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IMG Thermoforming, Vacuum Forming and Laminating, Press Forming, Heat, Hot Air and Ultrasonic Joining Machinery

LPR Global delivers turnkey inline IMG thermoforming and vacuum forming equipment from design and prototyping to machine production, operator training, and after sales support.


With more than 25 years of experience, our strength lies in understanding of technologies and processes involved in the production of door and side trim, headliners, floor carpet, instrument panel, roof systems, door handles, and trunk trim.


Available technologies include In-Mould Graining (IMG) thermoforming, vacuum forming and laminating, press laminating, heat and infrared joining, edge folding machinery, complete trim forming assembly production lines.

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Automotive Interior Production Machinery | Headliner | Trim

IMG Vacuum Thermocovering | Laminating | Edge Folding


Working in close cooperation with clients, LPR Global provides complete solutions for automotive interior trim parts production.

LPR Global offers extensive expertise in the fields of forming and joining technologies. Equipment patents include: skin feeding device involving variable clamp for thermoforming machine, skin foam removing device, multiple pallet carrier for car panel, riveting device, vacuum forming door trim stacking device.


Hot staking machine, headlining forming machine, vacuum thermocovering machine, upper trim bond spray & oven conveyor, door trim fold back machine, console ultrasonic staking machinery comply with CE standards.


Our clients include Faurecia, Hyundai Mobis, Visteon, Johnson Controls, Kasai, IAC, Shigeru. Equipment meets global quality and safety standards: CE, OSSA, GOST-R, TUV, as well as global client’s internal safety requirements. Equipment and machinery are installed in 22 countries; 42 global customers.


Applications | Automotive Interior Trim Parts

Typical fields of application include interior trim, instrument panels, door and trunk trim, floor carpet, bumper mounting, headliners, center consoles, package trays, glove compartment, and wheel arch liner.

Auto Interior Parts Production Machinery Applications
Door Trim Production Machinery
Door Trim | Automotive
  • In-mold Graining (IMG) Vacuum Forming
  • Vacuum Forming Machine
  • Edge Folding Machine
  • Heat Joining | Hot Air Joining
  • Infrared Joining | Ultrasonic Joining
  • Assembly Conveyor
  • Punching | Trimming
Headliner Production Machinery
Headliner | Automotive
  • Edge Folding Machinery
  • Forming Line (PU Wet | Dry Part)
  • Edge Folding Machinery
  • Hot Melt Spray
  • Waterjet Cutting Machinery
Instrument Panel Production Machinery
Instrument Panel | Automotive
  • In-mold Graining (IMG) Vacuum Forming
  • Vacuum Forming Machine
  • Hot Air Joining Machinery
  • Knife Trim and Piercing Machine

Main Equipment Types | Automotive Interior Parts Production Machinery

IMG Thermoforming Vacuum Forming Equipment

This process provides the best grain definition on the molded part as the heated sheet material is imprinted / vacuum formed into an upper female grained mold surface. Allows to simultaneously combine different processes: vacuum forming and laminating.


Available Types

  • Single station / Inline station (Sheet loading / roll loading)

Supporting Equipment 

  • Cutting and trimming / Pre-edge folding


  • Door trim, Instrument panel, ABC pillar

IMG Thermoforming Machine, B-Series

Application: Door trim, Instrument panel two cavity

Skin Loading: Automatic sheet loading

Tool change: Automatic tool and foil change / die lifter and roller

Mold: Male, Female IMG

Skin size: Min. 1000 x 750cm / Max. 2250 x 1250cm

IMG Vacuum Forming Machine
IMG Vacuum Forming Machine
Automotive IMG Thermoforming Vacuum
IMG Thermoforming Headliner Trim
IMG Thermoforming Headliner Trim
IMG Automotive Iterior Trim Machine
IMG Automotive Iterior Trim Machine
Automotive Interior Trim IMG Machine
Automotive Interior Trim IMG Machine

Vacuum Forming and Laminating Machinery

Vacuum forming and laminating machines are used to form automotive interior skins over numerous injection mold plastic substrates. Guarantees optimum quality of a finished product. Relatively non-complex design of the machine allows easy maintenance and installation.


