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Exhaust Pipe Forming Machines | End Forming Machines | Double Seaming Machines

We provide equipment that makes mufflers, catalytic converters, and resonator assemblies for automotive part manufacturers. This includes Muffler Jacket Seaming, Double Flanging, Baffle Inserting, Ridge Locking, Double Seaming and End Forming Machines. Our equipment uses advanced roll forming technology, rollers and mandrel systems, and a PLC control panel to easily switch from automatic to manual operation. We also provide retrofit services for existing exhaust system manufacturing lines.


In partnership with local system integrators, we provide complete end-to-end solutions including design, manufacturing and installation of robotic exhaust system manufacturing lines and automotive part assembly lines. Customers are able to customize component brands, PLC programming, tool changer design, and remote monitoring capabilities.


LPR’s machines are used by exhaust system manufacturers around the world. All our equipment meets stringent health, safety and quality standards for the automotive industry in USA and Europe.


Watch the Automotive Assembly Lines Video to see our machines in operation.

Automated Muffler Manufacturing Line: Sheet Feeding, Lock Seaming, Double Flange, Baffle Stuffing, Double Seaming, and Ridge Locking

Lock Seaming Machinery | Exhaust Fabrication Machines


Lock Seaming Machines use advanced roll forming technology with rollers for seaming and mandrel carriages for shaping. Components include an automatic feeder, mandrel carriage sets, forming roller sets, an unloading unit, and a mandrel stocking unit for changing the mandrel model quickly. When the user changes the muffler model, the machine automatically adjusts the positions of the rollers and blades and the speed of the roller carriages. All tool sets are designed and manufactured in-house, and we can also make tools for third-party bending machines.


Advanced safety and quality control features include:

  • A mechanism to limit forming cylinder strokes, which prevents collisions with press bars
  • Sheet lifting dies to control mandrel movement and hydraulic unit to control the tube’s outer diameter, which help achieve precise tube shapes during lock seaming
  • Servo motor to control the roller carriage speed
  • Built-in auto feed stopper to prevent errors if an incorrect sheet is fed for a muffler model
  • Two types of pressure rollers to produce secure seams, and an eccentric shaft to balance the pressure
Lock Seaming Machine with Rollers

Lock Seaming Machine with Rollers

Lock Seaming Machine Layout

Lock Seaming Machine with Sheet Feeding Direction

Automated Sheet Feeding with Automatic Sheet Thickness Inspection System


The Automated Sheet Feeding station consists of a sheet stocking magazine, a moving conveyor for inner and outer shells, vacuum pads and holders for sheet lifting, and rolls to prevent sheet curving. It also has a foolproof system to check sheet thickness in case two sheets are accidentally loaded together.


The operator can choose between one or two sheet shells and from a variety of feeding programs depending on the muffler model in the Panel View. Feeding conditions are automatically adjusted once a muffler model is selected.

Sheet Feeding Station

Automated Muffler Sheet Feeding System

Sheet Feeding Station

Muffler Sheet Feeding Station Layout

Double Flanging Machine for Exhaust Muffler Jackets


The Double Flange Machine contains two frames for easy maintenance and quick tool changes. The lower frame is for the main flange and the upper frame is for right and left flange tooling. It also comes with an automatic transfer system that has a reduced pitch length to improve efficiency in loading and unloading.


Our automated machine can automatically adjust the length of the machine for each muffler model, using hydraulic brakes to keep screws fastened. In a manual double flange machine, the operator can adjust the left and right screws to match the jacket lengths of different muffler models.

Double Flange Machinery

Automated Double Flange Machinery

Muffler Jacket Setting After Transfer

Muffler Jacket Setting Fixture

Muffler Jacket Stuffing Machine with Spot Welding Function


The Muffler Jacket Stuffing Machine is available as a standalone machine or as part of an automated assembly line. Location information is obtained from Z coordinates and numerically controlled by a servo motor. The attached load cell measures the inserting force to a high degree of accuracy.


The machine can be customized to include both stuffing and spot welding functions. With two servo control systems, it can read X and Y coordinates to have precise control over the insertion location. Jig tooling is included to minimize tool changeover time and facilitate production of various muffler models.

Horizontal Type Insertion and Spot Welding Machine

Horizontal Insertion & Spot Welding Machine

Muffler Baffle Inserting Station

Muffler Baffle Inserting Station

Double Seaming Machinery with Spinning Seaming Rolls


The Double Seaming Machine uses spinning seaming rolls to join the muffler jacket and end caps together.


