Roll Forming Lines | Rotary & Stretch Bending Machinery

Roll Forming Machines | Automotive Door Frame & Chassis Components

Cassette-type roll forming equipment and stretch bending equipment can be used for the production of door frame rails, automotive window tracks, bumpers, and chassis components. Railway cart rails, ship rails and plane components are other transportation applications for roll forming equipment.


High tensile strength steel structural components production equipment. Simulation of flower drawing is performed during the forming equipment design stage for the verification of the metal forming process reliability.


Complete roll forming line stations include – uncoiler/feeder, roll forming, bendingwelding, cutting, and punching.


Client list includes Hyundai, GM, ToyotaHonda, and Nissan; automotive Tier 1 & 2 suppliers Aisin, SNOP, and Dongwon Metal.

Roll Forming Machines and Lines | Automotive, Aerospace, and Construction

LPR Global supplies advanced technology roll forming machines and lines for high demand automotive, aerospace, and construction applications guaranteeing reliability, durability, and line safety. Manufactured in South Korea.

A variety of materials can be processed using LPR’s roll forming, stretch and rotary bending machinery, including, steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, titanium and titanium-zinc alloys.

Specializing in technology oriented towards automotive door frame, window, roof, chassis making machinery and lines, LPR offers standard and customized turn-key solutions including design, development, and installation, in accordance with the client’s requirements.

LPR’s roll forming machines can be used in the production of large volumes of components and small quantities of different types of products. Main roll forming line machine stations include uncoiler/feeder, roll forming, bending, welding, cuttingpunching (customized options available).

Mini roll forming machines are also available.

Enhance productivity with our roll forming machinery systems. LPR Global offers efficient and reliable solutions for your forming needs. Contact us today to learn more about our equipment and capabilities.

Roll Forming Equipment Process

One-Cassette Roll Forming System | Advantages

  • Quicker cassette change time: one cassette system requires 10-15 minutes for a cassette change, while general cassette systems take around 2 hours;
  • No need for experienced labor: operators can immediately start a machine after changing the cassette by connecting the coil to the welder, an experienced operator for a machine line will not be required;
  • No need for overhead cranes: cassette change process can be automated, thus factories do not need to use overhead cranes to change a cassette;
  • High precision;
  • Minimum scrap;
  • High production speed.

On average, LPR’s roll forming machines have 30 stands per cassette. The cassette changing process is fully automated, allowing a cassette to be changed in less than 30 minutes— minimizing tooling exchange time and the downtime of the entire production line.

Roll Forming Line Layout | Automotive Applications

Ultra High Tensile Material: Bumper Beam, Seat Rail, Cross Member

Bumper Beam Rail Machinery

Door Frame, Guide Glass, Window Strip

Door frame rail machinery

Windshield, Door Belt Molding, Door Roof Molding

Windshield, door roof molding Machinery

Roll Forming Line Machine Specifications | Stations

Roll Stand Stage

  • ∅30 ~ ∅80
  • ×15 ~ 40 Stage

Coil Width

  • Max 250mm (1.8t)
Cassettes Roll Forming
Cassettes Roll Forming

Coil Width

  • Max 6 Ton

Line Speed

  • Max 25m/min
Roll Forming Machine
Roll Forming Machine

Pass Line

  • 950mm ~ 1100 mm

Line Threading

  • Left → Right
  • Right → Left
Cold Roll Forming Unit Curtains
Cold Roll Forming Unit Curtains

Roll Forming Machines | Custom Engineered Roll Formers

Delivering state of the art cassette-type roll forming equipment for high precision automotive applications.

Our one-type-cassette forming machines feature a one cassette system, which has 7 cassettes integrated as one, enabling an operator to remove any remaining materials (coils) by cutting them from an uncoiler while leaving any coil materials inside the roller. To start production of a new end product, an operator needs to set up a one-cassette system by connecting a cut-off coil from an uncoiler to the shear-and-welder.

Roll forming equipment for mass production of automotive parts, with an increased production speed of 15~185 m/min allows for a decrease in production time and an increase in capacity.

LPR Global analyses sectional shapes and materials used to guarantee the design accuracy of parts. Specific focus has been made on ultra high tensile materials commonly used to reduce the weight of automobile parts, such as bumper beams, seat rails, cross members, and side sills.

Roll Formed Parts, Car

Automotive Applications | Roll Forming Machinery | Lines

Roll Forming | Automotive Applications
  • Door Frame Rails
  • Window Components
  • Bumper Beams
  • Roof Bows
  • Trim
  • Structural Components
Automotive Window, Door Parts, Roll Forming

LPR Global’s roll forming equipment and lines meet the highest demands of automotive Tier 1 & 2 manufacturers of door frames, bumpers, windows, roofs, and chassis components for Hyundai, GM, Toyota, Honda, Nissan. Our machines have been used by AISIN (Japan), SNOP (France), Dongwon Metal (S.Korea), and Sungwoo Hightech (S.Korea).

LPR’s roll forming and bending machinery meet international quality standards of automotive, aerospace, and construction clients. Certificates include: CE Mark, SQ Mark, TS 16949, and ISO9001:2008.

Project Experience | Door Frame Components Production Line


  • Roll Stand Stage: ⌀ 45×36 Stage
  • Coil Width: Max 250mm (1.2t)
  • Coil Weight: Max 4 Ton
  • Line Speed: 15m/min Max 20m/min
  • Pass Line: 950mm
  • Line Threading: Left → Right

Roll Forming Machine | Major Line Stations

LPR’s roll forming machines can be used in the production of large volumes of components and small quantities of different types of products. Main roll forming line machine stations include uncoiler/feeder, roll forming, bending, welding, cuttingpunching (customized options available).

Forming Rollers
1. Forming Rollers
Bending Rollers
2. Bending Rollers
CO2 Welding Unit
3. CO2 Welding Unit
Servo Cutters
4. Servo Cutters

Automotive Door Frame, Bumper, Window, Roof, Chassis Components Production Line Machine Stations

Uncoiler | Roll Forming Machine
Rotary Bending
Rotary Bending Machine
Rotary Bending Machine
Stretch Bending
Stretch Bending Machine
Stretch Bending Machine
Saw Cutting
Saw Cutting Machine
Saw Cutting Machine
Flying Cutting
Flying Cutting Unit
Flying Cutting Unit
Spot Welding
Spot Welding Machine
Spot Welding Machine
CO2 Welding
CO2 Welding
CO2 Welding

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