In-Feed Centerless Grinding Machines for Shafts, Pins and Bearings

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Looking for centerless grinding machines for your manufacturing line of shafts, pins, or bearings? LPR offers manual or automated centerless grinding lines for clients in the automotive, bearing, electronics, and machinery industries. Our thrufeed type grinders are customized for clients’ work-piece dimensions, surface roughness and feeding systems. We also retrofit Cincinnati centerless grinder models; the retrofit scope can be customized as well from recovering the original mechanism to rebuilding a brand-new Cincinnati grinder equipped with 4-AXIS NC control system and newly designed servo systems.


Standard specifications of our new centerless grinders come with bearing based spindles, which extend the support life for regulating and grinding wheels. You can choose a brand of 6-axis CNC system from Siemens SINUMERIK 840DSL to Mitsubishi to Allen-Bradley.


With an ISO 9001:2008/ISO 14002:2004 certified manufacturing site based in South Korea, we deliver highly precise grinding solutions for your various needs in parts manufacturing.

High Precision Grinding Technology for Automotive Industry

Our South Korean grinding solutions have served wide applications in the automotive and mechanical industries ensuring the precision finishing of parts. Manufacturers of bearings, piston pins, shock absorber piston rods, camshafts, and crankshafts, and other various automotive and mechanical parts have found our precision grinding machines efficient and reliable. Global Tier 1 automotive manufacturers as well as bearing manufacturers are the main clients we serve.


With continuous investment in research and development, we focus on advancing our technology and developing new applications. We apply for at least three patents every year to stay ahead of the market. We not only focus on new innovations but also on improving existing technology; the recent examples are our two patents related to rotary diamond dressers and automatic loading/unloading.


Whether you are a supplier in automotive industry or parts manufacturers in different industries, LPR’s grinding machines will bring you efficiency and the finest result in parts grinding.


Centerless Grinding Solutions for Ceramic Part Manufacturers in Germany

Our client needed a finishing solution to replace the vibratory grinding process for ceramic parts processing. The vibratory grinding machine produced poor quality so the client was manually treating the surface after centerless grinding process. The client wanted to process Al2O3 material parts with an outer diameter of 12Ø, an inner diameter of 7Ø, and a length of 22mm. Our engineering team has suggested centerless grinding machines popular to manufacturers of piston pins, shafts and bearings whose outer diameters stay the same.


The required surface roughness after superfinishing was Rp less than 0.2 µm with a tolerance of 0.008mm. The ceramic parts required extremely hard stones like diamond, but the challenge was finding the right grade of stones. If the stone property were too soft, the client had to replace the stones very often and the stone cost would drive up production costs. After testing many samples with a mix of different grade stones, we were able to develop a customized superfinishing machine to minimize stone wear and yet meet all our customer’s requirements.

Experienced Centerless Grinder Manufacturer | Types of Grinding Machines Manufactured

The following grinders are manufactured at an ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certified facility in South Korea.

  • Centerless Grinding Machines
  • Cylindrical Grinding Machines
  • Angular Grinding Machines
  • Drum Grinding / Surface Grinding Machines
  • Tool Grinding Machines

Automotive Industry Applications | Centerless Grinding Machines | Grinding Solutions

  • Crankshaft
  • Camshaft
  • Piston
  • Engine valve
  • Piston pin
  • Steering rack bar

Other Applications | Centerless Grinding Machines

  • Bearing
  • Ferrule
  • Micro drill
Centerless Grinding Machines Applications | Crank Shaft and Cam Shaft
Centerless Grinding Machines Applications | Crank Shaft and Cam Shaft

Centerless Grinding Machine | Through Feed Auto Loading & Unloading System

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