Process Piping Skids and Modular Packages

Process Piping Solution for Gas Conditioning, Booster Pump, Water Treatment and Gas Turbine.

LPR Global provides process piping skids for shipbuilding, power plants, petrochemical plants, and steel mills from ISO9001-certified plants in South Korea. Our team of experts, with 3 patents for LNG and fuel process piping skids, provide design, engineering, and fabrication services for booster pump packages, water treatment systems, gas conditioning systems and gas turbines.


With decades of experience and WPS certificates from multiple ship classification societies (ABS, NK, BV, and GL), LPR Global ensures reliable piping solutions for harsh environments, withstanding high pressure and temperatures. We offer customized process piping skids for each client’s application in a wide range of pipe materials such as carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and polyvinyl chloride. Equipped with 3D modeling and isometric design capabilities, we engineer and fabricate piping solutions in accordance with ASME B31.3 and ASME B31.1.


Our piping skids are used by global companies in the offshore, power plant, and petrochemical industries, such as IHI Mitsubishi, and Alfa Laval. STX, Hyundai Heavy Industries, and Doosan are some of our other long-term clients that use our piping solutions for ships and energy plant projects.

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Process Piping & Packaged Skid Expertise


With decades of experience in pipe fabrication and modularized skids, LPR Global has been an ongoing supplier of pipe fabrication and modularized skids to industry leaders. Our experience in supplying piping solution and skid packages to global clients since 2007 is outlined below.

Combined Cycle Power Plants | Gas Compressor Piping Skid 

gas compressor piping for Thailand power plant
gas compressor piping for Bangledesh power plant
  • Dry gas seal line piping
  • Valve skid assembly line piping
  • Interconnection line piping
  • Air, lubrication oil line piping


We supply gas compressor packages with skid piping that provides oil lubrication, valve assembly interconnection, and dry gas seal systems to combined cycle power plants and shipbuilders. Skid piping is assembled with compressor to provide lubrication oil, valve assembly interconnection and dry gas seal system. Gas compressor packages, from hydraulic to diaphragm, can be used for gas boosting, hydrocracking, hydrodesulfurization, C02 compressors and biomethane processing in the power plant, energy, and petrochemical industries.


In power plants, skid piping solutions are required to withstand high discharge pressure up to 3,000 bar, without any oil or abrasion, while ensuring zero leakage. We design and manufacture gas compressor packages and other auxiliary components in process piping that account for discharge pressure, temperature, and alignment.

Hyundai Turbomachinery | Gas Turbine BOP Piping, Pump Piping

Hyundai Turbo Machinery piping fabrication
Hyundai Turbo Machinery gas compressor package assembly
Hyundai Turbo Machinery gas compressor package
  • Gas Turbine BOP piping installation
  • Gas compressor / Pump piping fabrication 
  • Condensate piping / De-aerator Piping
  • Natural gas turbine unit/ Turbochargers


LPR Global’s pump packages are modularized into cooling water systems, side stream filtration systems, and oil lubrication systems for ships and power plants. The pipe system is integrated with a booster pump, which controls the fluid flow rate to the desired level. Our pump packages are designed with careful consideration of the elevation of pipe settings, resistance, friction, and density of media. Along with ASME B31, LPR Global can also manufacture ASME U-Stamp certified components such as pressure vessels to provide a complete pump package.

Hyundai Heavy Industry | Skid-Mounted Water Treatment Unit 

Hyundai Heavy Industries oil lubrication piping
Hyundai Heavy Industries oil ballast water treatment unit
Hyundai Heavy Industries pressure vessel
  • Ballast water treatment unit
  • Pressure vessels
  • Lubrication oil piping


LPR Global has expertise in water treatment units used in the water treatment, energy, mining, and shipbuilding industries. Ballast water treatment units require sophisticated engineering capabilities as ships are more sensitive to spacing and weight in use. Filtration knowledge is also key, to correctly engineer mesh sizes to prevent contamination through discharge water. With decades of experience in skid design and fabrication, LPR Global is a trusted supplier of water treatment units, pressure vessels and high-pressure piping to Hyundai Heavy Industries.


For more information on Water treatment package, click here.

STX Engine | Tank, Vessels, Rail units, Piping

STX engine rail unit
STX engine piping
STX engine vessels,tanks

For more information on pressure vessels and tanks, click here.

STX Heavy Industries | Utility Skid Assembly Piping Fabricator for Fuel Gas Compressor and RTU HVAC

STX heavy industries piping fabrication
STX heavy industries tank, vessel fabrication
STX heavy industries HVAC system assembly
  • HVAC inlet/outlet piping for steam turbine
  • Butadiene gas compressor, Ethylene gas compressor
  • Pump and blower skid for gas, diesel, electricity, solar energy

Pipe Engineering and Design

Our design team uses Solid Edge 3D modeling and Isometric design tools, and our piping solutions are manufactured in accordance with ASME B31.3 and ASME B31.1 standards.


We also offer skid packages with instrumentation such as pressure valves and PLC panels. Thanks to our experience and vast supplier network in South Korea, we can source the applicable instrumentation for a variety of skid assembly projects.

Example of 3D modelling/Simulation
Example of 3D modelling/Simulation
isometric design example
Example of isometric design using solid edge

Process Piping Skid Fabrication

Plant projects typically require various piping solutions for filtration, mixing, separation, and pressurization and depressurization of liquids or gases, while also supplying these into pumps, vessels, chillers, blowers, tanks, chemical processing lines, turbine systems, and engines. We provide every type of process piping and packaged skid system to clients around the world.


We also design and fabricate modular skid piping solutions that can be mounted on a skid with pumps, vessels, tanks, HVACs, and other units. Faster installation, cost savings, and increased mobility and quality control have made skid-mounted piping solutions the preferred choice for the energy, petrochemical, mining, and shipbuilding industries.

