Deep Foundation Drilling Equipment

Heavy Construction Equipment for Deep Pile Foundation, Diaphragm Wall, Tunnel, and Marine Construction

LPR Global offers the full range of deep foundation equipment for civil and offshore industries with a focus on concrete pile foundation drilling, diaphragm wall construction, and marine infrastructure.


With a strong focus on product development, our equipment can be modified to fit the specific need of your projects’ site and soil conditions, while maintaining extremely competitive pricing and manufacturing lead times.


As the first manufacturer of reverse circulation drilling machines with a large diameter of 7.5 m, we have been breaking ground to support the wind tower and energy sectors. Our RC drilling machine is also capable of inland or offshore excavations over 60 m in depth.

As a major supplier to Hyundai Engineering & Construction, our jack-up barges and marine cranes are used for the construction of South Korea’s bridges, offshore wind turbines and platforms.


Our clients include specialized foundation drilling contractors, heavy civil construction companies, geotechnical engineering companies, and heavy construction equipment suppliers. To support these clients in 5 different continents, our global network of engineers and technicians are available for local aftersales support.

Large Bore Pile Foundation Drilling


As a turnkey supplier of deep foundation drilling equipment, LPR Global offers Korean-standard machinery for pile foundation, slurry wall, trench shoring, tunnel boring, and marine construction.


With our in-house design, development, and manufacturing teams, our equipment can be modified to our clients’ site and soil conditions. Being headquartered in a mountainous country surrounded by the ocean on 3 sides, we are experts in diverse and difficult drilling conditions.


Our deep foundation drilling machine solutions include:

  • Pile Foundation: Reverse Circulation Drilling Machine, Casing Oscillator, Casing Rotator, Hammer Grab
  • Trench Cutting, Diaphragm Wall: Trench Cutter, Diaphragm Wall Grab, Desander, Filter Press

Reverse Circulation Drilling Machine


As a global leader in RC Drilling Machine manufacturing, we offer the most competitive solutions for hydraulic large bore piling construction. With diameters of up to 7.5m, LPR Global’s Reverse Circulation Drilling Machine is best suited for large bore vertical excavation in all soil conditions.


Our Reverse Circulation Drilling machine was developed with low noise and vibration for heavy civil construction in urban or sensitive environments. Therefore, it is suitable for inshore construction of urban high-rise buildings and underground subways, as well as marine construction of bridges and wind tower installations. Furthermore, the RC drilling machine is designed for minimal overflow of the cuttings for efficient, clean site maintenance.


Powered by our hydraulic power pack, our RC drilling machine has a Power Swivel Torque of 160 kNm up to 1,200 kNm. Moreover, our Reverse Circulation Drilling Machine goes beyond the market standard with with a patented drill bit and normalized heat treatment for improved strength.


Overview of Specifications:

  • Drilling Diameter: 1.5 m to 7.5 m
  • Power Swivel Torque: 160 kNm to 1,200 kNm
  • Drilling Speed: 11 RPM to 3.2 RPM
  • Thrust (Up): 945 kN to 4,240 kN
  • Thrust (Down): 645 kN to 2,350 kN

Casing Oscillator & Rotator

LPR Global’s casing oscillator helps transfer high structural loads to the ground layer during pile foundation construction.

Our casing oscillators are specifically designed for large bore construction with pile diameters from 1,500 mm to 3,300 mm. Equipped with 3 hydraulic cylinders powered by our hydraulic power pack, our oscillator has excellent ability to excavate and extract large foundation piles.

Overview of Casing Oscillator Specifications:

  • Lifting Stroke: 600 mm to 650 mm
  • Lifting force: 2,250 kN to 9,100 kN
  • Clamping force: 1,820 kN to 5,450 kN
  • Rotation angle: 25°
  • Oscillating Torque: 3,500 kNm to 13,350 kNm
  • Casing Diameter: 1.5 m to 3.3 mm
  • Width of Machine: 3,547 mm to 4,880 mm
  • Length of Machine: 6,600 mm to 10,570 mm

Overview of Casing Rotator:

  • Casing Diameter: 2 m to 3 m
  • Casing Diameter: 1 m to 2 m
  • Lifting Stroke: 750 kN
  • Lifting Force: 3,519 kN to 5,498 kN
  • Push-down Force: 766 kN to 1,257 kN (additional 250-350 in dead weight)
  • Clamping Force: 8,442 kN to 13,085 kN

Hammer Grab

Essential to the construction of pile foundations, LPR Global offers hammer standard and heavy-duty hammer grabs. HARDOX400 is used on the edges of our hammer grab jaws and oil-filled pulleys for a lifetime rugged service with no maintenance.