Key features include:

  • Can automatically change setting positions based on the muffler model, using servo motors
  • Position brakes are provided as a security feature during model changes
  • Built-in energy-efficient pump motor reduces power consumption during the roll-seaming process
  • Tool motors are installed on the right and left sides for simultaneous operation

Double Seaming Machines Joining Muffler Jackets and End Caps

Seaming Arm Head

Seaming Arm Head

Ridge Locking Machinery for Mufflers


The Ridge Locking Machine allows users to customize the amount of ridge locking required based on the muffler model and sheet thickness. Its vertical design saves floor space, and facilitates jig tool changes when the operator is changing the muffler model. Ridge locking tools, jigs and fixtures are produced in-house and included with the machine.

Jig and Fixture Loaded Ridge Locking Tool

Jig and Fixture Loaded Ridge Locking Tool

2 Head Ridge Locking Machine

Two Head Ridge Locking Machine

Automotive Body Parts Welding and Assembly Lines

Exhaust System, Bumper & Door Frame Assembly PDF Icon


We provide a complete product suite of fully automated manufacturing equipment and assembly lines for exhaust systems, door and bumper frames, body-in-white, and cowl cross bars. We are experts in designing compact assembly systems required to produce many different types of models in the same line. We also design, engineer and manufacture auto feeders, tools, jigs and stacking systems in-house to maintain quality and shorten delivery times.


We have engineering offices and manufacturing plants in Korea as well as strong partnerships with local system integrators and engineering firms for prompt after-sales support. Each of our consortium suppliers, who provide equipment, welding assembly, and sub-assembly lines, is ISO and TS certified.

Muffler Assembly and Sub-Assembly Lines for Exhaust System Production


The main muffler assembly line, which contains loading, welding, leak testing, unloading and stacking functions, is used for muffler pipes and jacket resonators. The sub-assembly forming line produces muffler tubes, and consists of jacket sheet feeding, lock seaming, double flanging, ridge locking, double seaming and leak testing. The fabricated parts then go through a sub-assembly welding or jacket ridge locking process.


The main line can produce 34 complete mufflers in one hour without an operator. It is equipped with a robotic CO2 welding station to weld muffler pipes and jacket resonators, including two jig lines, two leak testing jig lines and three robot arm units. It also comes with a leak tester to inspect the finished products. Sub-assembled parts go to the welding jig lines, where a jig-loaded sub-frame positions the parts while a robot performs 360-degree welding. Both sub-assembly and assembly lines are designed to work with different tool sets and allow fast tool changing.


Visit the Metal Forming Machines page for information on muffler shell making equipment, including tube cutting and pipe end forming machines.

Muffler Assembly Line with Robot Arm

Muffler Assembly Line with Robot Arm

Door Frame and Bumper Assembly Line


The Door Frame and Bumper Assembly Line consists of main assembly and sub-assembly lines, with the sub-assembly line catering to both front and rear door models. All welding processes are performed using CO2 and spot welding with robot arms. Each welding station is equipped with tool tables or quick changing jigs in order to produce different models within a demanding cycle time and with reduced capital investment.


Visit the Roll Forming & Stretch Bending Machines page for more information on our roll forming, rotary bending, and stretch bending lines.


Door Frame Forming and Robotic Welding Machines PDF Icon

Door Frame Assembly Flow

Door Frame Assembly Line Layout

Bumper Beam Frame Sub-Assembly Welding Station for Smart Cruise Control and Brackets

Bumper Beam Sub-Assembly Welding Station for Smart Cruise Control and Brackets

Cowl Cross Bar Assembly Line | Automotive Body Structure Manufacturing


The Cowl Cross Bar Assembly line includes a welding station and a sub-assembly station for piercing. The main assembly process is divided based on cowl shape, welding segment and cycle time. Once the drilling machine pierces the main pipe using a single or multi-drill jig, the pipe is welded to the sub-assembled part.


After the main assembly welding process, the operator can check the welding quality and fix any areas that require manual work. The final station contains a vision system which inspects the finished product and checks the distance between the side pins and each piece of hardware.


The Cowl Cross Bar Assembly line is designed for clients with limited floor space – robots, welding controllers and electric panels are mounted on top of the frame and easily accessed through a catwalk.

Cowl Cross Bar Assembly Line

Cowl Cross Bar Assembly Line

Customized Tools and Dies for Automotive Parts Manufacturing


We provide customized tooling and pre-assembled jigs, designed to work with third-party metal forming machines including cutting, chamfering, CNC pipe bending and muffler making machines from Chiyoda, YLM, Opton and Addison McKee.


We also provide rotating tool tables loaded with several jigs for clients in the automotive industry who need to quickly change tools and jigs to assemble different models of automotive  parts including exhaust systems, door frames, bumper frames, body-in-white and cowl cross bars.