High-Pressure Pipe Skid Welding


From turbine piping to fuel piping systems, our piping solutions are designed and manufactured to withstand high pressure and temperatures. We understand that the cost of pipe cracks can be detrimental to ships and power plants, so we use robust welding procedures and perform stringent testing to minimize critical issues in turbine piping and fuel piping systems.

Pipe Welding Process: Once inspection of raw material has been completed, welded points are preheated, mounted, and inspected to prevent any misalignment, slag entrapments and cracking. WPS, PQR and WPQ under ASME B31 are strictly followed to ensure global standards.

Description of pipe welding procedure

As a long-standing supplier of piping solutions to the shipbuilding and LNG industries, we are certified with the global welding standards below:

WPS Certificates:

  • American Register of shipping (CS/SUS)
  • French Classification Society (CS)
  • China Shipping Association (CS)
  • Norwegian Classification Society (CS/SUS)
  • German Register of Shipping (CS/SUS)
  • Korea Register of Shipping (CS/SUS)
  • British Register of Shipping (CS/SUS)
  • Italian Classification Society (CS/SUS)
  • Japan Maritime Association (CS/SUS)


Other Qualifications and Certificates:

  • API Explosion Proof
  • CE
  • RINA Marine
  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001
  • ISO45001

Packaged Skid Engineering Development


LPR Global is making constant efforts to utilize its expertise to develop module engineering capabilities. Below are examples of our developments in fuel system engineering.

Hydrogen Compressor Engineering

Hydrogen compressor

Hydrogen gas compressor for purification using pressure swing adsorption that compresses hydrogen gas by 900 bar for conditioning, then sends it to hydrogen power stations. Hydrogen gas compression is critical in gas conditioning for use in power stations.

EGR Water Treatment System

EGR water treatment system

A system for circulation water treatment, used in exhaust gas recirculation processes. Ideal for NOx reduction from combustion gas in engine systems. NOx reduction technology in EGR process is a favored choice of ship makers and energy plants in adherence to global sulfur cap.

Unrefined Crude Oil Fuel System

unrefined crude oil fuel system

our oil fuel system allows unrefined crude oil to be directly used as fuel within a processing system, thus minimizing downtime and costs for ships and power plants. Our API certified explosion proof system ensures safe and economic transition from traditional fuel system.

Cooling Tube Fabrication for a Continuous Galvanizing Line


Project Challenge

A US-based engineering and manufacturing client was awarded a project of a Continuous Galvanizing Line (CGL) for a steel mill in California. They were looking for a cooling pipe fabricator familiar with the galvanizing process and knowledgeable of the importance of cooling for uniform product quality. The client’s main challenge was that it was not possible to find a US tube fabricator able to source Stainless Steel 310 made in Japan or Korea within the project timeline, since the US steel mill prohibited the use of any materials made in China or India.


When the US engineering client reached out to USKoreaHotlink, we were not able to find pipe mills in Japan or Korea that could supply Stainless Steel AISI 310 pipes within the client’s budget and timeline. However, our consulting team and fabrication shop were able to find a solution that met the client’s requirements, resulting in the production of high-quality cooling tubes suitable for the CGL.

Fabricating Pipes for Cooling Tubes

LPR Global’ solution was to fabricate pipes from Stainless Steel 310 sheets, and then make cooling tubes from those pipes. Our metal fabrication shop in South Korea imported Stainless Steel AISI 310 from a Japanese supplier and then constructed a pipe manufacturing line specifically for the client’s project. In-house fabricated pipes were then used to make the cooling tubes for the CGL.


Using our engineering and fabrication expertise, we proposed this solution instead of replacing the Stainless Steel 310 grade material with a lower grade readily available in the market. Because the cooling tubes must withstand high-temperature environments of up to 1100℃ and are exposed to a harsh environment, we concluded that completing extra steps and using more time would be the right decision for the client’s quality control requirements.

CGL cooling tube fabrication
completed cooling tubes

LPR Global Fabrication Capabilities

LPR Global provides high-quality fabricated parts to our clients by using quality materials that are suitable for the component’s application, establishing and adhering to rigorous QA/QC measures including developing a Welding Procedure Specification (WPS), and leveraging our technical expertise gained from numerous project experiences. These three aspects were key for the fabrication of the cooling tubes and resulted in a successful delivery of the project in line with the client’s expectations.


For this fabrication project, the following steps were performed:

  • Cutting, Rolling, and Plasma Welding
  • Deburring, Grinding, and Brushing
  • FIT-UP/ Check
  • Manual Welding
  • Robotic Welding
  • Repair for Flatness and Angle
  • Vibratory Stress Relief
  • NPT
  • Pickling
  • Final Inspection (Performed by TUV Nord)

TUV Nord Inspection


The quality of the fabricated cooling tubes was verified through a third-party inspection of the final product performed by TUV Nord, which confirmed that the cooling tubes met the client’s, and other applicable standards.

Some of the tests performed include:

  • Checking the chamfering condition of PH
  • Checking the intermittent distance of PA
  • Checking the weld leg length
  • Checking the passivation condition

LPR Global QA/QC Measures

Our fabrication shop regularly implements several QA/QC measures to ensure that our clients’ requirements are met. Some of the measures carried out for this project include:

  • Creation and adherence to a project-specific QA/QC manual
  • Development of a Welding Procedure Specification (WPS), submitted to and approved by the client.
  • Implementation of a rigorous internal inspection procedure for processes
  • Control of history for related processes such as calibrated equipment and welding records, test records, and NDT records

LPR Global offers a full range of fabrication services for the steel and metalworking industries. Contact Us for project related inquiries.

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