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LPR Global provides a comprehensive range of factory automation equipment and systems to enhance the productivity of your factory. Whether you require a new gantry robot, linear modules, or even a new manufacturing line, LPR Global will solve your automation needs. From design and development to installation and integration, we work with you to develop the most effective factory automation solution to meet your factory’s requirements.


We specialize in supplying industrial gantry robots and factory automation systems, offering standard modules and customized configurations. Our extensive product offerings are suitable for various applications, including automotive, plastics, metal working, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and beverage.


With excellent product quality, short lead times, and reasonable prices, we can guarantee that our factory automation equipment and components will meet your highest expectations.

Factory Automation Systems | Configurable Rack and Pinion Gantry Robots

LPR offers proven solutions for the automated factory and plant operations. Our linear and manufacturing automation equipment adheres to international quality standards and is designed for palletizing, storage and retrieval, machine loading, parts transfer, material handling, and automated assembly applications.


We supply high quality components, singleand multi-axis linear modules, gantry robots, and factory automation lines at competitive pricing. LPR offers standard and customized turn-key automation solutions, including design, development, and installation, in accordance with the clients’ requirements.

Engine Parts Assembling | Parts Transferring | Palletizing | Manufacturing Automation Applications

LPR’s automation solutions are widely used in the automotive, plastics, chemical and pharmaceutical, food and beverage, metal working and production industries.

Our exemplary clients in select industries include:


AutomotiveHyundai and Kia, Tier I vendors to auto makers, robotic welding system installation providers, gantry robots, conveyors, and assembly lines.

Consumer Electronics Industry:  LG, Samsung, Zenith, SYC

Tire Industry: Nexen Tire, Kumho Tire


Industries | Automation Solutions

  • Production and assembly lines
  • Logistic, stacking, packaging
  • Basic modules in cutting, welding, filling machines
  • Transferring components
  • Machine loading and unloading
  • Integration of handling components into existing production facilities

Factory Automation Systems | Components, Linear Modules, Gantry Robots

LPR offers precise positioning solutions for your factory automation applications.

Auto loader automation system line for crank shaft
Cylinder pallet transporter automation systems
Cylinder pallet transporter
Robotic Arm Moving System Components

Track Motion System | Robotic Arm Moving System | TMS-F Series


Linear position control module using a rack and pinion guide rail. TMS-F series system is used to expand workspace to allow one robot to perform tasks on several systems, thus eliminating the need to use multiple robotic arms.


The base frame is 3,200 mm with additional extensions possible to connect to a module base. Max stroke: 100 meters


Payload is dispersed through 6 roller blocks making it possible for a high payload.


Robotic Arm Moving System | Track Motion System

Robotic Arm Moving System
  • Welding
  • Plasma cutting
  • Mechanical processing, pouring
  • Packaging
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace automation

Gantry Robot Components | Factory Automation

Suitable to transfer medium and heavy loads, we offer standardized guide rollers, precisely grinded plain and rack guides, lubrication wipers, servo gearboxes, and drive pinions. LPR’s rack and pinion linear modules are supplied in various sizes for diverse applications which require precisionhigh speed, and durability. Made from high quality chromium molybdenum steel, medium duty linear guides can achieve 60~62HRC to guarantee long operational life.

Rack and Pinion Modules | Automation Technology | Ready-to-Install

Our standardized linear modules are designed to solve your motion tasks reliably and cost-effectively; they can handle various weights from 10kg to 400kg for medium duty applications and up to 3,600kg for heavy duty gantry robots.


Our modular linear systems provide all the features you need from a simple auxiliary axis to complete multi-axis robots.

Overview of Multi-axisPermissible Max. Pay Load     
pdf-icon1-axis Linear Module-UL typeULUL1UL1ULUL3UL3
pdf-icon 2-axis Linear Module-TL typeTLTL2TL1TL3TL3
pdf-icon3-axis Linear Module-CL typeCLCL2CL1CL3CL3
pdf-iconWireless Linear Module-WL typeWLWL1WL1

Gantry Robot Systems | Cartesian Axis Robots | Factory Automation

Our gantry systems are designed for rapid transport of light and moderate loads and guarantee precise positioning during transfer.


LPR’s gantries come in single- and multi-axis configurations, allowing you to be versatile and handle different operation stages. They are suitable for various automation and manufacturing lines and are widely used in packing, loading, transferring, machine tool, and medical devices industries.

Features | High-precision Gantry Robots | Rack and Pinion 

  • Linear and multi-axis rack and pinion robots
  • Payload range from 10kg to 400kg; up to 3,600kg – heavy duty
  • High speed of operations
  • Flexible configurations – leg height, working ranges
  • Can be controlled wirelessly
  • Standardized components
  • Low noise
  • Excellent cost/performance ratio

1-axis Gantry Robot

Gantry Robot Automation

2-axis Gantry Robot

Gantry Robot Factory Automation

3-axis Gantry Robot

Gantry Robot | Rack and Pinion

Main Projects | Factory Automation Systems

Manufacturing Automation

  • Crankshaft – manufacturing automation system
  • Camshaft – manufacturing automation system
  • Transmission – gantry robot and conveyor
  • Cylinder block and head – gantry robot and conveyor

Transfer Automation

  • CRT display – gantry robots and conveyor
  • PDP display – robots, track motion, conveyors
  • LCD display – auto loader system
  • Aluminum pouring – gantry robots

Palletizing Automation

  • Cylinder head – gantry robots and conveyor
  • Crankshaft and cylinder head and block – robots and conveyor
  • Tire – gantry robots

Manufacturing Automation Lines

LPR offers turn-key automation solutions from designing to installation, including control systems. Process equipment such as welding robots, assembly robots, lathes, extrusion machines can be automated with our products. Working with ABB and KUKA, we have supplied highly effective automation solutions, including such complicated projects as customized automation lines running 24 hours.


Automation Projects

  • Crankshaft line / Alpha engine crank, cam line
  • Theta engine crankshaft, camshaft, cylinder head line
  • Lambda engine cylinder head leak tester line
  • Gamma engine crankshaft, cylinder block and cylinder head line
  • Theta engine / Gamma engine cylinder block line
  • Gamma engine crankshaft line (increase)
  • 6-speed transmission case, torque converter housing
  • Valve body, EBW, gear part line

Enhance factory productivity with our linear modules, gantry robots, and manufacturing automation systems. LPR Global offers efficient and reliable solutions for your factory automation needs.

Precise Rack & Pinion System | High Speed, Backlash-Free Transmission

LPR’s Rack and Pinion System provides high precision linear transmission, using our patented tooth profile for smooth rolling contact. This completely sealed unit is extremely efficient and accurate, making it an ideal replacement for ball screw, linear motor, and conventional rack & pinion systems. It is specially designed to be noise-free, require minimal to no lubrication, and reduce wear of pinion teeth. Our systems provide high speeds up to 10 m/s for various applications including linear actuators, loading and unloading systems, machine tool axes, and more.

Clean Rack and Pinion

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