Horizontal Steam Drum Manufacturer | Water Tube Boiler and Power Generation

Steam Drums for Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG), Water Tube Boilers, and Waste Heat Boilers

Engineered and manufactured in South Korea, our horizontal steam drums are used in multiple projects globally for steam generation and power plants.

The main applications of our steam drums are for Heat Recover Steam Generators (HRSG) in cogeneration, thermal power plants, water tube boilers, and waste heat boilers. Our expertise allows us to manufacture horizontal steam drums with a smaller footprint providing our clients with competitive pricing, reduced installation space and lower installation costs.

Recent projects that we have supplied to include Nooter/Eriksen for the Kiewit St. Joseph project in the USA and Vogt Power International for the Trans Canada project.

Horizontal Steam Drum | Heat Recovery Steam Generators

LPR Global supplies horizontal steam drums for Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) manufacturers and water boiler makers for saturated steam and water separation. Our steam drums are manufactured in South Korea in an ASME U, U2, S, PP certified plant. An effective steam drum plays a crucial role in producing high-quality steam in the steam/water separation process by ensuring that the steam level, water level and total dissolved solids are controlled to allow efficient operation of the steam drum.

Horizontal Steam Drum Features

  • Smaller steam drum volume – Smaller installation space, lower manufacturing cost and installation cost
  • High efficiency
  • Close to zero defect rate
  • Promote reduction in deposit downstream
Horizontal Steam Drum
Heavy Wall Steam Drum for HRSG

Horizontal Steam Drum Manufacturing Capability

Our experience and technology in molding advanced plates over 150mm thick and welding thick plates allows us to produce defect-free plates and welds. With over 80% of the fabrication and manufacturing performed in-house, we are able produce high-quality steam drums with competitive pricing and lead times.

Steam Drum Material

  • Carbon steel
  • HIC material
  • Clad steel
  • Stainless (Duplex, 904L stainless steel)
  • Cr-Mo steel
  • Cu-Ni steel
  • Cu alloy
  • Ni alloy steel (Hastelloy)
  • Titanium

Steam Drum Size and Weight

  • Max diameter: 8,000 mm
  • Max. thickness: 180mm

Annual capacity

  • Equipment: 14,400 Ton/year
  • Harp & Module: 9,600 Ton/year

Horizontal Steam Drum Manufacturing Certificates

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001
  • ISO 3834 – 2 (EN Certification)
  • China ML Certificate for Boiler Drum
  • Certificate of Manufacture Registration of Cylinder (Refrigerator & Specific Equipment)
  • ASME – U
  • ASME – U2
  • ASME – S
  • ASME – PP

Steam Drum Project Experience

Steam Heavy Wall Drum - Trans Canada Project

Trans Canada Project

Heavy Wall Steam Drum
Location: Canada
Client:  Vogt Power International
Project Time : 2015 May
Size: 165t x ID 2,133 x 13,411L
Unit Weight: 147.5 ton (HP)
Quantity: 2 unit
Material: SA299-B

Steam Heavy Wall Drum - Doosan Heavy Industries - Yeosu

Steam Drum Doosan Yeosu Project

Location: S.Korea
Client: Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd.
Project Time: 2014 July
Size : 135t x ID 1,676 x 34,000L
Unit Weight: 246 Ton
Quantity: 1 unit
Material: SA302-C

Steam Drum Project - CMI - Bouchain

Bouchain Project

Location: France
Client: CMI
Project Time: 2013 October
Size: 132t x ID 2,201 x 11,260L
Unit Weight:

  • HP 172.3 Ton
  • IP 26.2 Ton
  • LP 27.7 Ton

Quantity: 1 unit (1HP, 1IP, 1LP, 1BDT, 1FST)
Material: SA302-B

Steam Drum Project - CMI - Hamitabat Turkey

Hamitabat Project

Location: Turkey
Client: CMI
Project Time: 2016.02.16
Size: 125t x ID 1,890 x 13,530L
Unit Weight: HP 110 Ton
Quantity: 2 units (2HP, 2IP, 2LP)
Material: SA302-B

