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Auto Frame and Body Assembly Line | Engine Assembly | Chassis Assembly | Inspection Testing Equipment

LPR Global is a factory automation solutions provider focusing on manufacturing and supplying automated assembly production and testing lines for automotive parts manufacturing. Project experience includes auto frame assembly lines, engine sub assembly line, regulator auto locking and inspection line, chassis pallet automatic transfer line, rotor transfer device assembly lines, GDI pumps assembly lines, oil pump assembly, and power steering systems inspection machinery.



LPR Global supplies assembly and production lines to automotive parts manufacturing companies worldwide. Our clients rely on our automated assembly lines to maximize plant productivity and improving quality by automating critical steps in the parts assembly process. Current client portfolio members include global companies in the automotive industry such as Bosch, TRW, Valeo, Motonic, and PHA Edscha, Hyundai Automobile, TATA Daewoo-Ssangyong Motor, Renault Samsung Motors.



We provide complete support starting from the initial stage, assembly line design and factory layout, consultation for the manufacturing of the assembly line, to after-sales services.

Assembly Line Manufacturer | Automotive Parts | Factory Automation

If your operators and engineers prefer to work with manual or semi automated lines, we can manufacture them to meet your needs. However, we highly recommend you to take a look at our cost effective automated assembly lines to increase efficiency and productivity at your site.

We have supplied automotive part assembly lines for various automotive components and modules such as:

Automotive Engine Oil Pump Assembly Line | Factory Automation

Automotive engine oil pumps play the critical role in determining the efficiency, performance, and the life of the engines. We understand the importance of precisely assembled engine pumps and we design our automated oil pumps assembly lines to meet high industry standards and your specific requirements.

Automotive Power Steering Rack Assembly Line | Factory Automation

Our power steering rack assembly line is fully automated and requires minimum maintenance. Trusted by market leading Tier 1 automotive parts manufacturers such as TRW and Valeo, our power steering system assembly line experience includes:

  • Electrical Power Steering Belt Driver assembly line
  • Electrical Power Steering Column Driver assembly line
  • Hydraulic Rack and Pinion Power Steering assembly line
  • Manual Rack and Pinion Manual Steering Rack assembly line

Other automated auto parts manufacturing lines that we offer:

  • ABS assembly lines
  • Brake Caliper assembly lines
  • Various types of testing equipment for the assembly lines

Automotive Assembly Manufacturing Line Project Experience:

  • Automotive frame assembly line | Remodeled BC EMS in car body line
  • Engine sub-assembly line
  • Regulator auto locking and inspection line
  • Rotor transfer device assembly lines
  • Dashboard complete assembly line
  • Fender apron assembly line
  • Automotive PNL Hood INR/ OTR Extension body side outer panel
  • Body side outer panel assembly line
  • Rear chassis pallet automatic transfer
  • Suspension conveyor in automobile assembly line
  • Door module grease applying device
  • Armrest assembly line
EMC Retrofit Line Installation
EMC Retrofit Line Installation
Body Line EMC Retrofit Installation
Body Line EMC Retrofit Installation
Engine Sub-Line Fabrication
Engine Sub-Line Fabrication
Automated Conveyor System
Automated Conveyor System

Automotive Parts Assembly Lines | Factory Automation

Our engineering team is located in South Korea to fully support your needs, our technical and after-sales support partners are located in 7 countries, including USA, Canada, Germany, and Poland. With our extensive experience in automated automotive parts manufacturing and factory automation, we can identify your needs and develop a efficient line for assembling high quality parts.

Automated Oil Pump Assembly Line


GDI Pump Assembly and Test Line Process:

1. Part indentation and currying
2. Laser welding and vision measuring system
3. Part indentation and caulking
4. Performance test and airtight inspection
5. Data storage system

Factory Automation | Automotive Alternators Assembly Line


Alternator Assembly Line


Manufactured Alternator


Rectifier Assembly Line for Alternators


Rectifier Assembly Line Application

Automated Oil Pump Assembly Line

Automated Oil Pump Assembly | Line Integration


Customized Stations

Main Assembly Line

  1. Bottom Plate Loading
  2. Cam Ring Loading
  3. Long Pin Press
  4. Vane Assemble
  5. Measure Inner Diameter of Cam Ring
  6. Measure Outer Diameter of Rotor
  7. Rotor Assembly Load to Cam Ring
  8. Side Cleanse Check & Oil Supply
  9. Vision Inspection
  10. Top Plate Loading
  11. O-Ring Cover Assembly
  12. Cover Assembly to Main Work piece
  13. Bolt Fastening
  14. Leak Test
  15. Performance Test (Dry)
  16. NG Unload
  17. Auto Boxing
  18. Data Control

Automated Power Steering Assembly Line


EPS Belt Driver Assembly Line for Power Steering


EPS Belt Driver Power Steering Systems


Electric Power Steering Column Driver Assembly Line


Electric Power Steering Column Driver


Rack & Pinion Power Steering Assembly Line


Rack & Pinion Power Steering

Assembly Line Manufacturer | Automotive Parts | Factory Automation

We have supplied automotive part assembly lines for various automotive components and modules such as:

  • Engine Oil Pump Assembly Lines
  • EV Relay Assembly Lines
  • GDI Pump Assembly Lines
  • Inverter Assembly Lines
  • Power Steering System Assembly Lines
  • Alternator Assembly Lines
  • Starter Motor Assembly Lines
  • Brake System Assembly Lines
Automotive Knuckle Assembly Line

Automotive Knuckle Assembly Line

Automating Existing Manufacturing Systems | Engineering Project Management

With our long-term experience as a manufacturer and a supplier for the factory automated assembly lines, we will deliver equipment that you can trust.

Robotic Cell Integration | Robot Programming | Factory Automation & Automated Cells

Do you have multiple stations that you would like to integrate as a factory automation assembly line? We can help you turn the existing manual lines to automated lines. From robotic cell integration to complete line integration, we will provide you with the full support, including design, manufacturing, technical support and after sales support.


Read more about our Engineering Services and Gantry and Track Motion Systems.

Automation of Guided Vehicles

Total production of guided vehicles is over 4000 units per year.

We offer production and installation of synchronized guided vehicles for such applications as muffler mounting process in automobile assembly line, input automation, sub module for engine auto pallet, panorama sunroof auto pallet, hood assembly auto pallet.

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