Our hammer grabs are designed for large load volumes required in heavy civil construction projects from 210 L to 8,000 L jaw capacities. Therefore, our hammer grabs are best suited for large-scale projects such as bridges, marine port facilities, and large building foundations.


Standard and Heavy-Duty Hammer Grab Specifications:

  • Casing Diameter: 1.9 m to 3 m
  • Excavation Bore Diameter: 890 mm to 2,570 mm
  • Length of Machine: 3,750 mm to 6,210 mm
  • Jaw Capacity: 210 L to 4,500 L


Additionally, LPR Global offers a patented X-Link Hammer Grab, as well as spherical hammer grabs.

X-Link Hammer Grab:

  • Casing Diameter: 1 m to 3 m
  • Excavation Bore Diameter: 850 mm to 2,800 mm
  • Length of Machine: 4,230 mm to 6,898 mm
  • Jaw Capacity: 350 L to 8,000 L

Spherical Hammer Grab:

  • Casing Diameter: 2 m to 3 m
  • Capacity: 970 L to 3,900 L
Standard-Duty Hammer Grab: HARDOX400 Jaws, 850L Load Capacity
Spherical Hammer Grab: HARDOX400 Jaws, 3,900L Load Capacity

Diaphragm Wall, Cut-Off Wall, Trench Construction

Trench Cutter

LPR Global’s Trench Cutter was developed for the excavation of deep concrete walls of over 100m in depth within short project timeframes.


A flap control system controls for deviation control and records inclination in both X and Y axes. Additionally, our house tensioning system allows for automatic movement of both hydraulic and drilling mud soil hoses, to maintain clean operation of the cut-off wall.


Trench Cutter Specifications:

  • Trench Width: 800 mm to 1,500 mm
  • Excavation Depth: 80 m to 100 m + Applied Boom Extension of 33 m
  • Rated Output: 567 kW at 1,800 RPM
  • Mud Pump Flow Rate: 450 m3/h
  • Max. Hydraulic Press: 320 bar

Diaphragm Wall Grab

The diaphragm wall grab is a traditional equipment used for the construction of deep concrete foundation. The jaws of LPR Global’s diaphragm wall grabs are manufactured with HARDOX500 for superior hardness in tough soil conditions. Furthermore, the pully mechanism is equipped with oil-filled bearings to ensure a lifetime of no maintenance.


Diaphragm Wall Grab Specifications:

  • Diaphragm Wall Width: 600 mm to 1,500 mm
  • Jaw Capacity: 540 L to 2,400 L
  • Weight of Machine Body: 10 tons to 18 tons

Deep Foundation Project Experiences


Our clients include heavy civil construction companies, marine construction companies, foundation specialist contractors, and drilling equipment and piling equipment suppliers. Our client list includes Hyundai Engineering & Construction, A. H. Beck, Keller, RIDO, and more. Please see a list of our foundation and marine equipment project references below.

pdf-iconDeep Foundation Projects

Marine Construction Equipment for Bridges & Wind Tower Farms


As a major supplier in one of the world’s most prolific wind energy industries, LPR Global’s jack-up barge and marine cranes are trusted for critical infrastructure construction.


Our marine construction solutions include:

  • Jack-Up Barges: Rack and Pinion, Pin-in-Hole
  • Marine Cranes: Derrick Crane, Deck Crane
  • Air Spinning System
  • Pile Guide Frame

Jack Up Barge and Jacking Systems


LPR Global’s jack-up barges have been in operation in the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Persian Gulf, and the East China Sea – some, for over 25 years. The majority of our active barges are used for the installation and maintenance of wind turbine tower farms.


Both our Rack-and-Pinion and Pin-in-Hole jack-ups are patented systems developed in-house.

Rack and Pinion Jack-Up Barge:

  • Length: 42-52 m
  • Width: 21-28 m
  • Depth: 4.5-5 m


  • Lifting Capacity: 600-900 ton/leg
  • Operating Pressure: 210-320 bar
  • Engine Power: 270-650 HP (at 1800) x 2 sets
Rack and Pinion Jack-up Barge

Pin-in-Hole Jack-Up Barge:

  • Length: 50-58 m
  • Width: 28-32.2 m
  • Depth: 4.5-5 m


  • Lifting Capacity: 600-1,200 ton/leg
  • Operating Pressure: 210 bar
  • Engine Power: 300-650 HP (at 1800) x 2 sets

Pile Guide Frame

LPR Global’s pile guide frame is specially designed to increase efficiency and precision of deep foundation construction in marine conditions. The pile guide frame supports the drilling and vibratory positioning of vertical and inclined piles.