Our tailor-made metal forming tooling solutions are used by global Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies in various industries including the automotive industry. They help reduce tool changing downtime and increase cycle time and machine versatility with minimal capital investment. Our manufacturing sites are ISO and TS certified and comply with international health and safety standards.

Pipe and Tube Bending Machine Tools


After a decade of experience as a tool and metal forming machine provider, we are familiar with most of our clients’ product metal sheet and tube materials. The superior quality of our tools results from a solid understanding of metallurgy, metal reactions to heat and tensile strength under stress, coating methods and materials, and mechanical design. In addition, we have state-of-the-art inspection and design facilities with skilled in-house engineers that can always guarantee short lead times. This knowledge and expertise help us produce long-lasting tools that create precise shapes for automotive parts production.

Customized CNC Bending Tool Sets
Customized CNC Bending Tool Sets

Customized Tube Bending Tools | Chuck, Pressure Die, Roller, Roller Clamp and Clamp

Pipe Bending Tooling

Pipe Bending Tools

End Forming Tools | Tube and Pipe Fabrication


Our end forming tooling is ideal for pipe and tube end fabrications that require expanded, swaged, reduced, notched and curled end finishes. It is compatible with standard third-party end forming machines including Matsumura and Caillau. We also provide customized tooling solutions to precisely match complex end forming machine configurations. Our tooling is used by Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive part manufacturers that supply exhaust systems and cowl cross main pipes to car makers.

Standard End Forming Machine and Tooling for Pipes and Tubes

Standard End Forming Machine and Tools for Pipes and Tubes

Forming Tools For Expanding, Reducing, Notching

End Forming Tools for Expanding, Reducing, and Notching

Optional End Forming Tooling with TST Standard End Forming Machines

Optional End Forming Tools for our Standard End Forming Machines

Matsumara End Forming Machine With Curved and Straight Expanding Tooling

Curved and Straight Expanding Tools | Matsumara End Forming Machine

Double End Forming Tooling
Double End Forming Tooling

Double End Forming Tools for Tubes and Pipes

Caillau End Forming Machine Tooling For ID and OD Rolling

ID/OD Tooling for Caillau End Forming Machine

A Combo of Bulging Tooling, 1 Clamp and 2 Punches

Tube Bulging Tooling with one clamp and two punches

Tool Turntables | Multiple Jigs


The Multi Jig Tool Turntables are designed for minimum tool change downtime and easy tool change with minimal capital investment. The pictures below illustrate our past tooling projects for automotive part assembly stations of exhaust systems, cowl cross bars, front frames and bumper frames. Please contact us for more tooling project information.

Turning Tool Table Loaded with Multi Jigs and Robot Arms for Assembly Welding
Co2 Welding Station with Jigs for Automotive Parts
Rear Door Frame Welding Jig

Tool Turntable for Robotic Welding loaded with multiple jigs

CO2 Welding Station with Jigs for Automotive Parts

Rear Door Frame Welding Jig

Automotive Parts & Contract Manufacturing

Engine Components Manufacturer | Contract Manufacturing Services | Tier 2 Supplier

Engine Components Manufacturer

Depending on the component, the entire manufacturing process of our forged or cast engine components are performed entirely in-house from the initial low-pressure die casting or sand casting to machining, heat treating, and final 3D coordinate measuring. We manufacture cylinder heads, camshafts, crankshafts, and connecting rods for small displacement gasoline engines used in turbocharged or electric-hybrid configurations to large diesel engines.


Learn more about our Automotive Engine Components.

Automotive Parts Testing and Inspection Systems

Universal Joint Fatigue Tester

Auto Parts Testing Systems | Durability Testing | Performance Testing

We supply a range of testing systems to assess durability, fatigue, and life-cycle performance life testers for a wide variety of automotive parts. Solutions include shock absorber performance testing, U-joint fatigue testing, and ball joint durability testing. Available as hydraulic servo and AC servo systems, our testers can replicate real-life operating conditions as well as extreme environments and accelerated stress testing situations to acquire critical data for design validation, product development, innovation, and competitor benchmarking.


Learn more about our parts durability and performance testers.

Crankshaft Crack Inspection Machine Screen | Automotive Part Inspection System

Automotive Part Inspection and Measurement Systems

Depending on the part and application, some of the technologies that go into our automotive parts inspection and measurement systems may incorporate vision systems, eddy current systems, ultrasonic testing, and acoustic resonance testers. Our past project experience include developing inspection systems for camshafts, crankshafts, cylinder heads, engine blocks, brake calipers, and brake rotors.


Learn more about our parts inspection and measurement systems.

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