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LPR Global’s range of cut-to-length and slitting lines have been an industry leader for the past four decades. We enjoy trust of both large and medium sized enterprises from across the globe. Moreover, our coil processing lines transcend industries, including automotive, shipbuilding, appliance, and manufacturing.


With various sizes and configurations to choose from, our range of steel coil flying shears and coil slitting machines reflects the unique needs of our customers. As an example, our rotary oscillating shear offers high-speed continuous cutting of sheet metal to desired angles with superior quality finish. Moreover we strive to create safe work environments for our end users and ensure that with advanced safety features, controls and a simple human machine interface that provides a user-friendly experience.


Our cut-to-length and slitting lines equipment are manufactured in South Korea. Services related to equipment installation and local aftersales support are provided for clients all over the world. Please inquire about local aftersales support with your machine inquiry.

Steel Coil Levelers & Flying Shear


Our flagship offering, rotary oscillating type steel coil flying shear, in combination with steel coil leveler allows customers to continuously cut trapezoidal shapes at speeds of up to 100 m/min and thicknesses of up to 12.7mm. Additionally, we offer various combinations of steel coil leveler, including the more popular 6-HI and 4-HI configurations. The levelers can be configured to come with interchangeable cassettes to minimize work downtime during roller replacement. We support you to determine the right configuration for your needs based on capacity, work material, and finished quality requirements.


High reliability of our equipment ensures work remains uninterrupted, with minimum preventive maintenance requirements.


Jumbo leveler equipment has extended our capability to cut heavy gauge cut-to-length lines with thicknesses of up to 25.4mm, with applications in heavy industries such as shipbuilding.




  • High Strength Steel
  • Stainless Steel (Hot & Cold Rolled)
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Alloys
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Electrical Steel
  • Pre-coated Steel




  • Start-stop coil shearing lines
  • Coil flying shearing lines – both crank and rotary types (continuous type)
  • Oscillating type – in combination with flying shear (continuous type)


We have a well-established customer base of our cut-to-length shearing lines, with clients including Nippon Steel Corporation, Tokyo Steel, Mahachai Steel, Hysco America, Hysco Brazil,  Union Steel Mexico, POSCO, MMK-Atakaş, Vulcan Steel, Attieh Steel.

Cassette Type Coil Leveler
Leveler for Heavy Gauge Plates
6HI Configuration Coil Leveler
6HI Configuration Coil Leveler
Rotary Shear for Heavy Gauge
Rotary Shear for Heavy Gauge Plates
Rotary Oscillating Flying Shear
Rotary Oscillating Flying Shear

Coil Slitting Machine


LPR Global is a leading manufacturer of coil slitting machines in both standalone (mini-slitting line) and customizable full-featured slitting lines. This is reflected by our machines that are high speed, with speeds up to 300 m/min, and can process a variety of materials including steel and aluminum. Additionally, processing of coils of light, medium and heavy gauge is possible, with sheet thicknesses and width of up to 17mm and 1,830mm respectively.


Slitters are Hydraulic Expansion Type (HES) and are cleverly designed such that arbor holds the blades by hydraulic force. Additionally, these do not require the use of spacers, minimizing and simplifying the time required for tool assembly. Similarly, a turret type re-coiler design with two drums and an automatic knife changing system allows for quick changeovers between jobs, getting rid of any bottlenecks.


We have a well-established customer base of our slitting lines, with clients including Nippon Steel Corporation, Hysco America, Union Steel Mexico, POSCO, MMK-Atakaş, Vulcan Steel, Attieh Steel.

Light Gauge Slitting Line
Light Gauge Slitting Line
Hydraulic Expansion Slitter (HES)
Hydraulic Expansion Slitter (HES)
Turret Type Recoiler
Turret Type Recoiler
Heavy Gauge Slitting Line
Heavy Gauge Slitting Line
Coil Slitting Recoiler
Coil Slitting Recoiler
Mini Coil Slitter Line
Mini Coil Slitter Line

Coil Processing Machine


LPR offers a wide range of solutions when it comes to coil processing needs of its customers. This has been made possible by our ability to ingeniously develop and deliver maximum value to our customers in terms of offered capabilities and capacity. As a result we are able to translate our experiences and superior technology in electrical and hydraulic control systems to engineer complete solutions for our clients. This ensures that our coil processing lines are adding value for our clients regardless of the industries and geographies they might be in.



Solutions Offered:


  • Annealing Line
  • Cleaning Line
  • Galvanizing Line
  • Coil Preparation Line
  • Electro Galvanizing Line
  • Coating Lines
  • Grinding and Polishing
  • Continuous and Push-pull Pickling Lines
  • Recoiling Line
  • Tension Levelling Line
  • Coil Packing Line


Surface Treatment:


With coil coatings becoming increasingly important across industries, developing high-performance surface treatment has become a crucial value addition step. With a range of carrier materials and coil processing application, we help our customers around the globe to develop solutions through our surface treatment lines.

We develop custom solutions leveraging our experience and expertise in developing various surface processing steps, including, pre-treatment, tension leveling, grinding & polishing, cleaning, heat treatment, coating, and galvanizing.


Blanking Lines:


LPR Global offers fast and quality blanking lines to service high-performance sectors. Our experience in line automation, high-precision leveler and blanking press equipment allows us to deliver consistent, fast and quality hot and cold rolled steel products.


Tension Leveling Line


LPR takes pride in its series of tension leveling line and equipment. We have been meeting customer’s ever-growing demands of producing perfectly flat and stress-free strips. As an example we are able to deliver tension leveling lines which can process coils up to 6.4mm thick and width up to 1,800mm.

Continuous Pickling Line
Continuous Pickling Line
Coil Processing Line
Coil Processing Line
Blanking Line Coil Processing
Blanking Line (Coil Processing)
Coil Processing Machine
Coil Processing Machine

Roller Components


Please visit our dedicated Steel Rolls page to learn about how our replacement rolls including work rolls, furnace rolls, pinch rolls, and guide rolls can help you improve your operations in terms of cost and quality.

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