White Goods Production Lines and Assembly and Forming Equipment

Residential and Commercial Refrigerator, Freezer, Washing Machine, Cooking Oven Assembly Production Lines for Major Home Appliances

LPR Global supplies design and construction services for major household and commercial appliance manufacturing assembly lines for refrigeratorsfreezers, cooking appliances, dishwashers, air conditioners, laundry equipment, and ovens. Our experience covers a complete range of assembly equipment from standalone fixtures to turnkey household appliance assembly lines.


With over 35 years of experience in the appliance automation field and exports to Electrolux, GE Appliance, Whirlpool, Arçelik, Samsung, and Dayou Group, we stand as a major supplier of custom-built production and assembly equipment for refrigerators, washing machines, ovens, air conditioners, and other white goods.


Our project experience includes refrigerator cabinet metal forming lines, PU door assembly lines, washer drum manufacturing lines, and cooking oven cavity palletizing lines.


We implement stringent quality control measures when inspecting each step of the manufacturing process and provide technical support of equipment through local partnerships in the US and globally.

Home Appliance Automated Assembly and Manufacturing Lines

We build assembly and manufacturing lines for the most diverse customer needs, ranging from a simple PU foaming cabinet fixture to a fully automated assembly line. Our team designs equipment to meet clients’ specific requirements for production cycle, precision, traceability, number of operators, and required output. The manufacturing assembly line design also accounts for safety and maintenance requirements set by our clients.


Our experience in the design and construction of the appliance assembly equipment lies in the following areas: front and top laundry manufacturing assembly lines, commercial and household refrigerator and freezer cabinet and door assembly, cooking oven cavity and panel line, stainless steel drum and basket dish washing machine lines, turnkey final assembly lines, and all supporting tooling and molds required for the turnkey system development.

Cabinet Roll Forming Line

With exports to the USA, Mexico, Poland, India, Russia, Bangladesh, Turkey, Southeast Asia, we have built trust and reputation as a reliable home appliance supplier for refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, cooking oven, and air conditioner assembly and production equipment.


We have continuously invested in R&D and QC processes to ensure a guaranteed margin of error within ±0.5mm. Our factories meet ISO9001 quality management, ISO14001 environmental management, and UL factory safety and quality standards.

Automated Appliance Assembly Equipment Solutions

The modular structure of the solutions that we offer speeds up design, construction, installation, and maintenance processes, making it easy to integrate with the existing assembly production equipment at the client’s site.



Our in-house electrical engineers are familiar with all global PLCs including Allen-Bradley, Mitsubishi, Siemens, LG, and LS. We offer local mechanical and electrical engineering and after-sales support in the USA, Canada, Germany, Poland, and India.

Refrigerator, Freezer, Cooler Production and Assembly Equipment

  • Refrigerator Assembly Line
  • Cabinet Welding Line
  • Refrigerator Cabinet Metal Forming Line
  • Refrigerator Cabinet PU Foaming Line
  • Refrigerator Door Metal Forming Line
  • Refrigerator Door PU Foaming Line
  • Refrigerator Gasket Line
  • Refrigerator Panel Door Vacuum Forming Line
  • Refrigerator Pipe Bending Line
  • Refrigerator Urethane Supply Room
  • Refrigerator Inner Case Vacuum Forming Line
  • Automatic Fridge Packing Line
  • VIP Vacuum Injection Panel Assembly Line
  • Glass Bonding Line
  • Flipper Mullion Line

The flexibility of our refrigerator and freezer manufacturing and assembly lines allows for a short lead time and quick tool and model change processes.

Visit the PU Vacuum Foaming Molds page to learn about our mold and tooling solutions.

Refrigerator Assembly Line
Refrigerator Welding Line

Automated Refrigerator PU Foaming Fixtures

Refrigerator Hybrid Face up Fixture
Refrigerator Hybrid Face up Fixture
  • Capable of simultaneously producing multiple models at a low investment cost
  • Fully automated or separate device configuration option
Refrigerator Assembly Fixture Face-Up
Refrigerator Assembly Fixture Face-Up
Refrigerator Rotary Face up Fixture
Refrigerator Rotary Face up Fixture

Refrigerator Carousel PU Door Foaming Experience

The carousel lines usually feature a 2-head or 4-head injection. In case of a 4-door French Door model, more than 4-head injection is applied. The single belt conveyor of the PU door face-down line is divided into the main section and the preheating section. The line stations consist of the main feeding machine that feeds the entire jig at one time, a section that feeds the top plate, a diverter section that feeds the jig to the back row, a conveyor section, and a Q.D.C section.


The process flow includes the following steps: Open, Unloading, Buffer, Loading, N2 Injection, Injection, and Close. Our lines allow automatic​ ​foamed​ ​door​ ​removal​ and adjustable depth to avoid dropping onto an exist conveyor. Doors removed from ​​​tooling​ ​are placed​ ​on a conveyor.



Fixture molds are adjustable and can be loaded from the front, and the top and bottom parts of the jig fixtures can be separated. The upper part of the fixture is separated from the open section to be transferred to the forming station while the upper panel is transferred to the injection section. Depending on the output requirements, two, three, or four doors can be produced in one mold carrier.

Refrigerator Door Carousel Type
Refrigerator Door Carousel Type
Refrigerator Door Mold Carrier
Refrigerator Door Mold Carrier

For more information about Refrigerator PU Foaming Fixtures, visit Refrigerator Cabinet and Door Foaming Equipment Page.

Washing Machine Cabinet, Drum, Panel Forming Lines | Laundry

We design and build residential and commercial automatic and flexible washer manufacturing lines for the production of top and front loading cabinets; drums; front, upper and base panels; drum lids, and linings.


The manufacturing process includes sheet feeding, 4P bending, unloading & turning, manual riveting, lower spring, bottom caulking, and conveying stages. Once sub-assembly is complete, it heads to the painting or mounting line.


For sub-assemblies we offer a number of joining processes such as resistance welding, deposition welding, laser welding, and friction welding.

Washing Machine Spine Drum Forming Line

Cooking Oven Cavity Manufacturing Forming Lines

We specialize in oven cavity and cooktop manufacturing systems for home appliance applications, and spiral and liner steam ovens for commercial clients. The fully automated systems include all the necessary components to make the system “turn-key” operational: level feeder, straightener, centering conveyor, wrapper press, press transfer, quick die change system, multi spot welding system: spot and seam, hydraulic units, and cooling system.

AGV Home Appliance Experience

Washer Production Applications: Flange Shaft Auto Pallet, Drum Back Rachet Auto Pallet, Spring Brake Auto Pallet, Frame Front Rachet Auto Pallet, F/R Drum Front Auto Pallet, T/L Base tub Auto Pallet, T/L Base cover Auto Pallet.

AGV Home Appliance

Refrigerator Jig Tooling Examples

Cabinet Forming Jig
Cabinet Forming Jig
Refrigerator Trim Liner
Refrigerator Trim Liner
Fridge Cabinet Tooling Jig
Fridge Cabinet Tooling Jig
Door Trim Liner
Door Trim Liner
Door Liner Trim Jig
Door Liner Trim Jig
Refrigerator Cabinet Trim Liner
Refrigerator Cabinet Trim Liner

Quality Control of Home Appliance Assembly and Production Equipment

We place a great emphasis on maintaining and improving the quality of assembly production equipment and molds, and implement by the following quality procedure checks:

  • Design checklist
  • Layout settings checklist
  • FEAs complete
  • Range of motions
  • Controls interface sensors, vision cameras, motors, valves complete
  • Components and cut sheets verified
  • Ready for the final drawings
  • Sub-floor complete

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