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LPR Global’s servo presses and nutrunners are used for automation assembly lines that produce sophisticated industrial parts in the automotive and electronics industries. Our servo presses and nutrunners are widely used for manufacturing and assembling automotive engine and transmission parts, as well as manufacturing various electronic components. 


We have supplied servo presses and nutrunners for automotive brands and automotive part manufacturing companies such as Hyundai/ Kia, Hyundai Mobis, and Hyundai Wia. LPR Global offers a complete solution, from the design and manufacturing of servo presses and nutrunners to the leveraging of our global reach to supply parts internationally.

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Servo Press and Nutrunner Automation for the Automotive Industry

With years of experience in manufacturing servo presses and nutrunners, we provide easy-to-use and durable assembly solutions to international companies, mostly in the automotive industry. Over the years, we have collected data on the performance of our servo presses and nutrunners; we have constantly refined them to outperform our competitors’ products. The five technical patents we hold related to servo presses and nutrunners attest to our dedication to improving the assembly solutions that we offer.

Multi-Functional System Layout


How It Works | Improve Your Assembly Process

Our servo presses and nutrunners have an integrated controller that allows a system to have multiple spindle control. Each controller that is connected to a spindle can be used as the master, and operators do not need to switch the master manually. This system layout provides customers with effective and convenient assembly solutions, improving your process significantly.

Master Controller Enables Performance of the Servo Press & Nutrunner

Through our R&D process, LPR Global has developed a controller that is easy to integrate and use. The controller’s CPU is divided into two parts; one controls the motions of the servo and the other manages the processor. This allows the system to process data swiftly, accurately providing information on the performance of the servo press/ nutrunner and remaining responsive to operator input. The controller has been designed with a high memory capacity to ensure reliability. Additional functions that will improve your assembly process include:

  • The controller generates a graph that plots the motor’s loading and speed for your review.
  • If the reducer or motor experiences problems, you can promptly locate the trouble and check the details.
  • The servo presses and nutrunners are designed for multi-function systems, allowing you to discard the I/O hard wiring process entirely. You can simply connect the I/O to the master unit, and control several slave units simultaneously with the master unit.

Servo Press and Nutrunner Applications


  • Transmission Parts
  • Engine Assembly
  • Engine Part Manufacturing
  • Automotive component assembly


  • User-friendly testing and reporting software

Industrial Manufacturing

  • Assembling & Dissembling
  • Pressing
  • Torquing Bolt & Nut

Automotive Project Experience

Servo Press Design

Servo Press Design

  • Valve Seat Insert
  • Piston Insert
  • Oil Seat Press
Nutrunner Design

Nutrunner Design

  • Transmission Rear Cover Assembly
  • Automatic Transmission Oil Pump Assembly
  • Engine Cam Carrier Assembly
  • Engine Oil Pan Assembly

Servo Presses and Nutrunners for Industrial Automation

Our compact and reliable servo presses and nutrunners are the perfect solutions for the industrial automation. Our servo presses and nutrunners have been the pick of many system integrators in the factory automation market, as the equipment offers excellent durability and performance.

Servo Press Applications

Nutrunner Applications

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