionSSA Flange Connection (max. pressure 210 bar)SAE Flange Connection (max. pressure 420 bar)
7Hydraulic System Directional ValveConventional/ Standard Solenoid Valve usedSolenoid Valve for Shock Absorption used
8Main Cylinder Speed ControlNoneCylinder speed control method implemented
9Hydraulic System Piping PressurePossibility of high pressure occurring in hydraulic piping during cylinder operation causing damage to pipingPressure relief valve implemented to protect hydraulic piping

Identified Equipment Issues with Existing Hydraulic Straightener

Our initial inspection identified the following issues with the existing straightener and hydraulic system:

  • Bending of the lower base frame due to poor calibration; the existing main frame was constructed in one piece and the upper plate of the frame could not be calibrated independently from the lower plate
  • Damage to the chain cover occurred when steel plates were moved due to improper alignment between the chain and cover
  • Damage to backup rollers occurred when rolling steel plates with large edge wave defects
  • Difficulty maintaining or replacing backup rollers due to limited maintenance space and inability to disassemble the one-piece frame
  • Breakage of the hydraulic piping line caused by vibration during operation due to the loosening of the hydraulic cylinder tie rods (bolts)
  • Poor flow conditions in the hydraulic PT lines (pressure port and return port lines) due to congestion in the pipe
  • Potential for pressure conditions within the existing hydraulic solenoid valve to exceed its maximum rated pressure during main cylinder operation

Refurbishing Works Completed


Design Changes

  • A design change was made to replace the one-piece frame with separate upper and lower plates to eliminate bending in the frame and to allow for maintenance and the replacement of each plate separately
  • An additional static guide was implemented alongside the existing guide roller to prevent damage to the chain cover caused by improper alignment 
Drawing in Elevation View of Existing Guide Roller
Drawing in Elevation View of Existing Guide Roller
Plan View showing added Static Guides
Plan View showing added Static Guides
  • Design changes were made to the cylinder rod to minimize damage to the backup rollers
  • Cylinder speed control was implemented to allow for greater operational control
  • A relief valve was installed in the hydraulic circuit of the main cylinder to prevent damage caused by high pressure conditions

Material Upgrades

  • Change of cylinder tie rod (bolt) material from S45C to SCM440, resulting in a 50% increase in tensile strength to allow the hydraulic cylinder to withstand increased pressures without coming apart
  • The material of the upper plate was changed from SS400 to HARDOX steel, which increased the hardness, tensile strength, and yield strength of the upper plate resulting in a longer component lifespan
  • Replacement of existing SSA Flanges at hydraulic ports to SAE Flanges, resulting in stronger connections able to withstand greater operating pressures
flanges for hydraulic ports on plate mill
Existing SSA Flange, 210 bar rating (left), New SAE Flange, 420 bar rating (right)

Component Replacement

  • A two-stage pressure control system using two pumps was replaced with a single Variable Displacement Pump with horsepower control, resulting in more efficient operation
  • The directional control valve of the hydraulic system was upgraded from a conventional solenoid valve to a shock absorbing solenoid valve; this new valve also enables control of the main spool within the valve, resulting in greater variation in positions
Directional control valves for plate mill hydraulics
Existing Directional Control Valve -Yuken (left), New Shock Absorbing Directional Control Valve - Rexroth (right)

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