Electrical Engineering and PLC Programming Services for Retrofitting and Refurbishing Equipment

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Services for Rebuilding Projects in Korea and Japan

Our electrical engineering and PLC programming services, coupled with mechanical engineering and refurbishing services, have helped companies worldwide automate their production lines and upgrade electrical wiring on existing equipment. With an engineering and manufacturing team based in South Korea, we can provide prompt local support for line upgrades, electrical panel replacements, and rewiring and rebuilding projects in Korea and Japan.


Our electrical engineers, PLC programmers, and robotic programmers are experts in Human Machine Interface (HMI) and PLC programming for manufacturing machinery, cell automation, industrial automation, and factory assembly line automation projects.


Our team of mechanical engineers can handle projects large and small, from machines and assemblies to entire automated lines. We are a trusted service provider for steel mills, petrochemical plants, and power plants, thanks to decades of welding and heat treatment experience and extensive metallurgical knowledge. Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities have helped us serve designers as well as engineering and procurement companies worldwide.

Electrical & Control Engineering Services | Industrial Process Control

Control Panel Wiring & Assembly | PLC & HMI Programming


Our portfolio of electrical engineering services includes system design and schematics, customized electrical control panel building, human machine interface (HMI) and programmable logic control (PLC) programming, robotic integration, and remote monitoring and control system solutions.


As experienced electrical engineers and control systems engineers with UL 508A and ISO 9001 certifications, we help clients with industrial process control, energy management, and industrial asset management needs. Having served customers in a wide range of industries, we are skilled in deploying optimized and reliable automation systems with varying levels of design complexity.

Project experience includes:

  • Factory Automation for Electronics Manufacturing and Semiconductor Industry
  • Industrial Automation for Power Plants and Power Generation Industry
  • Line Integration for Automotive Parts Manufacturers
  • Cell-based Automation: Robotic Cell Integration for Machine Builders
  • Electrical Panel, Fieldbus Box, and Control Module Building
  • SCADA Remote Monitoring and Control Solutions

PLC Modification for Retrofitting and Refurbishing Equipment | Automotive, Steel, Electronics, Energy Industry

South Korea is known for world-leading manufacturing technology for cars, electronics and home appliances, which is supported by a vast network of metal manufacturers that produce high-quality steel, aluminum, and alloys. Our advanced equipment and automated production lines serve many of these steel mills and power plants, along with manufacturers in the automotive, electronics and home appliance industries.


Over the years, companies in these industries have developed highly automated processes in order to be price-competitive globally while maintaining quality and reliability. With our clients increasingly investing in industrial automation, we expanded our skillset to serve them better, becoming experts in optimizing data collection from power panels, remote system supervision, machine data collection for remote monitoring, and data feeds for DCS architecture. We deliver reliable, optimized, and user-friendly systems to our clients, built using best practices, which ultimately result in earning and maintaining a competitive advantage.

Electrical Systems Design, Control Panel Builder, Modular Busbar System

Electrical Systems Design, Control Panel Builder, Modular Busbar System

Customized Solutions:

  • PLC Modification for Machine Retrofits and Upgrades
  • Operator-Friendly HMI Development
  • Easy-to-Use PLC and PC Program Development
  • Manufacturing Line Layout Modification
  • Customized Electrical Control Panel Wiring and Assembly
PLC and HMI Solutions Provider

PLC and HMI Solutions Provider

PLC Logic Building for In-Line Furnace

PLC Logic Building for In-Line Furnace

Re-Manufacturing in Korea and Japan | Repair and Retrofitting Projects

We provide efficient and easy-to-access manufacturing services for  machine upgrade, repair, maintenance, retrofit, and installation. US and European clients often come to us when they need to re-manufacture pieces of equipment or entire lines installed in Asia.

What sets us apart from other retrofitting companies?

  • Breadth and Depth of Experience: Some of our shops have been providing manufacturing services since the 1960s and were the initial machine installation companies for POSCO and Hyundai Steel, while others provide automated refrigerator manufacturing lines to Samsung worldwide. Our comprehensive services combine the mechanical part of manufacturing with robotic and electrical programming to help automate our existing systems for improved accuracy and repeatability.

  • Machine Refurbishing in Korea and Japan: We provide machine refurbishing and retrofitting services to upgrade your equipment to the most up-to-date systems. We follow a collaborative process that includes reviewing your original drawings and providing suggestions based on our experience where needed. We go beyond the scope of remanufacturing work to carefully examine your existing equipment conditions such as cycle time, electrical wiring, electrical panel programming, and machine tooling, and offer a revised design proposal for further improvement.

  • Competitive Prices: As a well-established consortium network with over two decades in the industry, we bring you the best solutions at the most competitive prices. Consortium members highly value cooperation, working together to offer special rates and meet client needs.

Manufacturing Capabilities in Steel Mills, Appliances, and Power Plant Industries:






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