Steam Drum Project - Sumitomo - Kalsel Indonesia

Kalsel Project

Location: Indonesia
Client: Sumitomo
Project Time: 2016 August
Size: 138t x ID 1,524 x 13,800L
Unit Weight: 83.1 Ton
Quantity: 1 unit (1HP)
Material: SA516-70N

Steam Heavy Wall Drum - Volgot Power - Duke Citrus

Duke Energy, Citrus Project

Heavy Wall Steam Drum
Location: USA
Client:  Vogt Power International
Project Time : 2015 June
Size: 148t x ID 1,981 x 14,021L
Unit Weight: HP 132.5 Ton
Quantity: 4 unit (4HP, 4IP, 4LP)
Material: SA299-B

Steam Drum Project - Nooter Erikson - St.Joseph USA

St. Joseph Project

Location: USA
Client: Nooter/Erikson
Project Time: 2016 October
Size : 102t x ID 1,524 x 13,259L
Unit Weight: 68.8 Ton
Quantity: 2 unit (2HP, 2IP, 2LP)
Material: SA302-B

Steam Drum Project - Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction - Samson

Samson Project

Location:  Turkey
Client: Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd.
Project Time: 2009 June
Size: 148t x ID 2,184 x 17,800L
Unit Weight:

  • HP 167 Ton
  • LP 18 Ton
  • LP 26 Ton

Quantity: 2 units (2HP, 2IP, 2LP)
Material: SA302-C / SA516-70

Steam Drum Project - Nooter Erikson - KAIS Algeria

KAIS Project

Location: Algeria
Client: Nooter/Eriksen
Project Time: 2016 October
Size: 77t x ID 1,397 x 13,800L
Unit Weight: 50.8 Ton
Quantity: 4 unit (4HP, 4IP, 4LP)
Material: SA516-70

Full list of steam drum project reference: pdf-iconSteam Drum Project References

Steam Drum Manufacturing Facility

DescriptionSize/Specification Set
Drilling machineJD-16501
Plasma cutting machineTW-120A1
Bench machineGY-3601
High pressure washer440V, 220V2
Turn tableS-300, SH-1501
Tube expander-1
Compressor100HP, 10HP3
Flux collectorJY-30562
Overhead crane100 ton, 17m2
30/10 ton, 12m2
30 ton, 12m3
20 ton, 12m2
Gantry crane60 ton, 20m1
Semi gantry crane70/10 ton, 12m1
70 ton, 12m1
20 ton, 12m2
Arc welding machine450A6
Auto-welding machineDC-1000A2
CO2 welding machineAuto 600M18
TIG welding machineAlphai 500A8
Inverter TIG welding machine200A1
Inverter arc welding machine250A1
Electric forklift2.5 ton 2
Diesel forklift7 ton1
Turning roller200 ton4
100 ton6
50 ton5
30 ton6
30 ton6
Horizontal Steam Drum for Heat Recovery System Generator
Horizontal Steam Drum for Heat Recovery System Generator 2
Inspection EquipmentSize/SpecificationSet
Hydraulic test220V 3 phase current1
Coating thickness gauge0-3000 um1
Ultrasonic thickness gauge100mm/0,01mm1
Clamp on hitesterDC:400mV-1000V1
Cylinder gauge10-18.5mm/0.01mm1
Digital thermometer-40.0~600.01
Dial gauge10mm/0.01mm2
Dead weight tester0.5-100kgf/cm^21
External Micrometer25-50mm/0.01mm1
Roughness tester0-2000um1
Pressure gauge250bar4
Pressure recorders 0-50kgf/cm^22
Torque wrench0-1000kgf x cm1
Tension/Compression testing machines 0-490.3KN1
Impact tester490.33J1
Hardness testerHIC 101
Vernier calipers300mm/0.05mm1

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