Available Types

  • Single station / Inline station (Sheet feeding / roll feeding)

Supporting Equipment 

  • Vacuum forming and laminating
  • Vacuum forming and laminating with IMG process
  • Cutting and trimming solutions


  • Door trim, Instrument panel, ABC pillar
Vacuum Forming Laminating Machine
Vacuum Forming Laminating Machine
Vacuum Forming and Laminating Machine
Vacuum Forming and Laminating Machine

Press Laminating Machinery

Used for low elasticity leather materials which cannot be processed using vacuum laminating. Allows automatic tool change. Non complex machine structure.


Available Types

  • Pneumatic press / Hydraulic press

Supporting Equipment 

  • Glue spray
  • Edge folding
  • Drying oven


  • Center panel, Package tray, ABC pillar, Armrest
Press Laminating Machine
Press Laminating Machine

Edge Folding Machinery

Edge folding machine finishes laminated, back injection molded, vacuum molded auto parts. It folds the skin to the back side to hide the cutting part from being shown. Ideal for high capacity production levels.


Available Types

  • Single station / multi station machine
  • Bond type / bondless type
  • Simultaneous folding type (skin + substrate)

Supporting Equipment 

  • Vacuum laminating and press lamination
  • Bond gluing machine


  • Door trim, Instrument panel, Headliner, ABC pillar
Edge Folding Machine
Edge Folding Machine
Edge Folding Machine Jigs
Edge Folding Machine Jigs

Assembly Line Project Experience | Automotive Interior Parts Production Machinery


By using fully automated interior parts assembly lines, companies are able to increase production volumes without unnecessary manual loading and unloading processes, reduce cycle time, and better optimize processes and cross production. It also allows easier maintenance and improves operator’s access to the line.


Design capabilities include CATIA, AUTO CAD, CAE, SOLID WORKS, INVENTER.



Automated line stations include roll feeding system, pre-cutting / sheet feeder, mold change rotary table, automatic tool changing, and air cooling system. Data traceability is embedded by using bar code reading system.

Types of the assembly lines available include free flow conveyor, oval conveyor, and transfer type.

Interior Parts Production Line Layout

Headliner Forming Line

Custom built headliner production line is developed for various materials and production methods. Hot melt application can be done on the skin before or during the roll feeding. Machine stations include: roll storage, sheet centering + heating area, forming station. Tool changing option is specified by a client and can feature an automatic tool changing station with a preheated preloading station.


Available Types

  • PU wet type
  • PU dry type
  • SUPERITE type

Fully automated / Semi automated

Layer cutting and feeding: Automatic

Machine cycle time: 45 seconds

Skin size: Max: 1700 x 3000cm / Min: 1200 x 1400cm


  • F10, natural fiber
Headliner Forming Line
Headliner Edge Folding

Headliner Wet Line Production Process

Allows to use separated and layered materials when layers need to be combined by roll coater with a process of water PU spray coating. Features: up to 4 lamination layers; hot forming process available.

Headliner wet system production
Headliner Thermocovering Machine

Carpet | Package Tray Forming Line

After automatically loading thermoplastic materials into the oven, materials are transferred to the forming zone and pressed on a cooling mold. Tray forming line applications include carpet, package tray, trunk trim, and thermoplastic parts. This line is developed for various materials, production methods, and volumes.


Transfer Method

  • Mesh belt oven
  • Side clamp oven
  • Mesh pallet oven
  • Frame free flow oven


  • Ceramic heater
  • Sheath heater
  • Halogen lamp
  • Hot plate
  • Hot air
Package Tray Forming Assembly Line
Package Tray Forming Line

Automotive Soft Trim and Acoustic Molds and Checking Fixtures

We supply automotive interior acoustic trim molds and checking fixtures for headliner, carpet and flooring, dash outer, dash inner, underbody, hood applications.


Visit Thermoforming and Compression Mold and Checking Fixtures Webpage.

Automotive Soft Acoustic Trim Mold Fixtures

Ultrasonic | Thermal Radiation | Infrared | Hot Air Joining Machinery

Heat Joining Machine

Riveting process allows forming or reforming of thermoplastics. This procedure only used for point-shaped or segmented joints.


Available Types

  • Single station / Inline station

Supporting Equipment

  • Assembly conveyor


  • Door trim, Instrument panel
Heat Joining Machine Interior
Heat Joining Machine

Hot Air Stacking Machinery

Manual and Automatic Hot Air / Cold Stacking machines are used to retain skin integrity for various angles and at different positions. This solution is proven to be economical and efficient applied by global automotive interior trim manufacturers.

Hot Air Cold Staking Machine Interior
Interior Hot Air Staking Machine Trim

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