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We are a manufacturer of automatic powder compacting presses including mechanical, hydraulic, anvil, rotary, hot and cold, cold isostatic, and transfer molding. Since the introduction of our first hydraulic powder press machine in 1992, our presses have been widely used by clients in the aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, semiconductor, and electronics industries.

We have over two decades of technology development, coupled with machine engineering and metallurgical expertise – we strive to be the best processing technology provider for your applications.

Our powder presses will provide you with a guaranteed process for your needs, no matter how unique they are.

Powder Compacting Press Technology | Sintered Parts | Powder Presses for Automotive Parts

The powder metallurgy process is widely used for its economic advantage and for unique properties in the automotive industry. Sintered parts, which are developed through the powder metallurgy process, play a pivotal role in the safety and reliability of the engine and transmission systems. The properties of sintered materials are the result of the combination of alloying strategy and processing technology.

We started as a press manufacturer back in the 1990s; in 1995 a client of ours asked us if we could develop a press for helical gears by using powder compacting process. The following year we introduced our first CNC compacting press for the helical gears. Our continued development resulted in our 3 dimensional cold powder compacting press for the helical gear in 1997; continued research development and rich experience put us in a leading position as the powder metallurgy press solution provider in South Korea. Our experience with many types of alloys including tungsten and even diamond arrays enable us to provide the best customized PM presses for different applications of our clientele.

Our most recent development is a series of pdf-iconDiamond Array Compacting Presses.

This diamond array tool and powder fill equipment provides maximum precision and cost savings within the operating process.

Powder Press Technical Drawing

Carbon and Carbon Brush Powder Press | Mechanical Press

This mechanical press is mainly designed for the production and manufacturing of carbon brushes using powder metal.

Carbon and Carbon Brush Powder Press

Carbon Brush Press Features

  • Main function the manufacturing of carbon brushes
  • Works according to the traditional withdrawal method
  • Equipped with integrated cable scissors to cut brushes to desired length
  • Continuously adjustable top pressing ensures maximum uniformity of density
  • Operational dependability through clear design, application of tested components
  • Upper punch top pressing position is adjusted precisely by a motor driving and worm gear

Dry Powder Compacting Press | Mechanical Press

Dry Powder Compacting Press PCH Series

Dry Powder Compacting Press (PCH Series)


Dry Powder Compacting Press PCHS Series

Dry Powder Compacting Press (PCHS Series)


Dry Powder Press Features

  • Ease of Use: die sets are packaged with the press, so users can save costs and enjoy easy switching of dies. Another user friendly function is the digital indicator, which adjusts filling depth, floating and ejecting.
  • Efficiency: the powerful air clutch and brake system allows easy change of speed and a sudden brake of the press. The withdrawal floating die system used for this model increases your productivity by 25% due to high precision, durability, and uniform density of the part.
  • Applications: iron powder, tungsten powder, copper powder, ferrite powder, carbon powder, ceramic powder, Teflon powder, Meramin powder, EMC powder, etc.

Dry Powder Compacting Press | Hydraulic Press

Through its withdrawal-floating compacting process, the automatic hydraulic dry powder press is ideal for high production cycles, during which the compact must contain no cracks and be uniformly dense. The press operates with an oil hydraulic systems.

  • Ease of Use: it is designed to exchange die-sets according to the shape of compact, which saves the operator significant time lost to manual exchange. The machine has a remote control function and automatic settings to adjust the pressure, speed and location alignment.
  • Applications: iron powder, tungsten powder, copper powder, ferrite powder, carbon powder, ceramic powder, Teflon powder, Meramin powder, EMC powder, etc.

Anvil Dry Powder Compacting Press | Automatic

Given its competitive price and high speed production, the anvil press is a great solution for very small sized compacts. The anvil press does not require upper punches – this feature decreases operating costs by 50%, so clients save on operating and initial equipment costs.

Anvil Dry Powder Compacting Press


Ceramic, carbon, copper, and teflon compacts

Hot and Cold Isostatic Press | Transfer Molding Press

The Hot and Cold Press, also known as a servo-hybrid automatic powder compacting press, is favored by research institutes for testing new materials using hot and cold press methods. Due to its small size and economical price, the press is an industry favorite for developing prototypes.


Adhesive and laminating thermoforming, press forming for liquid crystal display and testing property strengths for heat resistance and compression.

As a simplified version of injection molding, the Transfer Molding Press provides the best solution to the semiconductor industry with its capability of molding intricate parts while providing highly accurate dimensional control.

Transfer Molding Press


  • Ram Stroke: 200 mm – Maximum customizable
  • Heating Temperature: 200 C° – 400 C°
  • Heating Platen Size: 400 mm X 400 mm – Maximum customizable

Cold Isostatic Press | Wet Bag | Mold

By controlling pressurization and decompression, the cold isostatic press produces uniform density. With the double cylinder system, inner and outer, it has a long vessel life span due to reduced internal stresses. It operates at pressures of up to 4,000 kg/cm2 (approximately 57,000 psi).

Vessel Dimensions
Vessel Heights
Maximum Pressure
Ø 100
Ø 150


Powder metal/molds, carbide tools, heat resistant alloys, ceramic components, industrial machine parts, cutting tools and fireproof materials.

  • Ram Stroke: 200 mm – Maximum customizable
  • Heating Temperature: 200 C° – 400 C°
  • Heating Platen Size: 400 mm X 400 mm – Maximum customizable
Pressurization and Decompression

Pressurization and Decompression

Vessel Diagram

Vessel Diagram

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