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Rotary Shear Cut-to-Length Line | Blanking for Continuous Galvanizing Line | Automatic Tool Changer for Coil Service Centers

As a leading manufacturer of light- to heavy-gauge cut-to-length and slitting lines since 1979, we provide custom design and manufacturing services for coil processing lines and equipment. Our clientele includes rolling mills, coil service centers and engineering & design companies in the steel, automotive, shipbuilding, and appliance industries.


We have implemented over 700 cut-to-length lines and 2,000 refurbishing projects for slitting lines around the globe. Our clients include POSCO, Hyundai HYSCO, Hitachi, Nippon Steel, Vulcan Steel and Jindal Steel.


Our robotic slitter line reduces downtime and increases safety during blade setting using a robotic arm that automatically adjusts the number of blades and the gap between the blades, based on the size of the width strip’s gap. This PLC-controlled automated cut-to-length line is commonly used at automotive coil processing centers.


Our rotary shear cut-to-length line with oscillating shears is another innovation that offers continuous sheet metal cutting in various angles at high speeds. This oscillating shear line, along with our multi-blanking line, are ruggedized to make them suitable for hot-dip galvanizing lines.

Mini-Slitting and Heavy Gauge Slitting Equipment for CGL, CPL, and CCL Coil Processing Lines

With decades of design and manufacturing experience, we offer fully automated coil processing lines in various configurations and sizes, from mini-slitting lines to heavy gauge slitting lines. For seamless integration into a wide range of line layouts and coil types, we manufacture both standalone and custom continuous slitting machines for heavy gauge coils. Our high-speed line equipment produces up to 300 meters per minute for steel and aluminum materials. It can process a maximum coil thickness of 17 mm and a maximum coil width of 1,830 mm.


The unique advantage of our design is that it reduces downtime and increases operator safety during tool assembly and changes. Our Hydraulic Expansion Slitter (HES) uses hydraulic arbors to hold the blades, simplifying the tool assembly process by eliminating the need for spacers. The line also includes turret recoilers with two drums, which enhance productivity by allowing quicker blade changes between jobs.


Our heavy gauge slitting lines are installed at major mills worldwide, including mills operated by Nippon Steel Corporation, HYSCO America, Union Steel Mexico, POSCO, MMK-Atakaş, Vulcan Steel, and Attieh Steel.

Light Gauge Slitting Line
Light Gauge Slitting Line
Hydraulic Expansion Slitter (HES)
Hydraulic Expansion Slitter (HES)
Turret Recoiler
Turret Recoiler
Heavy Gauge Slitting Line
Heavy Gauge Slitting Line
Coil Slitting Recoiler
Coil Slitting Recoiler
Mini Coil Slitter Line
Mini Coil Slitter Line

Heavy Gauge Cut-to-Length Line | Heavy Gauge Steel Coil Levelers | Oscillating Shear Head

Clients using our cut-to-length line select our rotating and oscillating shears to cut both rectangular and trapezoidal blanks of up to 12.7 mm thickness. As our flagship product, the oscillating rotary shearing machine, coupled with our coil leveler, allows clients to continuously cut trapezoidal shapes while the coil strip runs at speeds up to 100 m/min.


In addition to conventional 6-HI and 4-HI configurations, our coil levelers can be configured with interchangeable cassettes to suit specific material, production capacity and quality requirements. Our versatile designs afford our clients the flexibility to choose the exact configuration for their needs, as well as the option to adjust the configuration as their needs change. Our interchangeable cassette is yet another design feature that helps our clients minimize downtime and increase productivity, particularly during roller replacement.


Our jumbo leveler, in combination with heavy gauge cut-to-length lines, can level coils with thicknesses of up to 25.4mm. The jumbo leveler is suited for applications such as shipbuilding manufacturing sites.


Rolled Steel Materials for Coil Service Centers

Our light and heavy gauge cut-to-length lines are designed and manufactured to process various materials, including hot and cold pressed rolled steel, galvanized steel, and ferrous and non-ferrous materials:


  • High Strength Steel
  • Stainless Steel (Hot & Cold Rolled)
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Aluminum
  • Alloys
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Electrical Steel
  • Pre-coated Steel


Cut-to-Length Line Configurations

We design, engineer and manufacture custom cut-to-length lines with various configurations based on each client’s plant layout. We have the capacity to combine cut-to-length lines with slitting lines, depending on sheet or strip process from rolled products.


Popular cut-to-length line configurations include:

  • Start-stop shearing lines
  • Flying shear cut-to-length lines with crank shears or rotary shears
  • Oscillating shear heads in combination with flying shears


We are proud of our long-term relationships with our global clientele, who use our cut-to-length lines in their production facilities. This includes Nippon Steel Corporation, Tokyo Steel, HYSCO America, HYSCO Brazil, Union Steel Mexico, POSCO, and Vulcan Steel.