As our large bore pile guides are installed on the bull rail of jack-up barges, they can be used for the construction of deep foundation in diverse marine environments.


Pile Guide Frame Overview:

  • Working Diameters: 1,200 mm to 3,000 mm
  • Moving Speed: 0 to 2 m/min

Derrick Crane

LPR Global’s derrick crane is specialized for heavy loads in bridge construction. With our in-house design team, we manufacture each derrick crane according to the size of steel or concrete segments to ensure maximum efficiency and weight for your project.


Our derrick cranes are being operated by Hyundai, the company behind Korea’s largest construction projects, and Hanjin, one of the largest shipping container carriers in the world.


Derrick Crane Specifications:

  • Max Load Capacity: 100 tons
  • Max Working Speed: 2 m/min
  • Max Moving Speed: 2 m/min
  • Operation Pressure: 250-260 bar

Deck Cranes

Our deck cranes are used at shipping and construction ports for heavy loads. Hyundai, one of the world’s largest E&C companies, is a client for our deck cranes.

Deck Crane Main Specifications:


  • Hoisting Load (SWL) at 50 m: 15,000 kg
  • Hoisting Load (SWL) at 20 m: 25,000 kg


  • Hoisting Speed at 25 ton: 0-15 m/min
  • Max Hoisting Height: 100 m


  • Slewing Speed: 0 – 0.5 RPM
  • Slewing Angle: 360°
  • Max Pressure: 280 kg/cm3


  • Luffing Jib Angle: 0-81.5°
  • Luffing Time: approximately 280 seconds for full extension/retraction
Carry Deck Crane for Heavy Shipping Cargo

Tunnel Construction Equipment

LPR Global’s tunnel construction equipment includes universally used tunnel excavators and twin head cutters, as well as large- and mid-size tunnel boring machine for underground construction


Tunnel Excavator

As an essential equipment for tunnel construction, our tunnel excavators are designed and manufactured to provide superior excavation force and flexibility.


Our boom is capable of multi-directional movement, including a 45° tilt toward both left and right, for maximum excavation range.


Tunnel Excavator Overview:

  • Max. Digging Reach: 6,700 mm to 8,410 mm
  • Max. Digging Depth: 2,390 mm to 3,440 mm
  • Max. Digging Height: 7,770 mm to 9,370 mm
  • Min. Swing Radio: 3,090 mm to 3,890 mm
  • Max. Height of Advance: 4,130 mm to 4,930 mm
  • Max. Advance: 2,335 mm to 2,810 mm

Twin Head Cutter / Twin Drum Cutter

While competitors’ twin drum attachments use a 1-step gear reduction system, LPR Global’s twin drum cutter offers superior cutting torque with a 2-step gear reduction system. Our 2-step gear reduction system includes a bevel, pinion, and planetary gearbox from Brevini.


Tunnel Boring Machine

Our Tunnel Boring Machines are suited for the efficient excavation of large bore and mid-bore tunnels with our shield TBM and semi-shield TBM, respectively. Tunnel Boring Machines are an alternative method to drilling and blasting methods of constructing underground tunnels. It eliminates disruption of existing structures and environments at the ground level, while allowing for 24-hour production underground.


We have designed 6 different drill bits according to the soil type, from normal to hard rock variations: normal/sandy soil, gravel, soft rock, boulder mixed rock, medium-hard rock, and hard rock. The main body of the Tunnel Boring Machine can also be modified for your exact tunneling conditions.


We offer both an earth balance pressure shield TBM and a slurry shield TBM. Both types of Tunnel Boring Machines use hydraulic cylinders to generate the boring force for the construction of the tunnel. Our Tunnel Boring Machine is a complete solution that includes the cutter head, the main machine, and a slurry system.


Tunnel Boring Machine Overview:

  • Drilling Diameter: 1 m to 4 m
  • Speed (at 60 Hz): 4.4 RPM to 1.2 RPM
  • Torque (at 60 Hz): 24 kNm to 2090 kNm
  • Slurry Diameter: 100 A to 325 A
  • Outer Diameter: 1.22 m to 3.52 m
  • Length: 3 m to 5.5 m
  • Weight: 4.5 ton to 50 ton
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