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We provide electrical engineering and PLC programming services, and control engineering services to various industries. Our team of engineers and technicians in South Korea have served many industrial equipment manufacturers with electrical panel wiring and assembly services offering complete solutions tailored to industry and technology-specific needs.


As experienced control engineers, we also provide human machine interface (HMI) and programmable logic controller (PLC) programming for manufacturing machinery, cell automation, industrial automation, and factory automation assembly line projects.


Through our control systems engineering experience, we are committed to providing reliable electrical control panel building services and delivering optimized control panel design and programming.

Electrical & Control Engineering Services | Industrial Automation Services

System Design | Control Panel Wiring & Assembly | PLC & HMI Programming

As an experienced electrical engineering services provider, our team in South Korea is UL 508A certified with ISO 9001 certification. Diverse industry experience allows us to deploy optimized and reliable automation systems in various levels of design complexity. Some of the electrical engineering services that we provide include system design and schematics, customized electrical control panel building, human machine interface (HMI) or programmable logic control (PLC) programming, robotic integration, and remote monitoring and control system solutions.

Our project experience includes:

  • Factory Automation for Electronics Manufacturing and Semiconductor Industry
  • Industrial Automation for Power Plants and Power Generation Industry
  • Line Integration for Automotive Parts Manufacturers
  • Cell-based Automation; Robotic Cell Integration for Machine Builders
  • Electrical Panel, Fieldbus Box, and Control Module Building
  • SCADA; Remote Monitoring and Control Solutions

Line Integration Project | Electrical & Control Systems Engineering

Electrical Engineering Projects | Automotive, Steel, Electronics, Energy Industry

Our team based in South Korea is experienced in the automotive, electronics, steel, and power generation industry. The greatest challenge that those industries face is cost reductions. The solution across various industries in Korea was to automate processes so that they can maintain high quality and improve reliability while keeping costs down. Our experience and knowledge grew with our clientele’s requests on different machine integration, remote system supervision, machine data collection, and remote monitoring of data and data feed to the overall control system. We invest every effort to achieve best practices for our clients building reliable, optimized, and user-friendly systems that ultimately result in earning and maintaining a competitive advantage.

Electrical Systems Design, Control Panel Builder, Modular Busbar System

Electrical Systems Design, Control Panel Builder, Modular Busbar System

Customized Solutions:

  • Operator-Friendly HMI Development
  • Easy-to-Use PLC and PC Program Development
  • Manufacturing Line Layout Modification
  • PLC Modification for Retrofitting and Refurbishing Equipment
  • Customized Electrical Control Panel Wiring and Assembly
PLC and HMI Solutions Provider

PLC and HMI Solutions Provider

PLC Logic Building for In-Line Furnace

PLC Logic Building for In-Line Furnace

Electrical & Control Engineering Services | Industrial Automation

Turn-Key Solutions | Automated Lines | Repair & Retrofitting Projects

Aside from engineering services in South Korea, we have been involved in projects related to repair, maintenance, retrofit, and installation at manufacturing sites in Asia and Europe. We also provide a turn-key solutions for automated production lines in North America.

  • Machine Automation: With years of field experience, our team of controls and automation engineers helps manufacturers automate their existing systems for improved accuracy and repeatability. Following a careful assessment, we will advise you on the options such as a semi-automated or fully automated line that suits your requirements.
  • Robotic Cell Integration: We provide PLC programming and electrical wiring as well as robotic integration for cell automation. We also offer complete solutions to turn manual production lines to fully automated production cells and lines. From design to implementation, our engineering experience will help create higher production rates and more compact production lines with a smaller footprint with a minimal number of operators.
  • Machine Refurbishing For Manufacturing Sites in Asia: With our machine refurbishing or retrofitting services, we can help upgrade your equipment and match it with the most up-to-date systems. We will review your existing equipment such as cycle time, electrical wiring, electrical panel, programming, and tooling of the machine. After the careful examination, we can provide you competitive estimate. Our highly experienced engineers can also offer a revised design proposal for further improvement.
  • Sourcing & Validating: With years of extensive industry experience, we can provide reliable sourcing and validation services by helping manufacturers find high quality machines in accordance with their specific needs. We can help you navigate South Korea’s rapidly expanding equipment manufacturing market, which has a proven record of technical competitiveness and compatibility with North American and Japanese manufactured equipment. Each selected company and their manufacturing sites will be validated to ensure that they meet your needs and goals.
Robotic Cell Integration, PLC Programming

Robotic Cell Integration, Factory Automation, Engineering Project Management

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