Leveler for Heavy Gauge Plates
Cassette Type Coil Leveler for Cut-to-Length Line
6HI Configuration Coil Leveler for Cut-to-Length Line
6HI Configuration Coil Leveler for Cut-to-Length Line
Rotary Shear for Heavy Gauge Plates
Rotary Shear for Heavy Gauge Cut-to-Length Line
Rotary Oscillating Flying Shear for Cut-to-Length Lines
Rotary Oscillating Flying Shear

Rolled Steel Surface and Heat Treatment Line

As coil coatings become increasingly essential and popular across industries, coil processing lines must be able to perform reliable, high-performance surface treatments. Our surface and heat treatment lines are compatible with diverse carrier materials and coil processing applications for clients in various industries.

As with all our product innovations, we have leverage our years of expertise to develop various surface processing technologies for our integrated coil processing lines.


Surface and Heat Treatment Lines we provide for Rolled Steel include:

  • Annealing Line
  • Cleaning Line
  • Galvanizing Line
  • Coil Preparation Line
  • Electro Galvanizing Line
  • Coating Lines
  • Grinding and Polishing
  • Continuous and Push-pull Pickling Lines
  • Recoiling Line
  • Tension Levelling Line
  • Coil Packing Line

Blanking Press Feed Line for Steel Coils

LPR Global offers reliable high-speed blanking lines for high-performance industries with the following material characteristics:

  • Coil Thickness: 0.4 mm to 3.2mm
  • Coil Width: 300mm to 2,000mm
  • Coil Length: 300mm to 5,500mm


We deliver consistent, fast, and high-quality pressed steel products, thanks to our high-precision levelers and blanking presses, and experience with press feed line automation.


For clients with high production capacities, we also offer multi-blanking lines that combine our cut-to-length lines with a slitting head. The slitting head can automatically adjust the cutting length and width in order to reduce production downtime when knife settings are changed between jobs.


Tension Leveling Equipment for Light Gauge Steel Coil

Tension leveling lines and equipment are another one of our flagship products. Our tension levelers, used in recoiling lines, are optimized for producing both cold-rolled steel and stainless steel. We are constantly making improvements and developing new ways to produce increasingly flat and stress-free strips to meet our automotive clients’ requirements. Our tension leveling lines can process coils with thickness of 0.15mm to 6.4mm thick and widths from 1,000mm to 1,800 mm.

Tension Leveling Line - Coil Processing
Coil Processing Line
Rolled Steel Processing Equipment
Continuous Pickling Line
Coil Processing Machine
Coil Processing Machine
Blanking Press Feed Line
Blanking Line (Coil Processing)

Roller Components for Steel Processing

Please visit our Steel Rolls page to discover how our replacement rolls – including work rolls, furnace rolls, pinch rolls, and guide rolls – can help you improve cost and quality of operation.


For large bore, heavy-duty cylinders, custom manufactured for steel mills, visit our Custom Hydraulic Cylinders page.


For steel making equipment and lines, including continuous casting lines, mold and oscillators, roughing and finishing mills, plate mills, and section mills, visit our Steel Mill Equipment page.

Blanking & Slitting Line Business Case

Blanking & Slitting Line Business Case (PDF)

Korean steel giant POSCO acquired flat steel processing equipment from LPR for its MPPC plant in Mexico. POSCO-MPPC first started its operation in 2006 and primarily targeted the automotive industry. With the double-digit growth in the automotive sector, the expansion of their processing capabilities lead to construction of additional locations within Mexico.


LPR Global has a long-term partnership with POSCO, and is their manufacturer of choice for steel coil processing equipment across their global locations. The reliability of our equipment, and our ability to meet the stringent quality requirements of the automotive industry, made us the ideal equipment supplier to help meet their growing demand in Mexico.

Blanking Line for Rolled Steel Processing
Blanking Line for Rolled Steel Processing

To deliver the complete package, we worked closely with POSCO and its family of companies, including POSCO E&C and POSCO ICT, to understand their needs and deliver state-of-the-art blanking, shearing and slitting lines.

Coil Slitter Facility at POSCO
Coil Slitter Facility at POSCO

While the business had historically served the automotive industry, they were looking to expand their presence in the construction and machinery segments as well. POSCO’s target clientele now included household appliance, automotive, construction, steel furniture, oil tanker barrel, and tube manufacturers.


This required a set robust lines to cater to a wide variety of coil material and dimension needs. Blanking, Slitting and Shear lines were designed to process galvanized steel sheets, electrical steel, cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, pre-coated/ painted steel, electro galvanized and stainless-steel coils.

Heavy Gauge Slitter
Blanking and Slitting Line Specifications
Blanking and Slitting Line Specifications

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